What Beto has to say tonight

September 30, 2022

The time for screwing around is over. Beto needs to hammer Abbott, challenge his lies, and remind voters of his record.

In tonight‘s debate Beto should start every sentence with the following “you’ve been in office for eight years and yet you still haven’t accomplished anything on [the issue being discussed]”.

Beginning a sentence with this phrase can remind voters that after eight years Abbott is still complaining about immigration. You would think after 20 years of republican rule in the state he would’ve found a solution especially since they had a republican president and congress.

The cost of college education has skyrocketed. The cost of a home insurance and health insurance is also through the roof. After eight years of Abbott being governor our state brings up the bottom on education, teacher retirement, teacher healthcare, and quality of life. Texas is ranked number one for mass shootings. We are ranked number one in the number of rapes in the state. We are number one in the number of uninsured citizens.

Abbott has a record of incompetence and failure. Beto needs to say it. Over and over.

It’s official. Greg Abbott is a Texas sized asshole

September 17, 2022

There is no denying it any longer and there is no nice way to say it. Greg Abbott is an asshole. Just a Texas sized, lying, crippled, asshole.

On the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month Greg Abbott bussed immigrants, who came here legally through a port of entry, to Vice President Kamela Harris neighborhood in Washington DC. What kind of a dick does something like this? Seriously, why do you have to be a dick about everything?

Instead of seriously trying to address our immigration problems Abbott has resorted to racist, un-American, and Kruel human trafficking stunts to appease his racist base of MAGAt republicans. He thinks it is funny. He thinks it is cute. Maybe he will also deport his wife who is also celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month.

Coming through a port of entry, applying for asylum, is not illegal under international and federal laws. The immigrants are to be processed and released but are to return to justify their request. Instead Abbott like the Kruel douche he is bussed them to other states where they will find it hard to return and then become illegal. It’s Kruel. It’s Khaotic. It’s Krap.

This is the new GOP. The KKK has returned with the biggest asshole of the nation leading the way.

Why the Republican Party will NEVER fix our broken immigration system

September 7, 2022

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why, after 20 years of republican rule in Texas, republicans have not and will not fix our broken immigration system. It’s all they have to run on.

Think about it. Greg Abbott and his Republican Party have been in complete control of Texas in the House, Senate, Governor’s office, Supreme Court, and all state wide offices and yet after 20 years they still haven’t even addressed our broken immigration system except for Kruel, Khaotic, and Kostly political stunts. (KKK)

Now that women have been stripped of their reproduction rights by overturning Roe v. Wade, the Republican Party has only one boogie man left to blame for crime, stealing jobs, and raping Texan women who must carry the rapist baby to term: Mexicans. They have campaigned on the immigration issue for more than 20 years even though they controlled all levels of government on the Federal level and state level. They never intend to solve this problem.

Back n August of 2006 under a Republican President and Governor the major sugar daddies of the Republican Party wrote an op-ed in the Dallas Morning News calling for immigration reform. According to the op-ed:

Not only that, but immigrant workers renew and reinvigorate America. They remind us what it’s like to give a job your all. We talk about old-fashioned family values; they live them. And those of us who cherish our faith and love our country can only rejoice at their devotion to both. As chairmen, CEOs and stockholders, we call on Congress to act — to go back to Washington and pass realistic immigration reform that provides the workers we need to keep our businesses growing.

Dallas Morning News August 26, 2006

Newsflash: The republicans did nothing. Nothing at all. Zero. Zip. Nada. These companies thrive on illegal, cheap, workers. They depend upon illegal, cheap, workers. Those who signed this op-ed include Bob Perry (homebuilder) Bo Pilgrim (chicken producer), J. Huffines (Auto dealer), Red McCombs (Auto dealer) and other Republican Party sugar daddies.

Even under trump and a republican controlled congress and republican controlled state they did absolutely nothing. They didn’t pass a bill to fund their “stupid” wall but they did initiate Kruel stunts such as separating children from their mothers.

“What we don’t need right now are stunts,” O’Rourke told about 300 people at a dance hall in Del Rio on Saturday — a message he repeated in earlier stops in both Laredo and Eagle Pass.

Houston Chronicle

Under Abbott the KKK stunts will continue because that is what they campaign on. They talk tough. They look tough. But like Ted Cruz they all are nothing but a bunch of Texas sized cowards.

Why do you have to be a dick about everything: Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Again.

August 16, 2022

Leave it to Texas Governor Greg Abbott to be a dick. Again.

Back in November 2021 Abbott made a dick move by celebrating the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse who shot and killed two protesters in Wisconsin. Rittenhouse was underage but carried and used an AR-15 in killing the two human beings which made Abbott gleefully tweet about it and pee in his wheelchair.

Now after 30 years of Republican rule in Texas with still no solutions to our immigration system Abbott has pulled another dick move. Abbott is sending immigrants, who have applied for asylum under the protection of international laws, to other states like New York and Washington DC. Not only is it another stupid stunt, it is just plain Kruel. (As in Kruel. Korrupt. Khaos. The Republican Party returns to it’s roots: The KKK)

This is simply Kruel. Abbott may be giggling and peeing in his wheelchair but these human beings are seeking asylum, leaving their home country, and have been bussed around like cattle. Abbott can’t act like an elected official or a human being and try to solve the problem.

What a dick.

Hispanic Caucus at the Texas Democratic Convention

July 15, 2022

Another large and enthusiastic crowd at the Hispanic Caucus.

Luckily they put party business before speeches electing two State Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC) members and then passing a resolution to endorse current Chair Gilberto Hinojosa before adjourning.

Although the vast majority of members loudly supported Hinojosa there were pockets that were not. No one nominated either of the other two candidates so it is hard to gauge his support but it does seem to be pretty solid, but not completely. We heard from Carroll Robinson and he seemed to have a solid argument for a change in leadership. I look forward to hearing Kim Olson speak.

Many of the speakers talked about the strength of the Hispanic vote unfortunately over the last few elections Hispanics have not voted their strength. I have seen this party work on issues that are core to the Hispanic community for years, decades, and yet they do not vote their strength. If they would no one who makes fun of our language would ever hold office again. No one who puts a target on our backs because of our skin color would ever hold office again. Yet….they do not vote their strength. 

Personally I have no idea WTF they are waiting for. Their kids have been shot. Their electricity cut off. They are targeted by white supremacy groups. Their home insurance, electricity, taxes, home prices have skyrocketed. WTLF are they waiting for?

Mexican MAGAts running for office: Vidal Martinez, Richard Vera, and Bianca Grancia

February 27, 2022

It’s embarrassing.

The Republican Party has worked hard to recruit Mexican MAGAts to run for office. One is running for Harris County Judge (Vidal Martinez), another is running for Harris County Commissioner (Richard Vera), and another for Senate District 11 (Bianca Grancia). 

Mexican MAGAts have endorsed the values of the Republican Party including making fun of disabled people and fucking a porn star, paying her off, and lying about it. They endorse making comments about African nations calling them shitholes, referring to Native Americans as “Pocahontas”, siding with white supremacists, Nazis, and pushing the envelope with white wing racist remarks. They endorse lying on a daily basis, referring to women as c*nts, and siding with dictators like Putin. They place blame on those from south of the border for all the ills of the country while their white republican buddies laugh behind their backs, blaming them for all the ills of the country. They endorse elected officials acting like a bunch of assholes, spewing hate, and dividing their constituents. They endorse lying, cheating, and stealing. They endorse flooding our streets with guns. They endorse the cowards who run in the face of danger such as Texas Senator Ted Cruz. 

These are not the values of most Mexican Americans. These are not the values of most human beings. These are the values of the republican party. The party of the biggest racist, asshole in political history, Donald Trump.

Tio Tomases have their nose buried up trump’s ass. That’s another thing we don’t value. We don’t kiss ass and we don’t tolerate those who do.

Another Trump brown nose enters the race: Galveston County Judge Mark Henry

July 2, 2021

There is nothing worse or more embarrassing than a ass kisser, especially in Texas. Galveston County Judge Mark Henry joins the race and sticks his nose up trump’s butt in a way that would make any Texan blush.

Galveston County Judge Mark Henry has committed $6.6 million from county funds to building the border wall that won’t be built in order to please his shadow president and Governor Abbott who also has his head stuck up trump’s butt looking for votes. According to the Houston Chronicle:

The order also dedicated up to $6.6 million, or 10 percent, of the funds allocated to the county through the American Rescue Plan to help with the construction of a permanent border wall once a plan is finalized, Henry said. Additionally, the order established a task force that will coordinate with the state Department of Public Safety to determine how law enforcement can best help at the border.

Texas has a long history of calling out kiss asses. We ridicule them. We call them suck ups, boot lickers, brown losers, and more. Now the once great Republican Party is racing to kiss the loser’s ass in order to gain his support. What a bunch of cowards.

Henry joins Governor Abbott, Texas Attorney General Paxton and Land Commissioner Pedro Bush in the race to kiss ass.

Republican cancel culture checklist

April 14, 2021

 Who is next?

What we want to hear tonight at the #DemocraticDebate

September 12, 2019
Pic via NBC News

It’s Texas. We are in play this year. Our republican leadership has failed us on immigration, gun violence, health care and bleeding local governments dry. We need help. Tell us how you can help.

We are tired of mass shootings in Texas where we have guns on demand. In just 6 short years we have lost students, shoppers, worshipers, bystanders, and police officers due to gun violence using military style weapons. We are tired of wondering if we will be next. Our leadership calls for thoughts and prayers and round table discussions. The thoughts aren’t working. The prayers go unanswered. The round tables end in no action. They have done nothing.

There is a humanity crisis on our borders which our leaders have ignored year after year using it for campaign fodder instead of solving the issue. Trump has made it worse. Horribly and deadly worse. Again we need adult supervision.

Our healthcare costs continue to skyrocket even after we passed massive tort reform 15 years ago with the promise of more healthcare providers providing more competition and lower rates. It didn’t work. We have the highest number of uninsured in the nation. Costs are too high. Our state is sick.

So tell us what you are going to do to end the violence, solve our humanity crisis on the border, and to insure our families are cured when they are sick and stay healthy.

We are listening.

Why do you have to be a dick about everything: Galveston County Young Republicans

June 26, 2019

Every now and then you have to ask the question “Why do you have to be a dick about everything?”.

The Republican Party is raising a new crop of dicks in Galveston County. Joining the bag of dicks which include Trump, Louie Gohmert, Sid Miller, and the Harris County Republican Party, the Galveston County Young Republicans reached down into their pants and whip out the following:

Children are dying, locked up in filthy cages not fit for a dog, and they think this is funny, cute. Congratulations to the GCYR for joining the bag of dicks.

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