How much did Christine Parizo's recount cost CCISD taxpayers

July 9, 2022

Glad you asked…. Parizo lost by 25 percentage points in 2021 to Jay Cunningham. It was clearly a no contest. After her epic defeat she demanded a recount, complained to the Texas Attorney General’s office, and forced CCISD to spend resources to respond. The cost to tax payers? $44,590. 

Now Misty Dawson, another loser in the CCISD elections, has filed suit asking the courts to declare the 2022 election void and to require another election. She also asked for $100,000 cash money. Parizo never filed suit. Dawson’s suit will now require the district to spend taxpayers money on legal fees. 

Here is the information request concerning Parizo:

1) Cost of the recount(s) requested by Christina Parizo in her epic loss to Jay Cunningham

2) Cost to CCISD to provide information concerning the multiple open records requests submitted by Christina Parizo in reference to her epic loss to Jay Cunningham.

3) Cost of responding to the Texas Attorney General’s investigation/ complaint filed by

And the response from CCISD:

1) Clear Creek ISD paid $2,690 in May of 2021 for the recount and $2,690 for HART to return in September 2021 to retrieve internal memory data from the eSlates. Total cost for the recount would be $5,380. Ms. Parizo paid $335 which covered the pay to the recount committee and a service fee. CCISD only paid for HART’s services.

2) Clear Creek ISD employees have spent approximately 28 hours gathering responsive information and redacting protected information.

 3) Clear Creek ISD paid $30,830.34 on investigations/complaints filed by Ms. Parizo.

Christine Parizo Part II: Misty Dawson for CCISD

February 14, 2022

Background: Christine Parizo was a candidate for the CCISD School Board. She lost by 25 percentage points but she wanted a recount……. and lost again. That wasn’t enough for Parizo. She filed numerous open records requests including obtaining the names and addresses of every voter in the district who voted by mail. She attended the board meetings making unsubstantiated claims about her lost election. She claimed the Hart voting machines were compromised. She filed a complaint with the Texas Attorney General which was closed with no action. To top it off she was escorted out for disrupting a board meeting. She has since removed her campaign website. Hopefully she has ended her assault on the board.

Unfortunately it looks like another Parizo has emerged and has filed to run for the board. Misty Dawson made her announcement on her Facebook page and it looks like she will be following in the footsteps of Ms Parizo and Scott Bowen. She uses all of the political buzzwords including claiming to be a “conservative”, stopping CRT (which has not and will never be taught in school because it is a graduate course), and COVID then claims she wants to take politics out of the school board. Yea. Right. Her post is straight out of her political party playbook.

There are much better candidates running for these positions who have experience in the classroom, experience in education, and will focus on what is good for the district, the parents, the teachers, and the students. Hopefully the voters in May will put an end to the political assault on our school board and take Scott Bowen out and keep Misty Dawson off of the CCISD School Board. 

From the Texas Attorney General’s office concerning Christine Parizo

January 26, 2022

Ugh. Don’t give her any ideas. They suggest Parizo file a complaint with the Secretary of State. This is in reference to Parizo getting escorted out of the CCISD Board meeting. 

Former Candidate, Christine Parizo, escorted out of CCISD meeting by police

January 25, 2022

It was only a matter of time.

Former candidate for CCISD School Board, Christine Parizo was escorted out of last nights meeting after moving towards the board and disrupting the meeting. The video is below starting at 1:45:25 right after Jay Cunningham had just finished discussing the complaint that Parizo filed with the Texas Attorney General. (The complaint was dismissed) Watch below. Parizo is in the bottom left corner. After Parizo was escorted out Cunningham address the abuse the board has experienced over the last year or so. Cunningham’s comments are worth watching.

Scott Bowen, who helped Parizo run for office, was pretty quiet the entire time. Like trump he watched as his buddy Christine was removed and Cunningham condemned her actions and those who have been harassing the board over the last year. Scott has contributed to this behavior by Christine and others. As a leader of the Qanon community he could have spread the word to those coming to the meeting to be respectful, truthful, and to act like adults but he didn’t. He left Parizo out to dry.

Could Parizo be banned from future meetings? Probably not but her advancing towards the board could, and should be enough to warrant the board to look into filing charges against her. This year long abuse needs to stop and some people need to grow up.

Raising Campaign Cash: Christine Parizo for CCISD

January 2, 2022

Christine Parizo unsuccessfully ran for the CCISD board, losing by 25 points and demanding multiple recounts that cost the district. The recounts confirmed her massive loss.

Parizo raised about $4700 with a $1000 donation from Jeffery Lafleur from Great Falls Virginia, home of the Loundoun County Public School District. Eric Williams, the current CCISD Superintendent, comes from the Loudoun School District. Parizo has no love for him. Jeffery probably doesn’t either. Parizo also received $400 from the Citizens for CCISD PAC funded by State Representative Money Mayes Middleton.

Current CCISD Trustee, Scott Bowen donated $769 in an in kind donation. Norman Pappou donated $310, and Justin Hicks, a League City Council Member, donated $650, both in-kind donations.

Parizo loaned herself $2000. Did I mentioned she lost by 25 points?

It's over. Qanon candidate for CCISD, Christine Parizo, loses recount.

May 20, 2021

Christine Parizo called for a recount after losing by 25 points in the Clear Creek Independent School District race. She lost again by 25 points. Parizo, in a now deleted press release, claimed the following about the Hart InterCivic Voting System:

  • Security researchers have reported that the Hart InterCivic voting system machines have many fundamental, built-in system vulnerabilities, including insecure computer network interfaces, improper use of cryptography, and susceptibility to malicious inputs; anyone with cursory knowledge of and access to the machines could quickly compromise or alter the results of an election
That along with other unsubstantiated claims might have led to a cease and desist letter from Hart InterCivic lawyers. This ridiculous, unnecessary recount should be the end of Parizo’s unsuccessful run to shape the lives of students in our community. A huge turnout in District 5 with 63% voting against Parizo should send a strong message to her. Unfortunately she hasn’t read it. 

Parizo is now going to change the focus of her Facebook page to encourage teacher policing. What’s next? Maybe pay students to become snitches? Lucky for these teachers and students Parizo lost. Bad. Maybe she should focus on running for another seat, like against Randy Weber. She is a perfect Qanon candidate.

Q sent her. Seriously. Christine Parizo demands a recount in CCISD elections. (She lost by 25 points!)

May 11, 2021

Christine Parizo is our own home grown Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Qanon right wing conspiracy nut of the Republican Party. According to her twitter account Christine is from League City. She is a “journalist” probably much like I am a “journalist” and owns some kind of B2B marketing business. She also likes coffee, probably in excess.

Christine ran for the Clear Creek Independent School Board and lost by a whopping 25 percentage points. In political lingo that is what Donald trump would call a landslide. And much like Donald trump she is now whining about the election being rigged. One of the points she has made is the turnout was very high for a school board race based on history of the elections. Maybe she just didn’t realize that most parents do not want a Quack on the school board, especially her so they did what they needed to do to keep her off. They voted.

So now Christine has sent out this press release claiming she wants a recount of the 2257 votes, 841 of those where hers. Maybe someone ought to ask those 841 voters if they had made a mistake. Enjoy the read! #NoPlaceButTexas.

Press Release: Christine for CCISD Campaign Files for Election Recount, Citing Numerous Irregularities

May 10, 2021

Campaign, in consultation with election integrity experts, asserts
results should be validated by direct examination of voting machine data

LEAGUE CITY (May 10, 2021) – The Christine for CCISD Campaign (aka Christine Parizo Student Success Committee) today filed state-mandated notification with Clear Creek ISD that it will seek a formal hand recount of the results in the election for the District 5 seat on the CCISD Board of Trustees.

Following a careful review of the election in consultation with election integrity experts, the Christine for CCISD Campaign has cited numerous election irregularities in the 2021 District 5 contest, including the following:

  • In the 2021 District 5 race, voter turnout more than tripled versus the most recent previous District 5 election (in 2018), while overall population growth for the voting area during that time has not matched that pace
  • Only 5% of the voters in the 2021 District 5 race voted in the 2018 District 5 election; many of the voters in the 2021 District 5 election have no record of voting in any previous election, CCISD or otherwise
  • The total number of votes cast in District 5 on Election Day reported by CCISD does not match the total number of District 5 votes cast on Election Day as reported in the voter roster CCISD posted online following the election
  • An election integrity expert who observed the tallying process on behalf of the Christine for CCISD Campaign reported that three of the Hart InterCivic voting system machines used to cast ballots did not have corresponding internal paperwork that matched their external validation seals; such a discrepancy is often a sign of election tampering
  • Security researchers have reported that the Hart InterCivic voting system machines have many fundamental, built-in system vulnerabilities, including insecure computer network interfaces, improper use of cryptography, and susceptibility to malicious inputs; anyone with cursory knowledge of and access to the machines could quickly compromise or alter the results of an election
  • CCISD’s tallying process ultimately requires data to be manually entered into a spreadsheet, creating the opportunity for human or machine calculation errors

A hand recount requires that ballot cast data directly from the electronic voting systems is printed out, and then counted by hand. Per Texas state law, candidates may request hand recounts on electronic votes for any reason.

“The voters of District 5 have a fundamental right to know, without any uncertainty, who won this election,” said Eric Parizo, Campaign Manager for the Christine for CCISD Campaign. “Considering the numerous abnormalities in this election, as well as CCISD’s highly questionable if not outright hostile conduct toward our campaign during the course of this race, there is no question that a recount is the only course of action to ensure the integrity of the results.”

Earlier in the campaign, the Christine for CCISD Campaign filed a formal school board electioneering complaint against the Clear Creek Independent School District with the Office of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton as well as the Texas Secretary of State. That complaint, filed March 22, 2021, alleged that CCISD Board of Trustees President Dr. Laura DuPont authorized CCISD Chief Communications Officer Elaina Polsen to interfere in the May 2021 CCISD Board of Trustees election on behalf of James J. Cunningham, District 5 Trustee and candidate for reelection.

In light of the pending electioneering complaint and to ensure fair treatment, the Christine for CCISD Campaign is formally requesting that Dr. DuPont relinquish any oversight role in the recount process to Trustee and Board Secretary Arturo Sanchez.

“Our campaign believes it is in the best interest of the voters and the district to avoid any appearance of impropriety during the recount process, hence we believe Mr. Sanchez is best positioned to serve as recount oversight officer,” Eric Parizo said.”

The Christine for CCISD Campaign would like to express its sincere gratitude to its many voters and supporters within and beyond District 5, so many of whom warmly embraced Success for Every Student as not only a slogan, but also a call to action.

“Regardless of the outcome, our mission to do what’s right for students, families, and taxpayers will never end as long as it lives on in the hearts and minds of those in our community,” Eric Parizo said. “While we are confident that the data directly from the voting machines, once examined, will tell a very different story than the one told on election night, the undeniable legacy of this campaign will be the fight for fairness, transparency, and integrity – values we all want for our community and our schools.”

Any further updates from the Christine for CCISD Campaign will be posted directly to the campaign website,

UFOs running for CCISD Board: Christine Parizo

April 28, 2021

UFO: Unqualified For Office

From the Galveston County Daily News Opinion Page:

This is clear with Christine Parizo, a candidate for District 5. Besides a few superficial commitments, Parizo has no significant educational experience or accomplishments. To compensate, Parizo applied her self-proclaimed skills in “technology, software, and cybersecurity” to create a website filled with misinformation about the school district, a ploy to bolster her campaign by framing the district as dysfunctional.

Parizo isn’t just inexperienced, she’s institutionally ineffective. While Parizo campaigns on bringing fiscal responsibility to the district, she single-handedly cost the district $30,830.34 in frivolous lawsuits. This includes a lawsuit condemning the use of portable classrooms because they supposedly create an environment that isn’t “safe and disciplined,” even though Parizo herself doesn’t want to find the money to build permanent classrooms.

The entire opinion piece written by a former CCISD student can be found here. It is very well written. As I have mentioned before, the Qanon candidates are just plain scary. 

Who is running for CCISD Trustee in 2023?

January 23, 2023

You can check who is running for CCISD Trustee by visiting the Elections page on the CCISD website. This site includes campaign finance reports and other required documentation.

In 2023 two seats are up for election, District 2 held by Trustee Michelle Davis, and District 3 held by Trustee Arturo Sanchez. Both have filed for reelection.

I do not know much about Michelle Davis except for the fact that she nominated Scott Bowen for President, Vice President, and Secretary after the election of 2021. He lost all three. I think that speaks volumes. Arturo Sanchez is one of those elected officials who does the work of the district for the parents, teachers, and students without a lot of fanfare. He is a good choice.

I am waiting for the Qanon candidate to surface. This person will be heavily financed by the Republican Party with tens of thousands of dollars in advertisements, signs, and mailers. Look for the title of “Conservative” in their literature. That is a telltale sign of being part of the Scot Bowen Klan. I expect our State Senator Money Mayes Middleton to put some of his own money into this race. Over the last few elections we had two unqualified candidates run for CCISD, Christine Parizo who lost by 25 points, and Misty Dawson who lost by just 40 votes. That race required a recount which she lost and then sued the winner in a frivolous lawsuit that was eventually withdrawn.

Until then check the CCISD website to see who is running!

Secret speaker list in favor of the book banning resolution at League City Council Meeting

December 12, 2022

This is some great gum shoe-ing! (I can’t take credit for it)

Last weeks League City City Council meeting spent almost 2 hours taking comments from 53 individuals against their book banning resolution. These individuals were required to sign in prior to the meeting and the video of the lobby shows them signing in.

There were 11 individuals who spoke in favor of the resolution but none of them are on the list to speak. None of them are in the video of the lobby prior to the meeting starting. So….how did Mayor Nick Long know who to call if their names were not on the list? Also the first to voice her oppositions knew beforehand what the others were going to say. It was clearly a coordinated event.

I would bet one of the Council members, after getting hammered by those who were against the resolution, sent a text to someone (Possibly Scott Bowen?) to round up the troops and voice some support of what they were doing. An Open Records request has been made for the list of the missing names yet League City has yet to respond. It’s easy to find the names since they were announced on the video of the meeting. That secret list was probably provided to the Mayor by Justin Hicks who sponsored the resolution. It really didn’t matter. Council was going to pass the resolution regardless of the outcry. It passed only by 4-3.

The list contains some extreme far right individuals including Scott Bowen, CCISD Trustee, Jeff Foxworth who leads the “I hate CCISD” group (or something like that). Also included at the end is Council Member Justin Hick’s wife. Was this illegal? Against City rules? Who knows. The missing 11 are below. I’m surprised that Christine Parizo didn’t shown up!

Demree Jennings
Joshua Foxworth
Rhonda Dohr
Rachel Judd
Justin Russell
Chuck McWirther
Richard Lewis
TC Judd
Tiffany Chapa
Scott Bowen
Sherrie Russell
Deborah Hicks

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