How to fix the Republican Party Part III: Stop being a racist party

December 6, 2022

It’s 2022 and yet we still have to remind republicans that racism is bad. It’s real bad.

Back in 2008 after the election of President Obama the Republican Party spent millions to reach out for new voters. They found them waving the confederate flag, carrying guns, and hiding under their hoods of racism. These people have now taken over the Republican Party with real conservatives just hanging on for the ride afraid to speak out against racism of any shape or form.

Racism in the Republican Party has explode across the country. Elected officials and leaders of various state and county parties have made racist comments followed by resignations but conservatives refuse to denounce them. As an example Houston City Councilman Greg Travis made a racist comment about Michelle Obama. The community demanded his resignation while the other “conservatives” on City Council sat in silence. The chair of the Harris County Republican Party posted a racist meme which ended his 6 figure job with Pasadena and resulted in his resignation all while most republicans were silent.

Here is a bit of advice for the Republican Party. Racism is not a conservative value. When anyone associated with your party says something that is racially charged party members should immediately and strongly condemn their actions, demand an apology, and then remove them from any committee assignments if applicable. The action must be swift and severe in order to set an example for others who think saying something racist is funny.

What you don’t do is stay silent. It makes you look like a fuckin racist.

League City Texas to ban books on divorce, adultery, and guns.

December 4, 2022

League City Texas is a small community south of Houston. They pride themselves as being a conservative, christian, mostly white, city of love and diversity.

So next week League City will vote on a resolution, sponsored by Mayor Nick Long, that will ban books at the city library that contains subjects indoctrinating children in anti-christian lifestyles. According to a League City Councilman:

“The sanctity of marriage is sacred to League Citians. We do not condone adultery or normalizing single parenthood, porking porn stars or getting married over and over again. This is not a League City family value and all books referencing divorce or adultery in any form should be banned from our public libraries.”

“Books on gun topics should also be banned because they also go against our christian, family values especially after the Uvalde massacre that killed 19 children and 2 teachers. These books indoctrinate our children into a life style of shooting people to solve problems. As with adultery this is not a wholesome, christian, family value worthy of League City.”

The resolution will be voted on next week following a singles only prayer circle at the local shooting range.

Raising Campaign Cash: Mike May for TX HD 135

December 3, 2022

Mike May lost in his bid for Texas HD 135 currently held by Jon Rosenthal. He lost by 15 percentage points and like the Harris County Republican Party is whining about losing.

According to the Texas Tribune May is asking the Texas House to require a new election something they haven’t done in 40 years. From the Tribune:

The secretary of state’s office on Tuesday delivered May’s petition to House Speaker Dade Phelan, who can refer the contest to a committee for investigation and appoint another member of the House as a “master” to oversee discovery and evidence related to the contested election. If they side with May and void the results, another election would be required to decide the district’s representative. The House can also toss the contest by declaring it “frivolous.”

Claiming fraud or an election being rigged, especially by candidates who lose by wide margins is a new tactic by the Republican Party. We saw a challenge here in Clear Lake with a candidate for CCISD who lost by 25 percentage points claiming fraud and another actually filing a lawsuit, which was quickly withdrawn. May joins this group of fine candidates.

May raised just $23,926 for his race. $15,500 of this total came from 7 individuals donating $1000 or more. Kathaleen Wall, who spent $13 Million of her own money in two losing attempts at Congress, donated $5000. He also has a loan of $22,900.04. Running a campaign for a House District seat with only $45,000 isn’t a serious campaign unless your district is gerrymandered like HD 129 in Clear Lake where you can side with the NRA after the Uvalde massacre and still win by 20%.

Even republicans are tired of this election integrity bullshit. As are we.

How to fix the Republican Party Part I: Stop lying

December 1, 2022

One thing Donald Trump taught the Republican Party was the art of lying out your ass.

It’s getting old and voters are beginning to realize that, like Trump, the GOP is full of shit every time they open their pie hole. It worked in 2016 but in 2022 it grew tiresome and the election in November showed it. Eventually people get tired of the lies whether it is about immigration, the economy, foreign affairs or a dangerous pandemic. It just gets to the point that no one is going to believe you anymore except for the MAGAt, ignorant base.

Lying is not a conservative value. It’s not what we teach our kids to do. Kids know there will be consequences if they are caught lying. So get back to true conservative values like your good book says “Thou shall not lie”. (While you are at it you might want to read the other 9 commandments.)

Members of the Republican Party claim to be “conservatives” but true conservatives don’t lie, every, single, fuckin, day, over and over and over. No one likes a pack of liars. So just fuckin stop lying.

Raising Campaign Cash: State Representative Dennis Paul

November 29, 2022

Just call him PAC man.

Dennis Paul can’t raise money worth a damn so he looks to outside of his district and to PACs for the bulk of his money. In 2022 Paul raised $117,520 and continues to have a $111,000 outstanding loan. Of the $117,520 only $23,860 came from his own constituents leaving $93,860 or 80% of his entire fundraising for 2022.

Of his total donations $69,000 or 58% of his entire fundraising came from Political Action Committees including $2500 from a Charter School PAC, $5000 from the Farmers Employee and Agent PAC, Texas Land Title Association PAC, and USAA Employee PAC for $2000.

This is Dennis Paul. As much as Paul loves the NRA there are no recent donations from any gun nut organizations, maybe by design. He has scrubbed his page of all NRA pictures.

The 11 Individuals who financed MAGAt Mealer for Harris County Judge. And lost.

November 19, 2022

Mattress “MAGAt” Mac has a reason to look disappointed.

Analyzing the campaign finance reports file with Harris County is not easy. The County provides pdf files that are not searchable. They do not have a method to download all contributions to a spreadsheet like the Texas Ethics Commission has. So I had to look at every singe page (over 2000) and identify the major donors to Mealer. (You’re welcome) I’ve tried my best to be accurate looking for total donations that amount to over $100,000. I know I missed a few, but not many. So here are the totals.

Alexandra “MAGAt” Mealer raised over $9 Million in her losing effort against Judge Lina Hidalgo. $3.9 Million of this total, 43%, came from just 11 individuals. The biggest loser is Mattress MAGAt Mac who donated nearly 10% of the entire fundraising total at $920,000. Richard Weekley followed with $605,000, and Alan Hassenflu was at a cool $500,000.

You are probably asking yourself “Who the fuck is Alan Hassenflu?”. Well, Hassenflu has donated $500,000 to Texas for Lawsuit Reform (deform) and $450,000 to the Houston Regional Business Coalition who donated $210,000 to Mealer. Weekley is a developer, brother of David Weekley, the homebuilder. David only donated $25,000 to Mealer. The extreme white wing PAC, Defend Texas Liberty donated $100,000. The total donations from these 11 individuals and 2 PACs totaled $422,000 or 46% of the entire total raised by Mealer.

Even with nearly half of all the $9 Million raised from just 11 individuals and 2 PACs MAGAt Mealer lost. All the commercials with MAGAt Mattress Mac, all the misinformation and downright lies by Mealer, all the poorly placed support by the Houston Police Officers Union, all of the $9 Million was for nothing. Voters saw through it all.

Here are the top losers of the MAGAt Mealer campaign:

MAGAt Mac$920,000.00
Modest, David$610,000.00
Weekley, Richard$605,000.00
Flores, James $200,000.00
Huggins, Josiah$150,000.00
Nau, John$125,000.00
McGill, Don$100,000.00

The GOP is having a movement. #DumpTrump

November 12, 2022

Losing the Presidency, the House, and theSenate in 2020 wasn’t enough for the Republican Party to rid itself of Donald Trump. Maybe the red wave of 2022 that turned out to be nothing but a light trickle might just do it. Many “conservatives” are encouraging the GOP to make a big push and expel him out of the party once and for all.

It’s not that trump is a rotten human being, or a racist, or an asshole, or a liar, or cheat. It’s not that he made fun of a disabled American, or refers to Asian Americans as “Chow Chow”, or Native Americans as “Pocahantas”, or that he is cruel to immigrants coming to the United States legally, or that he porked a porn star and paid her off to keep silent. No, it’s much more important than all of that. Trump is losing elections and the GOP is losing power. That is why they are calling for the GOP to take a dump.

Unfortunately it’s not going to be easy to get rid of the stench of trump and his family. It’s like stepping in a pile of dog shit and tracking it throughout the house. It’s going to take time to clean it up all the while your house will smell like shit. Trump on the other hand has his own plans. To get the attention focused back on him he will announce a run for 2024. He will then be indicted but will use that to further his “witch hunt” claims to his advantage. Then the fun begins.

Trump will lose the primary but will not give up power. I can see the Coalition of Right Wing America First Party (CRAP) forming with all of his truck driving, flag waving, politically ignorant “patriots” right behind him. He will spit the Republican Party handing a defeat to all republicans across the board. No one, NO ONE, disrespects Donald without paying the price, and they will pay. Dearly.

Of course AG Garland might hand the GOP a gift with an indictment concerning Jan 6 and the GOP will have a way out of this mess they stepped in. Until then it’s time for them to make one big push to rid themselves of this MAGAt and move on to the next one. DeSantis.

Alexandra MAGAt Mealer. $9 Million down the drain.

November 9, 2022

Alexandra Mealer has conceded the election to County Judge Lina Hidalgo.

After raising and spending nearly $9 Million Mealer came up short. In her report filed in mid October her sugar daddies came to her campaign:

According to her last report Mealer raised $4.9 Million a tad shy of what Weekley had promised. $1.7 Million came from 9 individuals including $120,000 from the MAGAt Mac family. Another $500,000 came from 10 individuals/PACs giving $50,000 each. 19 individuals/PACs gave Mealer 47% of her entire donations. The report is sprinkled with a number of $25,000 donors. Mealer definitely has the republican sugar daddy support.

But that wasn’t all. Days before the election she raised another $4 Million mostly from republican sugar daddies and various PACs including over $250,000 from Mattress MAGAt Mac and $250,000 from Modesett. $9 Million for a county judge races is insane. The way Harris County records candidates donations is not easy to analyze unlike the Texas Ethics Commission but it is clear from just perusing through her reports the sugar daddy moneybags came out for Mealer.

And they lost.

Harris County turns down Dick

November 9, 2022

I think Harris County has had enough Dick to last a lifetime.

Eric Dick, the Harris County Department of Education Trustee, who was fined by the Texas Ethics Commission $30,000 for various violations and was referred to the Texas Bar for possible disciplinary action, lost last night even though he wasn’t running.

His wife, Danielle Dick, was running for his position and lost. Danielle didn’t raise any money and didn’t file any reports because she said she would not raise/spend over $950. Obviously she didnt. She lost to Andrea Duhon and the HCDE will finally be free of Dicks.

In another race that took me by surprise because I didn’t know he was even running, Chris Carmona lost to Andrea Beall for District Judge, 185th Judicial District. Who is Chris Carmona you ask?

Chris Carmona is a lawyer in Houston. He’s not only a friend of Eric Dick, he represented Eric Dick in his formal hearing at the Texas Ethics Commission, the one where Dick was fined $30,000. The hearing was a train wreck for Carmona. Dick was subpoenaed to show at the hearing in person or by Zoom. He did neither. I watched/listened to the entire hearing and in my non-lawyer opinion it was an absolute disaster for Carmona. Carmona has run before, I believe it was for City Council, and he lost then too.

So maybe, just maybe, Harris County is done with Dick.

Indicted voter fraud activist calls for a bounty for….voter fraud

November 7, 2022

There is absolutely no limit to the corruption and stupidity of the republican party or for those who vote for them.

Aubrey Taylor is some kind of “journalist”. I say that with as much sincerity as saying bloggers are journalists. His publications have endorsements and advertisements for both sides of the political aisle but lately he seems to have gone full blown MAGAt chumming up to Steven Hotze. Hotze was indicted for a voter scheme and faces 2 felony counts. From the Texas Tribune:

Conservative activist Steven Hotze on Wednesday was indicted on two felony charges related to his alleged involvement in an air conditioning repairman being held at gunpoint in 2020 during a bizarre search for fraudulent mail ballots that did not exist, according to his attorney, Gary Polland.

Hotze, 71, was indicted by a Harris County grand jury and faces one count of unlawful restraint and one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Court filings in the case were not available Wednesday evening. Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg declined to comment.

GOP megadonor Steven Hotze charged after a bogus election fraud scheme led a former cop to threaten a repairman

So now this indicted republican mega donor is offering a bounty for voter fraud the very fraud that the Texas Attorney General spent $2.2 million to find only 3 instances out of 10 million votes in 2020. According to the indictment Hotze paid a former Houston Police Officer, Mark Aguirre, $250,000 to investigate voter fraud. He then held, at gun point, an AC repairman claiming that he had over 750,000 illegal voters in the back of his truck. (he didn’t). Aguirre was indicted on 2 felonies and the AC guy is suing Hotze. From the Houston Chronicle:

David Lopez, the repairman, filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Hotze and his organization, Liberty Center for God and Country, for civil conspiracy, civil theft, and aiding and abetting Mark Aguirre, the former Houston police captain who faces a felony charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon stemming from an Oct. 19 confrontation with Lopez.

Later it was learned that there are phone call recordings with the US Attorney, Ryan Patrick, son of Lt Governor Dan Patrick, asking for support for this scheme against the AC repairman. Yep, voice recordings. You can’t get any more fucked up than this.

So now Hotze is willing to pay $50,000 for evidence of the mythical voting fraud. It’s like looking for a unicorn, blind folded, in the ocean. You can watch conservative Gary Polland, his attorney, try to sugar coat this indictment on Fox News here. It is fun to watch him grovel. He is just so fucked.

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