It’s over. Misty Dawson’s suit against CCISD has been dropped

August 16, 2022
Misty Dawson with Mike Lindell

Scott Bowen’s 4th vote to become the CCISD President has been lost.

Misty Dawson lost the CCISD election by 43 votes to Jessica Cejka in May. In late June she filed a suit claiming….wait for it….election fraud. Today that suit has been CUUUUU-LOSED!

Just from this one sheet it looks like the petition to drop the case came from Dawson’s attorney. “having considered Contestant’s [Dawson’s] Notice of Nonsuit of Election Contest, hereby ORDERS that all claims asserted in this action against Contestee, JESSICA CEJKA are DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE.”

I wonder if Scott Bowen’s meddling in this suit had anything to do with it or his possible coordination with the Dawson attorney or maybe the League City Councilmen Justin Hicks meddling did the suit in. Either way, it is over. BTW:

In the formal legal world, a court case that is dismissed with prejudice means that it is dismissed permanently. A case dismissed with prejudice is over and done with, once and for all, and can’t be brought back to court.

So….it’s over and Scott cannot be President.

Failed candidate Misty Dawson files suit against CCISD

July 7, 2022

Misty Dawson, probably the worst candidate to ever run for the Clear Creek Independent School District, lost the recent election by 43 votes. She has now filed a lawsuit calling for the election to be voided and a new election to be held. 

According to the petition which can be found here:

She seeks monetary relief of $100,000
Seeks to have the 2022 election voided
Seeks to have a new election
Claims there were illegal votes and some voters prevented from voting
Claims these votes total more than the difference in her loss

She is being represented by Eric Opiela. Opiela was the former Executive Director of the Texas Republican Party and their Associate General Council. I would bet the Texas Republican Party is funding this stupidity, maybe even Mike Lindell, as well as Scott Bowen.
Bowen had hoped for a 4th vote for CCISD President, or Vice President, or Secretary. He lost all three votes without Misty. Misty spent about $6000 on her losing effort not including the support she received from the Harris County Republican Party which as of today has not been reported. 
This is going to cost the CCISD taxpayers a lot of money as did the multiple whining sessions by Christine Parizo. Hopefully the district will escort Dawson out as they did Parizo.

Final campaign finance report: CCISD candidate Misty Dawson

June 22, 2022

Some CCISD candidates have filed post election financial reports. I believe there will might be another set filed for some candidates after July 15th as well as for the Harris County Republican Party which spent a considerable amount of money in their support of Scott Bowen and possibly Misty Dawson.

According to her report filed with CCISD Misty Dawson spent over $26,000 but $20,000 was simply to repay a loan she took from her pool company the month prior. She never spent the $20,000. Maybe she just wanted to pad her campaign account to make it look like she was supported by the community.

Over $6000 was spent on advertising with The Yates Company a group used by republicans including Scott Bowen. In total she spent about $8000 for the entire campaign. She has $0 Cash on Hand. This should end her failed attempt at gaining a seat on the CCISD board, a position she was clearly unqualified for based upon her performances in various forums.

What is frightening is that she lost by less than 50 votes.

Steve Hotze Indictment. Scott Bowen. Misty Dawson. Infiltrating CCISD elections.

April 22, 2022

Bear with me a bit…..

Yesterday the extreme right wing lead of the Harris County Republican Party, Steven Hotze, was indicted by a grand jury. According to ABC13:

Hotze’s attorney, Jared Woodfill, confirmed with ABC13 on Wednesday that his client is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and unlawful restraint.

According to ABC13 Hotze’s organization paid an investigator who was indicted last year for allegedly holding an air conditioning repairman at gunpoint while in search of phony ballots. This is what Hotze is now charged with. 

Hotze and Woodfill, along with the My Pillow guy, Mike Lindell, held a “Freedom Gala” in Houston concerning “election integrity”. What does this all have to do with Scott Bowen and Misty Dawson? Glad you asked…..

There are signs that outside partisan organizations (PACs) will be infiltrating the CCISD elections with unlimited amounts of money. Last month Bowen sent out a mailer using pics of kids without their permission and of adults who do NOT support his re-election. The return address is P.O. Box 75190 Houston TX 77234. Doing a google search on this address returns the following:

CROT is run by Steven Hotze, the same guy who has just been indicted. Bowen did not report this expenditure on his latest 30 day financial report as an expense or an in-kind contribution. It is odd that this address Bowen is using has anything to do with CROT but it does.
As for Misty Dawson, the picture above with Mike Lindell and her husband is worth a 1000 conspiracy theories.

Comparing CCISD Candidates: Jessica Cejka and Misty Dawson

April 19, 2022

Here is a comparison of the two candidates, Jessica Cejka (on the left) and Misty Dawson (on the right), running for CCISD School District 1. This information is from the CCISD website.


  • Jessica Cejka. Bachelors degree in mathematics from Texas A&M. Masters in education (Instructional Technology) from UHCL. Masters in education (Educational Administration) from UHCL. 
  • Misty Dawson. Graduated from CCISD High School.

Applicable Experience

  • Jessica Cejka. Secondary math teacher grades 7-12. Community college adjunct professor. Education Manager at NASA. Managed student and teacher STEM programs. Real estate agent.
  • Misty Dawson. Former Controller of a company. Pool company business owner.

School Activities

  • Jessica Cejka. VP of Fundraising on PTA board. Girl Scout leader, Cookie mom. Volunteer on the Speakers Committee of the Houston Livestock and Rodeo. Volunteer on high school rocketry program. Supporter of the Birthday Joy Program and Clear Creek Education Foundation.
  • Misty Dawson.  Carnival Fundraiser Co-Chair, Sandra Mossman Elementary PTA 

Contact information

Jessica Cejka.


Misty Dawson.


Fact check: Misty Dawson for CCISD school board

April 14, 2022

Just saw a pic on Facebook from Misty Dawson who is running for the CCISD school board. She is working hard to follow the Republican Party playbook of misleading and scare tactics.

A couple of things:

  • The Appraisal District [the Appraisal District is a separate office than the Tax Assessor] accesses taxes based upon home values. It’s not like they willy nilly raise the assessment. Home sales are through the roof for reasons unknown. Tax rates have not changed. She might want to contact the Galveston County Tax Assessor for accurate information. (The Assessor is a republican)
  • CCISD has NOT considered eliminating the homestead exemption. As part of their budget process this is always on the table, as it should be, but has never been considered especially in the most recent years. When the State has cash strapped the school districts sometimes drastic cuts or considerations must be take but not this time. So this is nothing more than a scare tactic addressed towards the ill informed.
  • She claims she will fight for keeping the homestead exemption, something that isn’t being considered, again catering to the ill informed. 
  • And BTW….CCISD’s M&O is at the lowest rate allowed by law and the State actually penalizes school districts for not taxing enough. Go figure.
It’s disappointing that candidates, not just her, will yell and scream about cutting taxes while advocating for raising the wages of teachers across the board. Money doesn’t grow on trees. Anyone can call for cutting taxes but it takes talent and cooperation to establish a fiscally responsible budget.
Ms Dawson claims to have been a Controller for a company but hasn’t identified that company. She should know better.

Christine Parizo Part II: Misty Dawson for CCISD

February 14, 2022

Background: Christine Parizo was a candidate for the CCISD School Board. She lost by 25 percentage points but she wanted a recount……. and lost again. That wasn’t enough for Parizo. She filed numerous open records requests including obtaining the names and addresses of every voter in the district who voted by mail. She attended the board meetings making unsubstantiated claims about her lost election. She claimed the Hart voting machines were compromised. She filed a complaint with the Texas Attorney General which was closed with no action. To top it off she was escorted out for disrupting a board meeting. She has since removed her campaign website. Hopefully she has ended her assault on the board.

Unfortunately it looks like another Parizo has emerged and has filed to run for the board. Misty Dawson made her announcement on her Facebook page and it looks like she will be following in the footsteps of Ms Parizo and Scott Bowen. She uses all of the political buzzwords including claiming to be a “conservative”, stopping CRT (which has not and will never be taught in school because it is a graduate course), and COVID then claims she wants to take politics out of the school board. Yea. Right. Her post is straight out of her political party playbook.

There are much better candidates running for these positions who have experience in the classroom, experience in education, and will focus on what is good for the district, the parents, the teachers, and the students. Hopefully the voters in May will put an end to the political assault on our school board and take Scott Bowen out and keep Misty Dawson off of the CCISD School Board. 

CCISD comes to a decision on the Dawson v Cejka lawsuit

August 6, 2022

Well that was interesting.

CCISD had a special board meeting last night to vote on a couple of issues, funding the legal response to the Dawson election lawsuit and appointing an individual to lead the grievance hearing against Trustee Scott Bowen.

The board voted to fund the defense of the lawsuit filed by the loser, in the CCISD election Misty Dawson, specifically in reference to a CCISD employee who was named in the suit. Since the lawsuit named a CCISD employee the board now has authority to fund the defense and voted to do so, unanimously with Cejka abstaining. According to Trustee Larson once the suit focuses on Cejka specifically the funding can come to a stop. I can’t see that happening since Cejka did not run the elections, is not being accused of rigging the election, and did nothing but run in the election. Even if the lawsuit is successful Cejka cannot void the election, cannot order a new election, and can’t run a new election. Why Dawson and Bowen thought suing Cejka was legally sound is beyond me.

In the other vote, the board voted to appoint someone to hear the formal grievance filed against Trustee Scott Bowen concerning his conflict of interest in the Dawson v Cejka lawsuit. That has been covered before and the vote was also unamimous with Bowen abstaining.

Who is running for CCISD Trustee in 2023?

January 23, 2023

You can check who is running for CCISD Trustee by visiting the Elections page on the CCISD website. This site includes campaign finance reports and other required documentation.

In 2023 two seats are up for election, District 2 held by Trustee Michelle Davis, and District 3 held by Trustee Arturo Sanchez. Both have filed for reelection.

I do not know much about Michelle Davis except for the fact that she nominated Scott Bowen for President, Vice President, and Secretary after the election of 2021. He lost all three. I think that speaks volumes. Arturo Sanchez is one of those elected officials who does the work of the district for the parents, teachers, and students without a lot of fanfare. He is a good choice.

I am waiting for the Qanon candidate to surface. This person will be heavily financed by the Republican Party with tens of thousands of dollars in advertisements, signs, and mailers. Look for the title of “Conservative” in their literature. That is a telltale sign of being part of the Scot Bowen Klan. I expect our State Senator Money Mayes Middleton to put some of his own money into this race. Over the last few elections we had two unqualified candidates run for CCISD, Christine Parizo who lost by 25 points, and Misty Dawson who lost by just 40 votes. That race required a recount which she lost and then sued the winner in a frivolous lawsuit that was eventually withdrawn.

Until then check the CCISD website to see who is running!

Why campaign finance reform is needed in CCISD

August 11, 2022

There are two real good reasons for campaign finance reform in CCISD. Misty Dawson and Scott Bowen.

In Texas there are no limits on donations and it’s pretty obvious here in the CCISD area. State Representative Money Mayes Middleton spent $2.5 Million of his own money to win a state house seat here in Galveston County and CNN aired a segment called “Deep in the Pockets of Texas” highlighting 2 billionaires donations to candidates.

And now that money is coming to CCISD. It is unlimited. It is unstoppable. These billionaires can donate unlimited amounts of money to put unqualified, extreme white wing, candidates on our ballot for CCISD. They could finance legal challenges after these candidates lose causing chaos and discouraging qualified candidates from running. This is happening right now in CCISD.

Bowen spent over $20,000 on his latest at-large campaign, five times more than his opponent. This does not include the donation by the Harris County Republican Party in the form of a mailer. Dawson spent about $8000 on her campaign in her district only. Most candidates spend a couple of thousand dollars for a school district campaign.

For those who do not know here is what Bowen and his extreme white wing candidates can do in CCISD in the next upcoming election:

  • Candidates can accept unlimited amounts of donations
  • Candidates can accept donations from outside of the district, even out of state
  • Candidates can accept donations from political parties (Bowen and Dawson)
  • Candidates can accept PAC money from billionaires like the ones in the CNN report
  • Wealthy Candidates can loan themselves unlimited amounts of donations

CCISD is not alone in this problem. For decades school boards across Texas did not have the problem of unlimited donations. Unlimited money started to affect our schools about 6 years ago. For the sake of all qualified candidates CCISD needs to do something to curb this abuse for instance:

  • Limit donations from inside the district only
  • Ban PAC donations
  • Curb the amount of personal loans
  • Limit donation amounts to $500

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