Raising Late Campaign Cash: Alexandra MAGAt Mealer

February 3, 2023

Losing candidate Alexandra MAGAt Mealer filed a campaign finance report on 1/12/23 with donations from her usual supporters.

Mealer raised $356,684, spent $621,482, and has a Cash on Hand of $188,512. Of the $356,684 74% came from just 11 donors. Her biggest donors are the usual, Mattress MAGAt Mac gave $72,000, Fertita Tillman gave $25,000, Robert Marling gave $50,000 as did Ira Mitzner.

Since my last report on 11/19 many of these individuals gave last day donations including another $72,000 by Mac, and $50,000 by Marling. In all, Mealer spent nearly $10 million in her losing effort for Harris County Judge. She has enough for a down payment on her legal fees to cover her frivolous election denying lawsuit. Here is the list of the top donors from her 1/12/23 report.

MAGAt Mattress Mac$72,000
Robert Marling$50,000
Ira Mitzner$50,000
Fertita Tillman$25,000
Carlos Deaidecoa$10,000
Jamie Frain$10,000
Executive Catering$10,000
Murray Bowden$10,000
Jack Modesett$10,000
David Modesett$10,000
Wayne Gross$10,000

Who is Aubrey Taylor Communications and why are Democrats donating to his publication?

February 1, 2023

Steven Hotze. The “Man of the Year”? Really?

Aubrey Taylor Communications has an address in Clear Lake off of NASA Rd 1. It seems to be a UPS store, a PO Box. I’ve never seen a hard copy of his publication. It seems more of a blog on Blogger without a URL like HoustonBusinessConnections.com which he claims to be associated with.

ATC claims to be:

“Houston Business Connections Newspaper© is a non-partisan politically focused news source that’s published by Aubrey R. Taylor Communications for the sole purpose of informing, empowering and imploring our readership to elect the “BEST” duly-qualified people to public office who value, respect, and appreciate our support!”

This non partisan news source that has made Steve Hotze the “Man of the Year”. Steven Hotze is the same guy who has been indicted for his role in a former cop holding a gun to an AC repairman because he thought he was carrying fraudulent mail in ballots in his truck. Hotze has been charged with one count of unlawful restraint and one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He has since been sued by the AC repairman. You can read about this bizarre case at the Texas Tribune.

Hotze is a well known anti-gay community, “Christian”. He has led the effort to end the non discrimination ordinance in Houston and has opposed the Supreme Court’s ruling on same sex marriage.

Hotze recently held an Election Denying SausageFest, with My Pillow Guy, and other election denying conspiracy theorists. He has a PAC called Conservative Republicans of Texas.

The bottom line is that Aubrey Taylor is nothing close to being non partisan. No one can label Steven Hotze “Man of the Year” and claim to be non partisan. With this in mind why in the hell are Democrats donating to his publication/blog? Taylor puts out endorsements including for George Risner who was trapped by Commissioner Adrian Garcia and other republican candidates that shouldn’t run for any office. He has endorsed Democrats, some who have donated to his publication, others who probably didn’t ask for it.

Democrats shouldn’t be anyway near Aubrey Taylor Communications or Houston Business Connections News and they shouldn’t be giving this organization money.

The whiny ass little bitches of the Harris County Republican Party are at it. Again.

January 7, 2023

I said this in a previous post;

Alexandra “MAGAt” Mealer raised over $9 Million in her losing effort against Judge Lina Hidalgo. $3.9 Million of this total, 43%, came from just 11 individuals. The biggest loser is Mattress MAGAt Mac who donated nearly 10% of the entire fundraising total at $920,000. Richard Weekley followed with $605,000, and Alan Hassenflu was at a cool $500,000.

And yet she still lost by 16,000 votes outspending Lina hidalgo by over 3-1. On Insurrection Day Mealer, along with other republican losers have challenged the results keeping with her theme of being a Trump election denier alive. Mealer is claiming there was…..get this….voter suppression. Coming from the party that invented voter suppression is rich. And whiny. Mealer isn’t alone in this fake outrage. Abbott and Paxton are also trying to out Trump everyone and are calling for yet more audits and reviews.

The bottom line is that MAGAt Mealer and all the republicans in Harris County are just a bunch of whiny ass little bitches. And losers.

OMG! Harris County Republican Party continues to whine.

December 8, 2022

It just isn’t going to stop.

Harris County Republican candidate for the 189th Judicial seat has filed a lawsuit demanding a new election, one that she lost by 6000 votes. What a bunch of whiny ass, little bitches. According to the Houston Chronicle:

Republican judicial candidate Erin Lunceford filed a petition Wednesday seeking a new election in Harris County’s 189th judicial district court race after losing by 2,743 votes out of more than 1 million ballots cast.

Lunceford’s opponent, Democrat Tamika Craft, won the election by 0.26 percent of the vote.

Lunceford needs to grow a pair and quit whining. Now granted, Tamika Craft should have never won the Democratic Primary over a very good Judge, Judge Dollinger, and she shouldn’t have won the general either. She is just that bad of a candidate but that isn’t the point. The point is she won. By 6000 votes. If Lunceford wants a recount, then ask for it. Do it. Just like everyone else has. Then shut the hell up whether you win or lose.

But for fuck sakes, quit the fuckin whining.

How bad did the Harris County Republican Party lose in 2022?

November 22, 2022

It really wasn’t pretty.

Unlike the results in the state races, Harris County Democrats nearly wiped every republican off the ballot. Out of 69 County races the Republican Party lost 65. (See list below)

The 65 loses included County Judge, County Clerk, County Treasurer, and two County Commissioners seats. Even after the Republican Party removed straight ticket voting after their wipe out in 2018, limiting access to voting, removing drop boxes for mail in ballots, and limiting the time allowed to vote, they still had their assess handed to them.

The Republican Party after spending millions won only 4 county races. Even after their constant advertising incorrectly claiming rising crime rates they only won 2 out of 15 Criminal Court seats. Voters just didn’t buy their crap. Other than those seats, they won a Judicial Court seat and a Justice of the Peace seat. That is it.

In Texas we call the 2022 election for the Republican Party a major ass kicking, a can of whoop ass, a butt whoopin and 2024 is just 2 years away.

Poor Mattress MAGAt Mac. He lost at least a million dollars betting on the republicans.

District Judge, 55th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 113th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 157th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 180th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 182nd Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 183rd Judicial DistrictWonLost
District Judge, 184th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 185th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 189th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 190th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 208th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 209th Judicial DistrictLostWon
 District Judge, 228th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 230th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 232nd Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 234th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 248th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 262nd Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 263rd Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 269th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 270th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 281st Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 295th Judicial DistrictLostWon
District Judge, 482nd Judicial DistrictLostWon
Family District Judge, 245th Judicial DistrictLostWon
Family District Judge, 246th Judicial DistrictLostWon
Family District Judge, 247th Judicial DistrictLostWon
Family District Judge, 257th Judicial DistrictLostWon
Family District Judge, 280th Judicial DistrictLostWon
Family District Judge, 308th Judicial DistrictLostWon
Family District Judge, 309th Judicial DistrictLostWon
Family District Judge, 310th Judicial DistrictLostWon
Family District Judge, 314th Judicial DistrictLostWon
Family District Judge, 312th Judicial DistrictLostWon
Family District Judge, 315th Judicial DistrictLostWon
County JudgeLostWon
Judge, County Civil Court at Law No. 1LostWon
Judge, County Civil Court at Law No. 2LostWon
Judge, County Civil Court at Law No. 3LostWon
Judge, County Civil Court at Law No. 4LostWon
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 1LostWon
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 2LostWon
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 3WonLost
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 4LostWon
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 5LostWon
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 6LostWon
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 7LostWon
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 8LostWon
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 9LostWon
uJdge, County Criminal Court No. 10LostWon
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 11LostWon
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 12LostWon
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 13LostWon
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 14WonLost
Judge, County Criminal Court No. 15LostWon
Judge, County Probate Court No. 1LostWon
Judge, County Probate Court No. 2LostWon
Judge, County Probate Court No. 3LostWon
Judge, County Probate Court No. 4LostWon
District ClerkLostWon
County ClerkLostWon
County TreasurerLostWon
County School Trustee, Position 1, Precinct 2LostWon
County School Trustee, Position 2, Precinct 4LostWon
County Commissioner, Precinct 2LostWon
County Commissioner, Precinct 4LostWon
Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2, Place 2LostWon
Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3, Place 2LostWon
Justice of the Peace, Precinct 5, Place 2WonLost

The whining for Mattress MAGAt Mac continues in the Houston Chronicle

November 20, 2022

The Houston Chronicle has a boner for Mattress MAGAt Mac.

MAGAt Mac bet $1 Million on Alexandra MAGAt Mealer hoping to beat Judge Lina Hidalgo. Unlike betting on the Houston Astros, he lost. Mac financed 1/10 of the total Mealer raised for her losing campaign. She out raised and out spent Hidalgo by 3 to 1 and yet she lost much like Trump did in 2020 and 2022 and the whining of the little bitches is just beginning.

The Houston Chronicle, as well as the Houston Astros, couldn’t get enough of MAGAt Mac with Mac throwing out the first ball in the World Series and getting front page coverage after cussing out Phillies fans in Philadelphia much like all Christians would do, repeatedly yelling FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU which was caught on video. The Chronicle just loved it. They adore him. They fucking love his MAGAt ass.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that the Chronicle allowed an advertisement paid for by Gallery Furniture from a “concerned citizen” kissing the ass of MAGAt Mac. It’s funny that this “concerned citizen” was critical of Hidalgo throwing shade on Mac’s losing bet claiming it was a low blow yet that same “concerned citizen” probably didn’t have any problems with his/her idol, Donald Trump, when he mocked a disable person, or made racist names for his opponents. He/she probably wouldn’t have any problems when one of the MAGAt republicans would make fun of an opponent or be an asshole when they they lost. It is wrong when they do it, but justified when MAGAts do it.

That is why they are MAGAts. They are low lifes. Deplorables. Rotten bastards. Prior to 2010 when the Teabagger Party was formed with Mattress MAGAt Mac being one of the biggest supporters and donors, this type of behavior would have been thrown out of the Republican Party. Back then they were conservatives. They believed in the rule of law. They believed in decency, honor, respect, loyalty to the Country. Now it is a requirement to be a loud mouth, lying, mother fucking, douchebag, asshole of a human being, to be a member of the Republican Party. Just like trump.

This is who they are.

The 11 Individuals who financed MAGAt Mealer for Harris County Judge. And lost.

November 19, 2022

Mattress “MAGAt” Mac has a reason to look disappointed.

Analyzing the campaign finance reports file with Harris County is not easy. The County provides pdf files that are not searchable. They do not have a method to download all contributions to a spreadsheet like the Texas Ethics Commission has. So I had to look at every singe page (over 2000) and identify the major donors to Mealer. (You’re welcome) I’ve tried my best to be accurate looking for total donations that amount to over $100,000. I know I missed a few, but not many. So here are the totals.

Alexandra “MAGAt” Mealer raised over $9 Million in her losing effort against Judge Lina Hidalgo. $3.9 Million of this total, 43%, came from just 11 individuals. The biggest loser is Mattress MAGAt Mac who donated nearly 10% of the entire fundraising total at $920,000. Richard Weekley followed with $605,000, and Alan Hassenflu was at a cool $500,000.

You are probably asking yourself “Who the fuck is Alan Hassenflu?”. Well, Hassenflu has donated $500,000 to Texas for Lawsuit Reform (deform) and $450,000 to the Houston Regional Business Coalition who donated $210,000 to Mealer. Weekley is a developer, brother of David Weekley, the homebuilder. David only donated $25,000 to Mealer. The extreme white wing PAC, Defend Texas Liberty donated $100,000. The total donations from these 11 individuals and 2 PACs totaled $422,000 or 46% of the entire total raised by Mealer.

Even with nearly half of all the $9 Million raised from just 11 individuals and 2 PACs MAGAt Mealer lost. All the commercials with MAGAt Mattress Mac, all the misinformation and downright lies by Mealer, all the poorly placed support by the Houston Police Officers Union, all of the $9 Million was for nothing. Voters saw through it all.

Here are the top losers of the MAGAt Mealer campaign:

MAGAt Mac$920,000.00
Modest, David$610,000.00
Weekley, Richard$605,000.00
Flores, James $200,000.00
Huggins, Josiah$150,000.00
Nau, John$125,000.00
McGill, Don$100,000.00

Democrats call out the Harris County District Attorney’s office

November 18, 2022

The Texas Democratic Party has jumped in on the political theater concerning voting irregularities in Harris County:

“Today, we call on Harris County DA Kim Ogg to stop enabling Texas Republicans’ insidious efforts to silence Black and Brown Houstonians.” 

A couple of days after the Harris County Republican Party had their asses handed to them, again, even after spending millions of dollars from a few donors, they started whining and encouraged Greg Abbott to investigate voting irregularities in Harris County. And on cue, he did as did Ogg. From Houston Public Media:

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg has opened an investigation into possible criminal conduct in the county’s administration of last week’s midterm election

Ogg has a beef with the Commissioners Court particularly with Judge Hidalgo and it has been out in full display for the last 4 years. Even if the beef is justified the response to the issue by the DA is much like a bull in a China store looking for the nearest reporter or TV camera. It’s getting old. It’s petty. It’s what we expect from a MAGAt republican not from a Normal Republican or Democrat.

The DA could have addressed this like an adult cautioning everyone to take a deep breath, let the audits and investigations play out before making comments or speculating about criminal activity. Instead she threw gasoline on the fire called the “Big Lie” perpetuating this incredible stupidity created by Trump, Abbott, and Paxton.

Personally I am pretty pissed how the DAs office has handled this situation as well as the primaries and the constant dispute with the Commissioners Court. It’s not what we expect from our elected officials unless they are MAGAts.

The primary season begins Jan of 2024.

The whiny little b*tches of the Harris County GOP

November 16, 2022

There is nothing worse than a whiny ass little bitch.

After getting their asses handed to them, again, the Harris County republican party has started its whining and Greg Abbott has responded with calling for an investigation into “election integrity”. Just like Abbott’s million dollar investigation into voter fraud and like Ken Paxton’s million dollar boondoggle this investigation will not end in any voter fraud charges. It’s nothing but a bunch of whiny little bitches looking for an excuse for losing their asses. Again.

Republicans knew this was coming. They ended straight ticket voting but lost anyway. Steven Hotze offered a bounty of $10,000 for voter fraud but nothing has been found. They sued to end drop off sites for ballots and anything that would make it easy for Texans to vote. The big lie and the false claims about voting integrity is just that and it is alive in Harris County. They really have nothing else to run on.

The top of the ticket, MAGAt Mealer spent nearly $10 Million from her sugar daddies and flooded the airwaves with misleading and false ads and they still lost. The Republican Party has nothing to offer except “keeping us safe from the Mexicans” even though they have been in charge for over two decades and haven’t solved the problem yet.

Here is one of their whines from the Houston Chronicle:

The Harris County Republican Party filed a lawsuit against Tatum and the county on Monday, alleging several violations of the Texas Election code and claimed paper shortages at 23 out of 782 voting locations amounted to voter suppression.

23 out of 782 had paper shortages. Not 230, 23. Voter suppression? Really? Voter suppression? This is laughable.

Alexandra MAGAt Mealer. $9 Million down the drain.

November 9, 2022

Alexandra Mealer has conceded the election to County Judge Lina Hidalgo.

After raising and spending nearly $9 Million Mealer came up short. In her report filed in mid October her sugar daddies came to her campaign:

According to her last report Mealer raised $4.9 Million a tad shy of what Weekley had promised. $1.7 Million came from 9 individuals including $120,000 from the MAGAt Mac family. Another $500,000 came from 10 individuals/PACs giving $50,000 each. 19 individuals/PACs gave Mealer 47% of her entire donations. The report is sprinkled with a number of $25,000 donors. Mealer definitely has the republican sugar daddy support.

But that wasn’t all. Days before the election she raised another $4 Million mostly from republican sugar daddies and various PACs including over $250,000 from Mattress MAGAt Mac and $250,000 from Modesett. $9 Million for a county judge races is insane. The way Harris County records candidates donations is not easy to analyze unlike the Texas Ethics Commission but it is clear from just perusing through her reports the sugar daddy moneybags came out for Mealer.

And they lost.

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