Caught on Paper. CCISD Candidate Peter Lauzon on gays, school vouchers, and more

March 30, 2023

In an article with the Houston Chronicle, candidate for CCISD Trustee, Peter Lauson claims to want to take politics out of the school board. Unfortunately we have him on video and now in ink saying the exact opposite.

Lauzon is a former member of the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC). He helped draft and voted to approve the Republican platform. The platform is what his party, and he, believes in. It outlines their goals and intentions and it is NOT in the best interest of the parents, teachers, and students of CCISD. If elected this is what you can expect from him as a Trustee. Here are just some of the high[low]lights of his platform. The entire platform can be read here.

155. Homosexuality: Homosexuality is an abnormal lifestyle choice. (How are teachers, parents, students, staff, who are gay or who have loved ones who are gay and attend CCISD suppose to interpret this statement coming from a candidate for Trustee?)

31. Prayer, Bible, and Ten Commandments in Schools: We support prayer, the Bible, and the Ten Commandments being returned to our schools, courthouses, and other government buildings. (What kind of prayer? Islam? Buddhist? or just the word of Jesus Christ their savior?)

101. School Choice: Texas families shall be empowered to choose from public, private, charter, or homeschool options for their children’s education, and the funding shall follow the student without strings attached. (ie Vouchers)

103. Parents’ Rights in Education: Parents are the primary educators and disciplinarians of their children, to which all other entities are inferior. (As if parents know better than teachers in education matters)

106. Inappropriate and/or Harmful Content: We request that the Texas Legislature pass legislation that requires Texas schools and libraries to filter inappropriate and/or harmful content, such as pornography, for minors. (This is already done but they want to ban anything that references the gay community. See 155 above)

108. Religious Freedom and Public Schools: We urge school administrators and officials not to infringe on Texas school students’ and staffs’ rights to pray and engage in religious speech, individually or in groups, on school property without government interference. (That is already done.)

112. American Identity: We favor strengthening our common American identity, which includes the contribution and assimilation of diverse racial and ethnic groups. We reject Critical Race Theory as a post-Marxist ideology that seeks to undermine the system of law and order itself and to reduce individuals to their group identity alone. We support legislation to remove this ideology from government programs, including education involving race, discrimination, and racial awareness. 

115. Bilingual Education: We encourage non-English-speaking students to transition, via best practices, to English within two years, allowing them to quickly assimilate and succeed in American society. (As opposed to learning multiple languages to compete in a global environment)

123. Withdraw from Taxpayer-Funded Lobby Groups Like TASB: Local independent school districts should sever all ties with taxpayer funded lobby groups including the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB), the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA), and the Texas Association of Community Schools (TACS). 

This is who Peter Lauzon is. This is what he voted for. This is what he believes in. The only way he should come close to a school is if he bought a ticket to a school carnival.

Whining at the CCISD Board Meeting by Trustee Bowen

March 29, 2023

It’s becoming a trait of the Republican Party. Whine.

This weeks CCISD school board meeting was quite long. If you stayed for the end you heard Trustee Bowen begin to whine about losing a vote concerning an application called Dreambox.

On the agenda was an item to approve a contract continuation for an application that kids used for math. This application, Dreambox, has been in use for 7 years, has had an earlier extension approved, and has been well received. Bowen has been on the board for 4 years.

So all of a sudden Bowen decided to call for a delay in the voting because he wanted more information concerning the data that the application stored. All the other Trustee’s were satisfied with the application except for Jeff Larson, who tends to follow Bowen. Bowen lost the vote to delay then lost the vote to approve it. (The extension was approved)

He then began to whine about the board not supporting his request. He, Captain Chaos, wanted consensus on matters that popped out of his ass at any given moment. He whined about the board’s decision to vote against him.

My first thought when Bowen began asking long, drawn out questions, was “Why did he wait 4 years to bring this issue up?” It’s not like he didn’t have time or prior notice of the agenda item. For gosh sakes the application has been around for 7 years!

This is what republicans do best. Lose then whine.

Caught on Camera. CCISD Trustee testifies in Austin against public education.

March 29, 2023

Wow. Two Caught on Camera posts in one week!

There was a hearing for Senate Bill 175 which would gut the ability of the Texas Association of School Boards to advocate on behalf of the 1025 school boards that are members. According to their website:

The Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) is a voluntary, nonprofit, statewide educational association that serves and represents local Texas school boards and was established in 1949 with two main goals in mind:

To share information through publications and training to help Texas board members serve their communities more effectively.

To speak with a unified voice to decision makers to chart the best future for Texas public schools.

Trustee Scott Bowen, identifying himself as a Trustee of CCISD and speaking as a Trustee, on behalf of less than 50% of those who voted for him, spent his “own time and own dime” to speak in support of cutting TASB advocacy and giving the State more control over a local school district.

TASB has 1025 districts as members out of 1250 districts in the entire state. They were created in 1949 and have sustained their membership for over 30 years. They do the job that Trustees, working parents, teachers, and students can’t do. They advocate for public education, informing and advising elected officials on the impacts of legislation.

If you have ever been a citizen lobbyist (I have) you know how much time it takes from work and your family to speak with staff and elected officials and to speak at hearings. Unlike the high paid lobbyists working for the homebuilders in Texas, I could only spend a week or two in Austin to advocate for consumers. The little guys (you and your family) are out gunned especially when it comes to the cost of home insurance, electricity, new homes, and other consumer issues.

And students, parents, and teachers are also out gunned especially when the State and Scott Bowen is hell bent on dismantling public education. You can watch Bowen’s 3 minutes of fame here.

Gun violence. It truly is a mental health issue.

March 27, 2023

Obviously we haven’t had enough pain and suffering. At least we haven’t.

Another school shooting this time in Nashville Tennessee has claimed the lives of three nine year olds and three adults. The Nashville police chief made it a point to say that law enforcement was quick to act unlike the cowards at the Uvalde massacre.

But let’s get to the point. This gun violence is a mental health issue. It has nothing to do with guns, or gun ownership, or easy access to killing weapons. It has everything to do with people who are sick in the head. People who walk the streets with a smile on their face after children are gunned down. There is no other explanation for this. It is a mental health issue because if you are an elected official, in a position of power to stop this senseless killing of children, and you do absolutely nothing then you are one mentally sick fuck.

Case in point, State Representative Dennis Paul of Houston Texas in the Bay Area. Dennis prides himself by wearing his NRA hat to the polls. He voted for open carry and permit less carry allowing anyone to carry a gun in the open, including assault weapons and body armor, and silencers. He supports 18 year olds, like the kid who killed 19 children in Uvalde, to buy assault weapons and armor piercing bullets. He supports buying silencers like the kind the Mafia uses.

Dennis Paul isn’t the only godless, sick, fuck in Texas. Everyone who voted for him and the other sick officials are also just as mentally ill as he is. Children are having their heads blown off by military style weapons and all Paul can do is wear his stupid looking NRA hat to the polls.

And all voters do is keep voting for him.

Caught on video. Why Peter Lauzon is running for CCISD School Board

March 27, 2023

If you want to know why Peter Lauzon is running for CCISD Trustee, just listen to his own words. It’s on video.

After dishonestly claiming to want to take politics out of school boards, Peter Lauzon, candidate for CCISD District 3, is caught on video with what he really wants to do, which is to bring partisan politics into the school board. In the first clip he states the Republican Party needs to take over school boards. In the second clip he goes on to talk about the Republican Party funding school board races specifically CCISD.

And in the third clip he talks about CRT (ugh) and how the district handled the pandemic. He goes on to praise Jeff Larson who beat an incumbent and Scott Bowen who beat another incumbent. Lauzon claimed the incumbents were “rubber stamps” and were running as Democrats, which they did not.

As stated many times School Board elections are non partisan and both candidates, Larson and Bowen replaced, ran non partisan campaigns and have served the community honorably leaving their politics at the door while Bowen and Larson have brought nothing but chaos and partisan bickering.

Maybe Lauzon might want to read a book on CRT which has never been taught in K-12, will never be taught, and was never been considered to be taught. As I have said in the past CRT is an elective for those seeking a PHD. Teaching CRT to kids is like teaching Differential Equations to kindergarten kids. CRT is nothing but a racist dog whistle.

He might also talk to teachers who courageously stepped up to the task of teaching remotely and who were concerned about the health of their own families as well as kids in school during a devastating pandemic that took the lives of over 800 Texas teachers and 1 million Americans. COVID also took the life of Lauzon’s predecessor on the Republican State Executive Committee, Scott Apley.

From these videos it is clear why Lauzon wants to run for the board. We do not need partisan politics to continue to infect our school board. CCISD is one of the best districts in the state. Our Trustees have challenges just to keep up with the constant pressure put on them concerning school funding and ridiculous mandates on our teachers, administrators, and students. They do not have time for Lauzon’s and Bowen’s political bullshit.

The entire video taken by the Bay Area Republican Women can be found on Facebook. His comments about CCISD begin at 11:30.

Keeping politics out of CCISD. Peter Lauzon (LOL)

March 25, 2023
From the Houston Chronicle

This is just plain dishonest.

Peter Lauzon is running for CCISD Trustee. He is a political hack, deeply involved with the Republican Party, recruited by Trustee Scott Bowen, another political hack, will probably be funded by the party and should never be anywhere near a public school. I have said this before about Lauzon:

So here comes yet another election denier, one that will whine if they lose instead of graciously accepting the loss and move on. Lauzon has strong ties to Scott Bowen, the Corporal Chaos of CCISD and the Republican Party. He was a member of the Texas Republican Executive Committee. His wife is the Vice President of the Bay Area Republican Women’s Club. Lauzon, as a Committee member, motioned for the Texas Republican Party to endorse Bowen and they did. He most probably will have tens of thousands of dollars to spend from his party just as Scott Bowen did in latest reelection.

So it just bothers the living snot out of me when Lauzon, in his interview with the Houston Chronicle, says “Lauzon said as a trustee he would ensure that politics stays out of the board’s decision-making process and work to create an environment of accountability to students and parents.”

What an incredibly dishonest statement. Just like his predecessors, Misty Dawson and Christine Parizo, Lauzon is claiming he wants to keep politics out of the CCISD board yet he is the only person running that will bring extreme right wing politics into the board along side of Scott Bowen. This is dishonesty at it’s worse.

To compound this, Lauzon claims that CCISD needs to prepare kids for careers outside of attending college. Someone ought to tell Lauzon that CCISD has one of the BEST programs in the State that does exactly that. Maybe he should get a tour of the CTE (not CRT) program at CCISD before opening his pie hole. The Career and Technical Education program provides students with the opportunity to prepare for college as well as a career in many different fields such as IT, Constructions, Audio/Visual, Culinary, manufacturing and more. It is a very impressive program.

The fact that Lauzon doesn’t even know of this program is yet another hint that he has no business being on the school board. His stated goals is straight out of the republican talking points “I want to give parents a voice in the decisions that will impact their child’s education because I know what it’s like to have to fight for the educational needs of my own child,”. Parents have a voice. They have always had a voice. What Lauzon is referring to is a voice of the extreme far right that wants to ban books, ban the gay community, and ban anything that doesn’t adhere to his party of perverted “family values”.

Make no mistake about this. Lauzon will bring his perverted values and extreme right wing politics into the board. CCISD doesn’t need partisan politics from any political party.

LOL. Texas is one of the worst states to retire to.

March 24, 2023

No place but Texas. Literally.

According to a study referenced by the Houston Chronicle:

A report from Seniorly, which provides an online directory of over 60,000 senior living communities, ranked the Lone Star State as the seventh-most expensive state for seniors. The ranking accounted for average retirement income, cost of living, average electricity bill cost and more.

It’s almost funny, if it wasn’t so damn expensive to live in Texas for anyone. Electricity, home insurance, and college tuition was reformed in 2003 by the republican legislature. All have skyrocketed since. Seniors probably don’t care about the cost of education unless they are paying for it for their grand kids because their kids can’t afford it but the cost of electricity and home insurance could crush them. Texas ranks #5 in highest home insurance rates. and #21 in electricity affordability  (#1 is good. #50 is bad) and it is getting worse.

Besides the cost of electricity and other essentials, Texas ranks #1 in domestic terrorist threats, #1 in mass shootings, #45 in property taxes, and #49 in living standards. All of these rankings are listed here. The Chronicle continues:

“The first is affordability,” Healy said. “The second is personal engagement, like where can people thrive when they age. And the third is access to health care. So this study, in and of itself, is an effort to take a deep dive into that first factor, which is affordability.”

Besides all of the rankings, Texas, once known as the friendly state, hates the gay community, Muslims, Jews, and other non-Christians. Texas craps all over our educators, and have flooded our streets with weapons even law enforcement are afraid of. We are slowly moving to a privatized education system like Louisiana did with horrible results. Every year it gets worse but people continue to flock here because it aligns with their values.

We really do suck.

CCISD campaign finance report schedule and what to look for

March 22, 2023

CCISD elections will be held on May 6. Campaign finance reports will be due April 6, 30 days before the election and April 28, 8 days before the election. The reports will be available on the CCISD Election Page in pdf form.

The April 6 report will be the first report to gauge the strength of the candidates. Usually a few thousand dollars will be needed to run for Trustee but over the last few elections outside partisan money has flooded the district. When reviewing the reports look for the following:

  • Large contributions from individuals, PACs, or political parties from outside of the district. Local elections should be about local issues funded by local individuals. Watch for any candidate who depends on this outside help especially from partisan organizations.
  • Large contributions from the candidate in the form of a loan or donation. In Texas there is no limit to the amount of donations or loans. Current Trustee, Scott Bowen, loaned himself $20,000 to win with less than 50% of the vote. Many times a candidate will jump start their campaign with a personal loan, but $20,000? That is just obscene.
  • Also look at the expenditures. Look for money spent on outside consultants. These are usually for mailer services. Lately candidates have paid for block walkers instead of using volunteers or family members.
  • Look at in-kind donations. In-kind donations are services provided on behalf of the campaign in lieu of money. For instance someone could pay for food for an event and report it as an in-kind donation.
  • All donations in any form should be disclosed but some are hard to find. For instance the Harris County Republican Party sent out a mailer for Scott Bowen but it is difficult to find the report describing the details of the expenditure.

Here are some websites for more information:

CCISD Election Page Candidates financial reports and filings
Bay Area Houston. Candidate websites, Facebook pages, etc
Texas Ethics Commission schedule for reports Campaign finance report schedules
Texas Ethics Commission Campaign finance website

Police are afraid of the AR15.

March 22, 2023


We are at a point that we must ask the hard question: What the fuck is wrong with us?

For living fucks sakes! Law enforcement that entered the Uvalde school was so afraid of the AR15, which the 18 year old shooter had legally purchased, that they waited for over an hour to do something. According to the Texas Tribune:

“You knew that it was definitely an AR,” Uvalde Police Department Sgt. Donald Page said in an interview with investigators after the school shooting. “There was no way of going in. … We had no choice but to wait and try to get something that had better coverage where we could actually stand up to him.”

Wait? Wait? Are you fucking kidding me? The police were equip with body armor, guns, and shields. The children were armed with crayons, glue sticks, and construction paper. People lining the streets of the Friendswood 4th of July parade, shoppers at Walmart, people who are worshipping at St Bernadette Catholic church are armed with fireworks, groceries, and bibles. If police are too afraid to confront a good guy who bought a gun to become a bad guy killing children what about us? What about you?

This report just shows you that this gun violence condoned by the Republican Party and endorsed by our State Representative Dennis Paul is nothing but a mental health issue. You have to be one sick motherfucker to be an elected official with the power to stop this senseless killing and sit back and do nothing but wear a dumbass looking NRA hat on top of your sick ass melon. But Dennis Paul isn’t the only sick fuck to blame for the deaths of 19 children and 2 of their teachers. Those who do nothing, those who keep voting for these rotten bastards, those who turn their heads and do nothing but offer thoughts and prayers even though they don’t think or pray, are also responsible for those kids whose heads were blown off. They are also responsible for the kids who were crying for their mommies laying in a pool of blood. They are also responsible for those kids who are physically and mentally scarred for life.

We are a mental health state. We are a sick, sick state. God damn us all to hell.

Harris County Republican Party lead thrown out of State Hearing

March 21, 2023

LOL. The “Man of the year” was thrown out of a hearing at the State Capitol.

Steven Hotze has been indicted on a number of felony counts concerning a former policeman holding an AC repairman at gun point claiming he had thousands of illegal ballots in his truck. (he didn’t) So the former cop is now indicted. And Hotze also. And the AC repairman is suing his ass off. As I said in a previous post:

At the time Hotze claimed he had no prior knowledge of the incident. Unfortunately he described the upcoming attack and requesting law enforcement backup in detail with a US Attorney days prior to the event. The US Attorney, Ryan Patrick, is the son of Lt Governor Dan Patrick and…..he recorded the call. Hotze might be, what many in legal field refer to as being, fucked.

So who best to speak on a bill in the capitol on behalf of the republicans in texas? Hotze, a leader in the Republican Party, began calling Texans “pedophiles” on multiple occasions. State Senator José Menéndez had had enough. From the Houston Chronicle:

“Dr. Hotze, I have trans friends, I have trans staff members, I have trans members of my community,” Menéndez later said, after Hotze refused to stop. “It’s very hurtful to them.”

Hotze’s mic was turned off, but he was still audible as he responded: “That’s what they are.”

Hotze has had a boner for the gay community for the last couple of decades and it was on full display at the hearing. I’ve spoke at hearings before and I know better than to call people names alleging they are criminals like calling Hotze a felon. Hotze is not a felon. He has been indicted on felony charges. Only when he is convicted will we be able to refer to him as Dr Felon Steve Hotze.

Until then the Republican Party might think twice about sending Hotze to speak on their behalf. On second thought, he is actually a great representative of their party and should speak more often.

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