League City Texas to ban books on divorce, adultery, and guns.

December 4, 2022

League City Texas is a small community south of Houston. They pride themselves as being a conservative, christian, mostly white, city of love and diversity.

So next week League City will vote on a resolution, sponsored by Mayor Nick Long, that will ban books at the city library that contains subjects indoctrinating children in anti-christian lifestyles. According to a League City Councilman:

“The sanctity of marriage is sacred to League Citians. We do not condone adultery or normalizing single parenthood, porking porn stars or getting married over and over again. This is not a League City family value and all books referencing divorce or adultery in any form should be banned from our public libraries.”

“Books on gun topics should also be banned because they also go against our christian, family values especially after the Uvalde massacre that killed 19 children and 2 teachers. These books indoctrinate our children into a life style of shooting people to solve problems. As with adultery this is not a wholesome, christian, family value worthy of League City.”

The resolution will be voted on next week following a singles only prayer circle at the local shooting range.

Raising Campaign Cash: Mike May for TX HD 135

December 3, 2022

Mike May lost in his bid for Texas HD 135 currently held by Jon Rosenthal. He lost by 15 percentage points and like the Harris County Republican Party is whining about losing.

According to the Texas Tribune May is asking the Texas House to require a new election something they haven’t done in 40 years. From the Tribune:

The secretary of state’s office on Tuesday delivered May’s petition to House Speaker Dade Phelan, who can refer the contest to a committee for investigation and appoint another member of the House as a “master” to oversee discovery and evidence related to the contested election. If they side with May and void the results, another election would be required to decide the district’s representative. The House can also toss the contest by declaring it “frivolous.”

Claiming fraud or an election being rigged, especially by candidates who lose by wide margins is a new tactic by the Republican Party. We saw a challenge here in Clear Lake with a candidate for CCISD who lost by 25 percentage points claiming fraud and another actually filing a lawsuit, which was quickly withdrawn. May joins this group of fine candidates.

May raised just $23,926 for his race. $15,500 of this total came from 7 individuals donating $1000 or more. Kathaleen Wall, who spent $13 Million of her own money in two losing attempts at Congress, donated $5000. He also has a loan of $22,900.04. Running a campaign for a House District seat with only $45,000 isn’t a serious campaign unless your district is gerrymandered like HD 129 in Clear Lake where you can side with the NRA after the Uvalde massacre and still win by 20%.

Even republicans are tired of this election integrity bullshit. As are we.

How many days of sick leave do Congress Members get?

December 2, 2022

It’s not what you think.

Members of Congress are covered by the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) just like all civil service employees. They DO NOT have unlimited sick leave but they do have a very generous policy.

CS employees (including Congress Members) receive 1/2 day for every pay period of paid sick leave. They are paid 26 times a year so they receive 13 days of paid sick leave per year. This sick leave can be used for an illness or to take care of an ill family member.

Sick leave can be accrued. So if you do not take sick leave you can carry your 13 days into the next year. At retirement the remaining unused sick leave can be added to your time of service. It is not unusual for employees to have 6-12 months of unused sick leave at retirement. It’s a good policy to save your sick leave in case of a serious illness.

In case of a severe illness CS employees can use their accrued sick leave followed by an advancement of up to 30 days. After that they can use their vacation days and when that is depleted they can ask for vacation day donations from other employees. CS employees tend to be generous when their coworkers are in need.

So when you hear about members of Congress bitching about giving Rail workers, or anyone for that matter, 7 days of paid sick leave, just remember that they are a bunch of government sucking, whiny little, greedy ass, stingy bitches.

How to fix the Republican Party Part II: Stop being a dick about everything

December 2, 2022

There is nothing worse than someone who has to be a dick about everything.

You know who they are. They are the people at work who ask “What idiot thought of this?” Some of them lack social skills to phrase the question better such as “I have serious concerns with this issue.” Afterward most will be saying “What a dick!” The leaders of the Republican Party are different. It’s not a lack of social skills. It’s not a lack of compassion. It’s not a lack of intelligence. They are just a bunch of fuckin dicks……about everything.

As an example take our Governor, Greg Abbott. (please) Abbott has been bussing immigrants who have entered the country legally to other states without notifying the other states so they can be prepared. He promised these immigrants support and help in the other states. He lied. Illegal immigration is a problem but these individuals are here legally and there is absolutely no reason to be a dick about it.

The Republican Party has plenty of example of elected officials being dicks. Louie Gohmert, Ted Cruz, and even local CCISD Trustee, Scott Bowen. Bowen was on video play coughing on a lady who was wearing a mask to a CCISD meeting. Bowen later apologized just like a republican without actually acknowledging what he did. For this is was included in the bag of dicks.

So the Republican Party needs to stop being dicks about everything. Why in the living fuck do you have to be a dick on every single issue enflaming half of the country instead of actually acting like a grownup and voicing your opinion but doing it in a way that is respectful to everyone. What the fuck is wrong with you?

The Republican Party needs to do themselves a favor and stop lying and stop being a dick about everything,

How to fix the Republican Party Part I: Stop lying

December 1, 2022

One thing Donald Trump taught the Republican Party was the art of lying out your ass.

It’s getting old and voters are beginning to realize that, like Trump, the GOP is full of shit every time they open their pie hole. It worked in 2016 but in 2022 it grew tiresome and the election in November showed it. Eventually people get tired of the lies whether it is about immigration, the economy, foreign affairs or a dangerous pandemic. It just gets to the point that no one is going to believe you anymore except for the MAGAt, ignorant base.

Lying is not a conservative value. It’s not what we teach our kids to do. Kids know there will be consequences if they are caught lying. So get back to true conservative values like your good book says “Thou shall not lie”. (While you are at it you might want to read the other 9 commandments.)

Members of the Republican Party claim to be “conservatives” but true conservatives don’t lie, every, single, fuckin, day, over and over and over. No one likes a pack of liars. So just fuckin stop lying.

Mexican MAGAts of Alvin Texas in City Council

November 30, 2022

Once the Republican Party takes a major dump on Donald Trump I wonder whose ass the Mexican MAGAts are going to start kissing.

Joel Castro is a Mexican American City Councilman in Alvin Texas. He is a Mexican MAGAt. Alvin is probably the epicenter of “republicanism”, not “conservatism”. There is nothing conservative about playing with guns especially after a couple of mass shootings within the last few weeks.

It’s hard for me to understand how any Mexican American (or anyone for that matter) would kiss Donald Trump’s ass and his movement. Mexican Americans are loyal people. They defend their families, friends, and those who need defending. Mocking a disabled individual would usually end in an ass kicking not an ass kissing. Making racist comments, calling people names, acting tough by playing with guns and making threats, attacking police, attacking our gay, Muslim, Jewish friends, all of this would end in a slap in the head with a chancla (a flip-flop) by your abuela (your grandmother).

Being disrespectful asshole is not a Mexican American value. It’s a Mexican MAGAt value. Castro has recently been re-elected to represent the citizens of Alvin Texas.

Raising Campaign Cash: State Representative Dennis Paul

November 29, 2022

Just call him PAC man.

Dennis Paul can’t raise money worth a damn so he looks to outside of his district and to PACs for the bulk of his money. In 2022 Paul raised $117,520 and continues to have a $111,000 outstanding loan. Of the $117,520 only $23,860 came from his own constituents leaving $93,860 or 80% of his entire fundraising for 2022.

Of his total donations $69,000 or 58% of his entire fundraising came from Political Action Committees including $2500 from a Charter School PAC, $5000 from the Farmers Employee and Agent PAC, Texas Land Title Association PAC, and USAA Employee PAC for $2000.

This is Dennis Paul. As much as Paul loves the NRA there are no recent donations from any gun nut organizations, maybe by design. He has scrubbed his page of all NRA pictures.

Colorado Drag Queens to provide active-shooter training to the Texas Dept of Safety

November 27, 2022

The Texas Department of Safety is asking for $1.2 BILLION for an active-shooter training facility. From the Texas Tribune:

The proposal comes as the agency faces heavy criticism over its response to the deadly elementary school shooting in Uvalde in May, when officers from several agencies including the DPS took 77 minutes to breach the classroom where a gunman shot to death 19 students and two teachers.

In response to this the drag queens from the Colorado night club shooting have some real life suggestions on active-shooter training. 1) Attack the shooter and 2) Hit the shooter over the head with your high heels. This training will save the State of Texas $1.2 Billion.

I mean seriously. This isn’t rocket science folks. You have a state that is flooded with high powered guns. Even the police are scared of the power of these guns yet most of them continue to vote for the very people who put these guns on the street and in their face. So instead of whining about needing $1.2 Billion for a training facility how about sucking it up and do your fucking job? How hard is it to rush the gunman? And if you need some high heels then go to Palais Royale and buy a pair and grow a pair too.

Law enforcement across the state has condoned this gun nut mentality now they need to live with their decisions, grow a pair, and do their fucking jobs. Or join us normal people and demand that these weapons be removed from the public and that Texas returns to a state of truly conservative gun ownership.

How bad did the Harris County Republican Party lose in 2022?

November 22, 2022

It really wasn’t pretty.

Unlike the results in the state races, Harris County Democrats nearly wiped every republican off the ballot. Out of 69 County races the Republican Party lost 65. (See list below)

The 65 loses included County Judge, County Clerk, County Treasurer, and two County Commissioners seats. Even after the Republican Party removed straight ticket voting after their wipe out in 2018, limiting access to voting, removing drop boxes for mail in ballots, and limiting the time allowed to vote, they still had their assess handed to them.

The Republican Party after spending millions won only 4 county races. Even after their constant advertising incorrectly claiming rising crime rates they only won 2 out of 15 Criminal Court seats. Voters just didn’t buy their crap. Other than those seats, they won a Judicial Court seat and a Justice of the Peace seat. That is it.

In Texas we call the 2022 election for the Republican Party a major ass kicking, a can of whoop ass, a butt whoopin and 2024 is just 2 years away.

Poor Mattress MAGAt Mac. He lost at least a million dollars betting on the republicans.

District Judge, 55th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 113th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 157th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 180th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 182nd Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 183rd Judicial DistrictWonLost
District Judge, 184th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 185th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 189th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 190th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 208th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 209th Judicial DistrictLostWon
 District Judge, 228th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 230th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 232nd Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 234th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 248th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 262nd Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 263rd Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 269th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 270th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 281st Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 295th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 482nd Judicial DistrictLostWon
Family District Judge, 245th Judicial DistrictLostWon
Family District Judge, 246th Judicial DistrictLostWon
Family District Judge, 247th Judicial DistrictLostWon
Family District Judge, 257th Judicial DistrictLostWon
Family District Judge, 280th Judicial DistrictLostWon
Family District Judge, 308th Judicial DistrictLostWon
Family District Judge, 309th Judicial DistrictLostWon
Family District Judge, 310th Judicial DistrictLostWon
Family District Judge, 314th Judicial DistrictLostWon
Family District Judge, 312th Judicial DistrictLostWon
Family District Judge, 315th Judicial DistrictLostWon
County JudgeLostWon
Judge, County Civil Court at Law No. 1LostWon
Judge, County Civil Court at Law No. 2LostWon
Judge, County Civil Court at Law No. 3LostWon
Judge, County Civil Court at Law No. 4LostWon
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 1LostWon
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 2LostWon
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 3WonLost
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 4LostWon
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 5LostWon
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 6LostWon
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 7LostWon
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 8LostWon
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 9LostWon
uJdge, County Criminal Court No. 10LostWon
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 11LostWon
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 12LostWon
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 13LostWon
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 14WonLost
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 15LostWon
Judge, County Probate Court No. 1LostWon
Judge, County Probate Court No. 2LostWon
Judge, County Probate Court No. 3LostWon
Judge, County Probate Court No. 4LostWon
District ClerkLostWon
County ClerkLostWon
County TreasurerLostWon
County School Trustee, Position 1, Precinct 2LostWon
County School Trustee, Position 2, Precinct 4LostWon
County Commissioner, Precinct 2LostWon
County Commissioner, Precinct 4LostWon
Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2, Place 2LostWon
Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3, Place 2LostWon
Justice of the Peace, Precinct 5, Place 2WonLost

The whining for Mattress MAGAt Mac continues in the Houston Chronicle

November 20, 2022

The Houston Chronicle has a boner for Mattress MAGAt Mac.

MAGAt Mac bet $1 Million on Alexandra MAGAt Mealer hoping to beat Judge Lina Hidalgo. Unlike betting on the Houston Astros, he lost. Mac financed 1/10 of the total Mealer raised for her losing campaign. She out raised and out spent Hidalgo by 3 to 1 and yet she lost much like Trump did in 2020 and 2022 and the whining of the little bitches is just beginning.

The Houston Chronicle, as well as the Houston Astros, couldn’t get enough of MAGAt Mac with Mac throwing out the first ball in the World Series and getting front page coverage after cussing out Phillies fans in Philadelphia much like all Christians would do, repeatedly yelling FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU which was caught on video. The Chronicle just loved it. They adore him. They fucking love his MAGAt ass.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that the Chronicle allowed an advertisement paid for by Gallery Furniture from a “concerned citizen” kissing the ass of MAGAt Mac. It’s funny that this “concerned citizen” was critical of Hidalgo throwing shade on Mac’s losing bet claiming it was a low blow yet that same “concerned citizen” probably didn’t have any problems with his/her idol, Donald Trump, when he mocked a disable person, or made racist names for his opponents. He/she probably wouldn’t have any problems when one of the MAGAt republicans would make fun of an opponent or be an asshole when they they lost. It is wrong when they do it, but justified when MAGAts do it.

That is why they are MAGAts. They are low lifes. Deplorables. Rotten bastards. Prior to 2010 when the Teabagger Party was formed with Mattress MAGAt Mac being one of the biggest supporters and donors, this type of behavior would have been thrown out of the Republican Party. Back then they were conservatives. They believed in the rule of law. They believed in decency, honor, respect, loyalty to the Country. Now it is a requirement to be a loud mouth, lying, mother fucking, douchebag, asshole of a human being, to be a member of the Republican Party. Just like trump.

This is who they are.

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