CCISD campaign finance report schedule and what to look for

March 22, 2023

CCISD elections will be held on May 6. Campaign finance reports will be due April 6, 30 days before the election and April 28, 8 days before the election. The reports will be available on the CCISD Election Page in pdf form.

The April 6 report will be the first report to gauge the strength of the candidates. Usually a few thousand dollars will be needed to run for Trustee but over the last few elections outside partisan money has flooded the district. When reviewing the reports look for the following:

  • Large contributions from individuals, PACs, or political parties from outside of the district. Local elections should be about local issues funded by local individuals. Watch for any candidate who depends on this outside help especially from partisan organizations.
  • Large contributions from the candidate in the form of a loan or donation. In Texas there is no limit to the amount of donations or loans. Current Trustee, Scott Bowen, loaned himself $20,000 to win with less than 50% of the vote. Many times a candidate will jump start their campaign with a personal loan, but $20,000? That is just obscene.
  • Also look at the expenditures. Look for money spent on outside consultants. These are usually for mailer services. Lately candidates have paid for block walkers instead of using volunteers or family members.
  • Look at in-kind donations. In-kind donations are services provided on behalf of the campaign in lieu of money. For instance someone could pay for food for an event and report it as an in-kind donation.
  • All donations in any form should be disclosed but some are hard to find. For instance the Harris County Republican Party sent out a mailer for Scott Bowen but it is difficult to find the report describing the details of the expenditure.

Here are some websites for more information:

CCISD Election Page Candidates financial reports and filings
Bay Area Houston. Candidate websites, Facebook pages, etc
Texas Ethics Commission schedule for reports Campaign finance report schedules
Texas Ethics Commission Campaign finance website

Police are afraid of the AR15.

March 22, 2023


We are at a point that we must ask the hard question: What the fuck is wrong with us?

For living fucks sakes! Law enforcement that entered the Uvalde school was so afraid of the AR15, which the 18 year old shooter had legally purchased, that they waited for over an hour to do something. According to the Texas Tribune:

“You knew that it was definitely an AR,” Uvalde Police Department Sgt. Donald Page said in an interview with investigators after the school shooting. “There was no way of going in. … We had no choice but to wait and try to get something that had better coverage where we could actually stand up to him.”

Wait? Wait? Are you fucking kidding me? The police were equip with body armor, guns, and shields. The children were armed with crayons, glue sticks, and construction paper. People lining the streets of the Friendswood 4th of July parade, shoppers at Walmart, people who are worshipping at St Bernadette Catholic church are armed with fireworks, groceries, and bibles. If police are too afraid to confront a good guy who bought a gun to become a bad guy killing children what about us? What about you?

This report just shows you that this gun violence condoned by the Republican Party and endorsed by our State Representative Dennis Paul is nothing but a mental health issue. You have to be one sick motherfucker to be an elected official with the power to stop this senseless killing and sit back and do nothing but wear a dumbass looking NRA hat on top of your sick ass melon. But Dennis Paul isn’t the only sick fuck to blame for the deaths of 19 children and 2 of their teachers. Those who do nothing, those who keep voting for these rotten bastards, those who turn their heads and do nothing but offer thoughts and prayers even though they don’t think or pray, are also responsible for those kids whose heads were blown off. They are also responsible for the kids who were crying for their mommies laying in a pool of blood. They are also responsible for those kids who are physically and mentally scarred for life.

We are a mental health state. We are a sick, sick state. God damn us all to hell.

Harris County Republican Party lead thrown out of State Hearing

March 21, 2023

LOL. The “Man of the year” was thrown out of a hearing at the State Capitol.

Steven Hotze has been indicted on a number of felony counts concerning a former policeman holding an AC repairman at gun point claiming he had thousands of illegal ballots in his truck. (he didn’t) So the former cop is now indicted. And Hotze also. And the AC repairman is suing his ass off. As I said in a previous post:

At the time Hotze claimed he had no prior knowledge of the incident. Unfortunately he described the upcoming attack and requesting law enforcement backup in detail with a US Attorney days prior to the event. The US Attorney, Ryan Patrick, is the son of Lt Governor Dan Patrick and…..he recorded the call. Hotze might be, what many in legal field refer to as being, fucked.

So who best to speak on a bill in the capitol on behalf of the republicans in texas? Hotze, a leader in the Republican Party, began calling Texans “pedophiles” on multiple occasions. State Senator José Menéndez had had enough. From the Houston Chronicle:

“Dr. Hotze, I have trans friends, I have trans staff members, I have trans members of my community,” Menéndez later said, after Hotze refused to stop. “It’s very hurtful to them.”

Hotze’s mic was turned off, but he was still audible as he responded: “That’s what they are.”

Hotze has had a boner for the gay community for the last couple of decades and it was on full display at the hearing. I’ve spoke at hearings before and I know better than to call people names alleging they are criminals like calling Hotze a felon. Hotze is not a felon. He has been indicted on felony charges. Only when he is convicted will we be able to refer to him as Dr Felon Steve Hotze.

Until then the Republican Party might think twice about sending Hotze to speak on their behalf. On second thought, he is actually a great representative of their party and should speak more often.

CCISD’s new book challenging policy. What the hell is this?

March 20, 2023

Usually I start blog posts with a comment that is full of wit. Today I have no wit to give.

CCISD Scott Bowen, (Corporal Chaos) seen here grinning like a 12 year old under the bed covers watching porn, must have a perpetual woody over the new CCISD book challenging policy although I bet this isn’t exactly what he is expecting.

According to the Galveston County News CCISD voted unanimously on a book challenging policy:

“With the vote, parents and community members can challenge any instructional or library book they believe violates a new set guidelines, which include examples such as promoting or endorsing race or sex stereotyping or race or sex scapegoating.”

According to the GDN this new policy came about partially due to the new law that Bowen drooled all over banning CRT. CRT (Critical Race Theory) is an elective class taught to those seeking a PHD. It has never been taught in any school in CCISD because it is an elective class taught to those seeking a PHD. (It really is that simple) But that didn’t stop Bowen and the Republican Party from pushing a bill banning CRT much like they intend to ban Differential Equations being taught to kindergarten kids.

There are a lot of questions to be asked about this policy that deserve answers. On one hand this was a unanimous vote. I trust most of the board members to do what is right for the school district and to follow the law. Their hands might be tied by Greg Abbott who believes in local government, as long as he controls it. On the other hand it bothers the crap out of me to see language such as “promoting or endorsing race or sex stereotyping or race or sex scapegoating.”. What the living hell is that?

I bet there won’t be a swarming mass of parents combing through the library to find that one book that warrants pearl clutching, but I do believe the Korporal Khaos Klan has already targeted specific books and will send their purity police to keep the new review board busy for quite some time. For most parents they will be more concerned with their kids doing their homework, getting to school on time, attending their kids soccer games, enjoying the great education that is provided by CCISD, and other activities normal parents do.

Let’s review the details of the new policy and get input from those who know what they are talking about.

CCISD candidates websites, facebook, and contact information

March 17, 2023

CCISD elections for District 2 and 3 will be held May 6. To obtain more information about each of the candidates including positions and contact information review the following. I will update as necessary.

CCISD Election central. Includes voting information, campaign finance reports, maps and more.

District 2:
Jamieson Mackay


Glencora Rodgers

District 3:
Arturo Sanchez

Peter Lauzon
Facebook (none)
Website (none)

CCISD trustee candidate won’t answer simple questions.

March 13, 2023

It’s not that hard of a question.

Peter Lauzon is running for CCISD Trustee. I’ve attempted to ask a simple question about accepting the results of the election after certification. For this question I have been blocked. Hopefully someone will ask this question to all the candidates at the upcoming forums.

The last two elections we had election deniers cost the district time and money. Christine Parizo, who lost by 25 percentage points then called for recounts and claimed the election was fraudulent. (it wasn’t) Her actions needlessly cost the district over $30,000 and her complaint to the Texas Attorney General was eventually “cloooooosed” with no action.

Then we had Misty Dawson who took her loss one step further, filing a lawsuit against the winning candidate and demanding her to call a new election (which she has no authority to do). Again, the district was poised to spend a lot of money to defend against this stupidity. She eventually dropped the suit.

So here comes yet another election denier, one that will whine if they lose instead of graciously accepting the loss and move on. Lauzon has strong ties to Scott Bowen, the Corporal Chaos of CCISD and the Republican Party. He was a member of the Texas Republican Executive Committee. His wife is the Vice President of the Bay Area Republican Women’s Club. Lauzon, as a Committee member, motioned for the Texas Republican Party to endorse Bowen and they did. He most probably will have tens of thousands of dollars to spend from his party just as Scott Bowen did in latest reelection.

I have reached out to Lauzon and offered to have lunch to discuss my concerns about his candidacy, his ties to the party and Bowen, and his plans if elected. He has refused. Everyone should be concerned about his motives for running and the chaos he would bring to the board.

BTW. In Distict 2 the Houston Chronicle had a short article with questions and answers about candidates Glencora Rodgers and Jamieson Mackay. Both seem to be running for all the right reasons and it should be a very good race. I found Mr. Mackay’s comment right on point:

“I think it’s time that we get back to being able to have civil conversations about issues and not just have reactions based on our personal beliefs and finding commonality instead of focusing on what divides us.”

Absolutely! I’m looking forward to the next Chronicle article about Arturo Sanchez and Peter Lauzon. Hopefully Lauzon has not blocked them.

Best priced Crawfish in the Bay Area?

March 13, 2023

If you like crawfish there are a number of places to eat and eat all you can eat. As always remember that when eating crawfish wash your hands BEFORE you go to the bathroom. Here are the best opportunities:

Carlos Beer Garden. All you can eat (AYCE) on Thursdays and Saturdays 6PM-9PM. $30. Carlos Beer Garden has been around since 1978. Great garage bar. Always a fun place to hang outside, grab a beer (or more) and enjoy a burger. Crawfish crowds usually are big so you might want to get your tickets early.

Floyd’s Seafood. 5 lbs for $25. It’s been my experience the crawfish are on the larger side. Call to verify. Locations are in Webster and Pearland.

Barge 295. The old “Turtle Club”. Happy Hour 2-6PM Monday-Thursday 5 lbs for $24.95, 3 lbs for $16.96 1 lbs for $5.95. AYCE for $29.95 on Tuesday from 5-9PM. Great place on a floating dock on the lake in Seabrook.

Cabo Clear Lake. Sunday special. 8 lbs for $38 1 lbs for $7.99. Another place on the lake. I haven’t been there yet but my neighbors love the place!

Bo-Shay’s Cajun Smokehouse in Baycliff. Sundays 5 Lbs for $24.95. I have not been there. They have a big variety of menu options.

There are other places in the area but the prices above are the best! I’ll update as other locations start bringing their prices down.

Texas bill would allow high school seniors carry guns

March 12, 2023
Photo: Istvan Csak/Shutterstock

You have to get up pretty damn early in the morning to make shit up like this.

Texas is well known for being the epicenter for stupidity when it comes to laws governing the state. After law enforcement testified against open carry, Texas Republicans passed open carry. After the Santa Fe High School shooting killing 10 they passed Permitless Carry allowing anyone to openly carry a gun without fear of being questioned or challenged. Law Enforcement across the state was against that bill also. So now after the Uvalde shooting that killed 19 children and 2 teachers, Texas Republicans need to pass some kind of gun nut bill. They have one.

House Bill 666 (seriously) filed by State Representative Ima D. Opé would allow 18 year old seniors to carry guns in school. According to Opé” “Allowing law abiding citizens to carry in high schools would provide immediate protection against another law abiding 18 year old who legally bought an assault weapon, armor piercing bullets, and body armor from attacking our defenseless students.”

State Representative Dennis Paul (R-Houston) had this to say “Well considering we did absolutely nothing after 19 10 year olds had their heads blow off while attending grade school, I am glad we are at least considering doing something to sell more guns. I will offer my thoughts and prayers for the passage of this bill.”

Welcome to Texas folks. And welcome to Satire Sunday. (or is it?)

State Representative Dennis Paul at a polling location

Raising Campaign Cash: Houston City Elections

March 10, 2023

As I have said in the past, before you run for office make sure you know the laws concerning campaign donations.

City of Houston elections will be in November. The Houston Chronicle has a list of candidates that have filed. The filing deadline is in August so this list can change. Also candidates will have the opportunity to move to different positions until the deadline.

A couple of notes. I believe there is a $5000 limit on donations from individuals and PACs. Robin Williams, who is running for Mayor, has a number of donations, including one from herself, that has violated this limit. An amount of NA means the candidate has not filed a report yet. I only included At Large and the District E race which includes Clear Lake. For incumbents I included the figures only from their last report. Some of the candidates have reported fundraising numbers over the past year and some have raised money only over the last few months. Senator Whitmire has listed Cash on Hand including his donations from his previous years in office, as did Martin and Kubosh. Here are the totals for Houston City Council races:

John Whitmire$1,148,015$249,142$0$10,100,086
Amanda Edwards$1,356,232$291,636$0$1,044,338
Chris Hollins$167,034$607,220$0$1,062,754
Lee Kaplan$1,300,390$340,962$200,000$1,164,527
Robert Gallegos$48,837$27,626$0$133,471
Derrick BrozeNANANANA
Naoufal HoujamiNANANANA
Raykey TezinoNANANANA
Robin Williams$188,995$0$52,700$188,995
At Large 1
Conchita Shelly ReyesNANANANA
Isaiah MartinNANANANA
Leah Wolfthal$43,812$16,683$0$24,953
Melanie MilesNANANANA
At Large 2
Danielle BessNANANANA
Marina Coryat$13,714$4,063$0$1,562
Holly Flynn VilasceaNANANANA
Julian RamirezNANANANA
Nick Hellyar$65,854$6,772$0$44,710
At Large 3
Donnell Cooper$25,977$17,631$0$9,189
Ericka MczcrutcheonNANANANA
James JosephNANANANA
Obes NwabaraNANANANA
Richard CantuNANANANA
Twila Carter$85,926$9,456$4,000$78,768
At Large 4
Letitia Plummer$4,125$10,309$0$24,741
Roy Morales$0$465$5,838$0
At Large 5
Sally Alcorn$155,531$28,187$0$206,273
Charles OnwucheNANANANA
District E
Fred Flickinger$0$1,933$50,000$0
Martina Lemond Dixon$254$254$100$84
Patricia OlivaresNANANANA
Dave Martin$8,250$12,493$0$161,851
Michael Kubosh$22,900$3,612$196,000$54,289

League City Councilman, Captain Chaos, calls for smoking out a leaker of public information

March 9, 2023
From Galveston Daily News.

This ought to get wild.

According to the Galveston Daily News League City Councilman, Justin Hicks, seen here posing for a Grecian Formula commercial, has called for the “smoking out” of a leaker, a city employee, who tipped the Galveston Daily News about his racist email sent in 2021 to the Police Chief. Last week a citizen posted the emails Hicks sent to the police chief questioning the hiring practices of the department. As posted last week:

“Please tell me that LCPD is committed to hiring officer candidates based on qualifications, NOT skin color.”

It didn’t go well for Hicks and he was left with egg on his face and in his beard. Instead of letting this email, obtained via an Open Records Request, die out, Hicks has breathed life into it by calling for the outing of the city employee who tipped the Daily News of it’s existence. From GDN:

“Someone is going to get busted,” Hicks said Tuesday. “What you do on government time is going to come back to bite you.”

Hicks might want to review the Freedom of Information Act, the Open Records Act, and maybe the legal do’s and don’ts of being on the League City Council. Every record, email, letter, correspondence, etc is subject to the laws governing all elected officials with few exceptions. Also calling for retaliation against an employee for disclosing public information might also disqualify you for serving as an elected official. It might be considered an abuse of power. That usually doesn’t end well.

Luckily Hicks is in Texas where lawlessness is considered part of being a republican.

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