Republican sugar daddy jumps into the Harris County Commission race

September 30, 2022

Candidate for Harris County Judge, Alexandra MAGAt Mealer, is getting a bump in funding from one of the many sugar daddies of the Republican Party.

In the last filing period, County Judge Lina Hidalgo reported fundraising over $1 Million with 70% coming from small donors. MAGAt Mealer, on the other hand, raised $765,000 with just 7 individuals providing 67% of her total fundraising.

MAGAt Mealer’s donations came from the major sugar daddies of the Republican Party such as David Weekley the homebuilder and founder of Texans for Lawsuit Reform (Deform) and Mattress MAGAt Mack. According to a leaked email MAGAt Mealer will be getting a $5 Million boost from David Weekley which should be reported in the next week or so.

Mealer is a typical republican. She is an election denier (unless her team wins) and is a liar much like Trump, Abbott, Cruz, and other republicans and she will be loyal servant to the NRA. Campaign finance reports will be filed next week.

Uvalde parents are not giving up. Most Texans have.

September 29, 2022
NRA Bitch Dennis Paul

Parents of the children killed in the Uvalde shooting are not giving up and are demanding accountability for all the good guys with a gun who stood in the hallway afraid of the 18 year old bad guy with a gun killing kids. From the San Antonio Express:

The parents and family of Robb Elementary school shooting victims Jackie Cazares and Uziyah Garcia are currently sitting outside the Uvalde CISD administration building in protest of what parents are calling inaction from the school board. 

I can’t imagine what the parents are going through. Many of us will not forget Uvalde. Or Santa Fe, El Paso, Odessa, Sutherland or any mass shooting under Greg Abbott’s watch. Unfortunately most Texans and all republican elected officials have moved on. They have provided thoughts and prayers. They have passed legislation to protect guns and bullets instead of protecting girls and boys. The Houston Texans wore Uvalde stickers on their helmets. That was the least they could do. Literally. The Houston Astros gave away tickets to a game to wash their hands of the massacre. Everyone has moved on.

Except for the parents. They are demanding accountability from those who allowed their kids to die. In November voters will have the opportunity to stand with Uvalde, besides just wearing a goddamn “Uvalde Strong” t-shirt, and hold those accountable that provided easy access to the weapons used in the mass shootings in Texas.

Unfortunately Texas republicans are cowards and will not call for action and take on the NRA. We will see if Texas voters are cowards in November.

Activists in Clear Lake confront donors to NRA Representative Dennis Paul

September 28, 2022
Dennis Paul Fundraiser

Clear Lake’s “Representative” Dennis Paul had his annual fundraiser at the Webster Civic Center. A group of us greeted his donors with signs concerning gun violence, fixing the grid, and women’s rights, although it focused mostly on gun violence.

Dennis Paul, like all MAGA Republicans, has his nose buried in the NRA’s ass and will do nothing to protect Texans from being shot at church, concerts, parades, Walmart, or schools. After the Sante Fe shooting Greg Abbott and Paul promised action and then passed open carry so gun nuts could walk around with loaded assault weapons without a license and without training. From the Houston Chronicle:

Outside Paul’s event, Rhonda Hart, an anti-gun violence activist and the mother of Kimberly Vaughan, who was killed during the Santa Fe High School shooting in 2018, held her own sign and spoke through a megaphone as Paul supporters walked into the event. She was there, Hart said, out of frustration. 

“On May 31, 2018, Greg Abbott promised us that our school shooting would be the last, and here we are four years later, and 19 more kids and two teachers were shot dead at Uvalde,” she said. “I’m frankly sick of this GOP being pro-life and yet so many people get un-alived on their watch. It’s disgusting.”

Houston Chronicle “Activists put gun debate front and center outside State Rep. Dennis Paul fundraiser”

Four years later 19 ten year olds and 2 teachers were slaughtered in Uvalde after an 18 year old purchased an assault weapon and hundred of rounds of bullets. Afterward Dennis Paul did nothing. Absolutely nothing. He couldn’t even pull his nose out of the NRA’s ass for a minute to address the killings.

The quotes from the Chronicle are pretty good:

“We’re protesting the gun policies that our administration in Texas have passed to allow 18 years to buy AR 15 assault weapons,” “They refuse to pass common sense gun laws to protest citizens of Texas.”

“….the group criticized elected officials like Paul, saying they are  choosing “bullets and guns instead of boys and girls”. “Our main thing is the kids because people are being killed and they’re not doing anything about it,” he said. “Voters have an opportunity to pick a side, who side are you on? Is it guns or is it families?”

“He (Paul) has a 100 percent approval rating by the NRA,” she said. “We need people to remember that there is another choice of people who care about communities and individuals instead of caring about lobby money. That’s where he (Paul) votes, he votes where the money is.”

Paul, the coward he is, said “I don’t know anybody outside,”.

BTW. I live a block from his house.

White Male MAGAt Republicans gather in Clear Lake to discuss women’s rights

September 23, 2022

Take a close look at the local “leaders” Dennis Paul was bragging about.

It’s a bunch of white guys including State Senator Elect Money Mayes Middleton, State Representative Little Baby Briscoe Cain, State Representative Dennis Paul, and other white male leaders of the area.

Leaders of the area could have included State Representative Mary Ann Perez or Harris County Commissioner Adrian Garcia, or State Senator Carol Alvarado but since they were talking about legislation for 2023 they wouldn’t have fit in.

Most probably the white folks were going to talk about limiting the rights of minorities to vote, again. All of them are election deniers and have bordered on Qanon conspiracy theories. They believe trump wasn’t the loser he really is. In fact Little Baby Briscoe was found in Philadelphia helping with the stop the steal bullshit and Money Mayes Middleton is funding some of the wackos pushing election fraud.

They are also probably talking about limiting women’s rights, as if there is more they can do, like banning birth control, or limiting rights based upon their perverted religious beliefs. Women leaders would just screw up this discussion.

And they are probably discussing how they can get guns into the hands of everyone, including high school students, at school. These guys are on the side of the NRA and will do whatever it takes to support guns and bullets over girls and boys. If a few dead school kids have not changed their minds on gun safety then nothing will.

Maybe they are talking about how they can call Homeland Security on all of the illegal workers in the restaurants in Clear Lake and have them deported to Colorado and have a good conservative laugh about it.

Dennis Paul is proud of the Khaos, Korruption, and Kruelty he is supporting. His picture speaks volumes.

Harris County MAGAt Candidate calls for 1,000 new police officers (non-paid)

September 9, 2022

The Houston Police Officer’s Union might want to reconsider it’s endorsement for Harris County Judge. According to Houston Public Media candidate Alexandra Mealer wants to hire 1000 new county police. Unfortunately she doesn’t have the money to pay them but she promises she will find it. Her promises are about as valuable as an endorsement from the HPOU who have endorsed past winners like Tony Buzbee for Major.

HPOU is just recovering from their previous President’ screwup when he blamed and threatened Black Lives Matter on live TV after a raid which seriously injured 4 officers. The raid, after investigations, has resulted in the leader of the raid being charged with multiple felonies and cases being thrown out and overturned. Mealer might want to put a bit of distance between her and HPOU.

Much like Trump and Abbott Mealer is depending upon one proven principal when conducting her campaign. Lie. Lie like a dog. And do it daily. Lie about everything like claiming Harris County does not prioritize safety. As reported:

Mealer accused current county leaders of failing to prioritize public safety in the county’s short fiscal year $1.3 billion budget — despite nearly 70% being focused on public safety.

Mealer will lie about violent crime which has been coming down. She will lie about the budget. She will lie about “Backing the Blue” all while she supports the insurrectionist of Jan 6, Donald Trump, and Greg Abbott flooding the streets with military style weapons that law enforcement must face every day.

Like every MAGAt republican running for office, she is just a Texas sized liar.

Welcome back to school Uvalde, from Greg Abbott

September 6, 2022

Texans to wear stickers to honor Uvalde. It’s the least they could do. Literally.

September 6, 2022
From CNN

Not to be out done by the Houston Astros the Houston Texans organization is going all out to honor the 19 elementary kids and their 2 teachers that were massacred in Uvalde Texas. According to CNN they will play their opening game with a “Uvalde Strong” sticker on their helmets.

(CNN)The Houston Texans will honor the victims of the Uvalde massacre at Robb Elementary School by wearing an “Uvalde Strong” decal on their helmets during the team’s opening game of the NFL regular season on September 11.

The coach took a knee and said “It’s the least we can do. Literally. I don’t think there is anything less we could do that would give us the feeling of accomplishment after 19 children were slaughtered with a military weapon.”

Actually he didn’t say that but what else could the Houston Texans do besides wearing a sticker, or giving the high school football team tickets to the game even though their school wasn’t the site of a mass murder? What else could they do besides wine and dine those who didn’t lose a child in a preventable massacre? Glad you asked.

Maybe the Texans ought to take a fuckin knee during the National Anthem to bring attention to the lack of common sense gun laws that are killing kids, worshipers, dancers, and people at a parade. Maybe they could call for a moment of yelling to bring attention to the lack of attention by republican leaders to this epidemic of gun violence. Maybe they could stand up and demand our elected officials to take action. Maybe they could use their power to do something besides putting a fuckin sticker on their g*damn helmets and act as if it never happened or will never happen again.

Now, go wash your g*damn hands.

Another republican talking point down in flames: Bail reform

September 5, 2022

It isn’t getting any better for the Harris County Republican Party. With gas prices falling, consumer confidence rising, unemployment at record low levels, the economy is recovering from COVID, inflation on the way down, women angry about government overreach into their uterus, electricity prices skyrocketing, streets are flooded with guns, the party is grasping for a message. One of those has just been shot down.

Harris County, under an agreement with the federal government in 2017, ushered in bail reform for misdemeanor cases. Needless to say the MAGAt Republicans jumped on this like a 18 year old at a raffle for an AR15 assault rifle claiming it would increase crime. It didn’t. According to a study documented by The Texas Standard:

Now, new research from the University of Pennsylvania’s Quattrone Center for the Fair Administration of Justice indicates Harris County’s bail policies do not compromise public safety.

In the words of Rick Perry, Oops. The Houston Chronicle has more on this subject. The scare tactics by the Republican Party are nothing but scare tactics. It’s all they have at this point. Facts do not matter to them. Neither do studies. But the facts remain crime statistics are on the decline even though Abbott has flooded the streets with uncontrolled gun access putting our police on high alert.

Maybe the republicans might want to look at their record over the last 20 years before shooting their mouths and feet off.

Governor Abbott lies to the sad faces of the parents of the Uvalde massacre.

September 2, 2022

We do thing bigger in Texas including having the biggest liar as our Governor.

It not low enough for Abbott to sign legislation sitting with the head of the NRA to protect guns in Texas right after the Santa Fe shooting. It’s not low enough for Abbott to say “It could have been worse” after 19 children were gunned down with the very weapon Abbott protected. No it’s not low enough for Abbott so he went further.

According to the Houston Chronicle he claimed, incorrectly, that he could not call a special session because it was unconstitutional to raise the age to buy an AR15 from 18 to 21. He thinks we are idiots. There are limits across the country on the age you can purchase an assault weapon. In some states no one can buy an assault weapon. In the United States we had a complete ban on the purchase of assault weapons for 10 full years until the Republican Party let it lapse. So Greg Abbott just fuckin lied to their sad faces.

Even if Abbott was right, and he is not, he could put this to the voters in Texas and amend the Texas Constitution to raise the age to 21 and it would pass 80-20. He could put a complete ban on assault weapon ownership and it would pass 60-40. But it is so much easier to just be like trump and lie like a rotten dog.

The Uvalde parents have been demanding Abbott to call a special session to raise the age to buy a rifle from 18 to 21. The shooter that killed their children was 18 and was able to buy multiple assault weapons and more according to the NYPost he bought:

  • Smith and Wesson M&P15 (also an AR-15-style rifle)
  • Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 (an AR-15-style rifle)
  • 375 rounds of M193, a 5.56mm 55-grain round with a full metal jacket
  • 60 30-round magazines,
  • a holographic weapon sight
  • Hellfire Gen 2 snap-on trigger system
  • 1,740 rounds of 5.56mm 75-grain boat tail hollow point

By now if you don’t know who Greg Abbott is then you will never know what he is.

Dear Republicans, Whose side are you on?

August 31, 2022
Fourth Officer Who Responded to Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Dies

Well, President Joe Biden has asked the right question to the MAGAt Republicans. Whose side are you on?

The Republican Party has flooded our streets with guns including military style weapons, high capacity clips, armor piercing bullets, body armor, and Mafia style silencers and yet they claim to “Back the Blue”. These killing machines strike fear in law enforcement as well as every citizen in the United States.

The Republican Party has embraced open carry of assault weapons in public and expect Law Enforcement to take a chance that the owner is not a mentally ill person waiting to kill police or children. They treat gun ownership like a joke while Police are faced with your jokes on a daily basis.

Republican leaders watched as Police Officers were attacked, beaten, on the steps of the United States Capitol, and did nothing. They watched. Silently. Gleefully. They advocate for riots and violence in defense of their leader, Donald Trump, even when faced with overwhelming evidence provided by the FBI and the Department of Justice.

They refused to call out those in their party and their media mouth pieces when they hint about or justify the use of force against the FBI, IRS, and other members of law enforcement.

It just begs the question: Whose side are you on? Seriously. What the fuck is wrong with you? What the living fuck is wrong with you? In the words of Beto O’Rourke ““It may be funny to you, motherfucker, but it is not funny to me.”

This isn’t funny. You are going to get more people killed with your hateful rhetoric.

You think it’s funny?

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