Who the hell is Texas Majority PAC?

April 7, 2023

If you know my position about the mythical “democratic socialist” you will not like this article.

The Texas Majority PAC has sent invitations out to Democrats across Houston for a presentation on their accomplishments in Texas. Their invite says:

Our staff ran the 2022 Texas Democratic coordinated effort–the campaign that ran the statewide organizing program last year–and we’re meeting in Houston on 4/11 at 6:30 pm to discuss the election results, share the outcomes of our organizing, get your feedback, and discuss what comes next for Texas.

Considering we lost every State wide race in the midterms this ought to be an interesting evening. So who is Texas Majority PAC? Good question.

According to the Texas Ethics Commission they filed their first report in January 2023. They received only 1 donation of $100,000 in Dec of 2022, and spent $0. So it will be interesting to see how they can take credit for anything in Texas if they didn’t spend any money. The report states that they are raising money for the Democratic primary in March of 2024.

Their one donation was from Democracy PAC II. Democracy PAC II has one, just one donor, for $175 Million. (that is not a typo $175 MILLION) That one donor is Soros Fund Management, an investment firm founded by George Soros.

So Texas Majority PAC is an extreme far left organization with a Campaign Director that prides herself in building large-scale organizing around “defunding the police”. What the living fuck? Who in the fuck believes in “defunding the police?”. No Democrat I know besides the extreme far, far, left believes in that stupidity, and none of them live in Texas and has won running on that talking point. None.

This PAC, like the other “Democratic Socialist” groups, will be funding socialist candidates to run against our Democratic candidates. In the past they have a history of losing, losing 73 out of 80 races until they abandoned their “run everywhere” idea and targeted Democrats in deep, deep, blue areas like Austin, but that is even wavering. They have a record of losing but they cost real Democrats time and money in the primary. Once they lose in the primary they are gone, leaving our candidates to fend for themselves.

None of this is good. They are a lightning rod for bad press and divisive politics within the party. If you got this far you probably aren’t happy. I warned you.

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