When you say “You can indict a ham sandwich”….

June 1, 2023

To those who have served on a grand jury, you sound like an ignorant idiot.

Seriously. Stop saying it. You don’t know what you are talking about. The reason ignorant people say this is because they do not understand how a grand jury works or the statistics behind the indictments.

Having served on 3 grand juries in Harris County I can say from experience the rate of indictments is high for only one reason, the evidence is clear and the cases should go to a jury. That is all the grand jury does. They vote to either indict based upon the evidence presented and send the case to trial or to “no bill” and dismiss the case. The rate of indictments could be as high as 98% of all cases presented.

The process of reviewing and voting on the cases is up to the members of the grand jury. A GJ could listen to a number of Assistant DAs each bringing 30-40 cases to the jury, explain the evidence, and the GJ would vote on which to indict, which to discuss further, and which to no bill. A GJ could hear hundreds of cases a day, serving 2-3 days a week. The GJ also determines how they would vote on each case. They could vote in mass because the evidence is clear on each case, or they could pull cases for further discussion and vote in mass for the others. It is up to the specific GJ to decide.

The GJ may hear a special case much like a case against an elected official. They would listen to witnesses, be able to ask questions, and issue subpoenas. They have an incredible amount of power to use to get to the truth. They could hear evidence for an extended time, multiple days, multiple hours. They do not vote on whether the subject is guilty of a crime. They just vote on whether there is evidence a crime was committed and if the case should proceed to a jury.

The GJ is a safeguard for the citizens. It provides a way to review a case before it heads to trial. It provides a checkpoint in the process of charging a citizen with a crime. The GJ isn’t a deli. It has nothing to do with a ham sandwich. It’s a group of citizens taking their time to verify the actions of a District Attorney.

Do yourself a favor and quit speaking like a idiot.

More partisan political money infiltrating CCISD elections

May 4, 2023
From Peter Lauzon’s mailer

There is nothing worse than lying, whining, hypocrisy, and partisan politics invading CCISD elections.

We knew this was coming. One of the candidates running for CCISD Trustee, funded by 2 billionaires out of the Dallas area and the Harris County Republican Party, has released a mailer not only attacking his opponent (which is against the agreement he signed) but dripping with hypocrisy and right wing talking points.

The only person running, funded by a political party, is Peter Lauzon. He is a former Executive Committee member of the state Republican Party. His wife is the VP of a republican club. He has been caught on tape praising his buddy Trustee Scott Bowen on CRT issues and taking over school boards by his party. He has been caught on paper with disturbing views on our Gay community and public schools. His party has cut education funding. He supports vouchers, as state in his party’s platform. He is an election denier.

AND YET HE WANTS TO “KEEP POLITICAL AGENDAS OUT OF OUR SCHOOLS”? Are you kidding? Lauzon’s mailer and campaign is funded by the Republican Party and Defend Texas Liberty a right wing PAC funded by two billionaires featured on CNN. They are funding extreme right wing candidates across the state in an attempt to take over school districts. The cost of the mailer has not been reported by Lauzon or his party but it is probably in the $6000 range. He has raised only $503 from the district. And yet he wants to keep political agendas out of our schools?

Lauzon’s mailer also attacks his opponent against the Code Of Fair Campaign Practices which he signed and filed with CCISD. No other candidate running for the CCISD Board is being funded by outside money. No other candidate has attacked their opponent. No other candidate is bringing their party politics into our schools. Only one. Just one. Peter Lauzon.

Filthy partisan politics does not belong in our schools. Hopefully voters will see through this incredible hypocrisy. Read more about Lauzon in Keep Partisan Politics out of CCISD.

You’ve got to be kidding. Eric Dick running again.

May 2, 2023

Are you serious?

Former Harris County Dept of Education Trustee, Eric Dick, is running for the Board again. Dick served on the Board then he decided to run for Houston City Council in 2019. He lost that race but not before generating a boat load of controversy. The headline from the Houston Chronicle says it all: “Houston Republican fined $30K for mailers suggesting Black Democrats endorsed him

Dick sent out about 100,000 mailers during that election. That mailer can be viewed below and it looked like he was endorsed by many African American officials. (he wasn’t) I filed a complaint against him for funding the mailer and not having the required disclaimer “Political Ad Paid For By…..”. I truly expected a small fine, a slap on the wrist, and a promise from Dick to not do it again. Instead Dick was fined $30,000, the 2nd highest fine in the Ethics Commission’s history, and a referral to the Texas Bar. His cohort in this little scheme, Paul Bryant, was fined $6000 for his part. You can read all the details about the fine at: “The Texas Ethics Commission issues final order on Harris County Dept of Education Trustee, Eric Dick“. It was much, much, more than just the lack of a disclaimer. Much, much, more such as:

Dick had claimed, under oath, that he had nothing to do with the mailer, yet the data provided by the printer showed that he paid over $20,000 for over 100,000 mailers and was directing the printer on every aspect of the job.

Dick lost that race. He also lost his bid for County Treasurer in 2022. His wife ran for his seat on the HCDE Board and lost also. I thought for sure that would be the end of Dick, but according to the Harris County Ethics System, Dick has filed an Appointment of Treasurer for his run for the HCDE Board. Of note, his former treasurer, Joe Synoradzki, is no longer his treasurer for this race. Synoradzki is listed as an associate in the Dick Law Firm. According to his filing Dick has appointed Marcus Coward who is associated with the white wing wag Texas Conservative Review.

I really thought that a $30,000 fine and a referral to the Texas Bar would have been the end of Dick’s political career. Once again, I am wrong.

Data shows Harris County Republican’s lawsuits are just like Trump. Total bullshit.

April 21, 2023

The multiple lawsuits, filed by Harris County Republicans after they got their asses kicked in 2022, are frivolous and the investigation by the Houston Chronicle shows it.

A Houston Chronicle examination of election data found that while there were problems and technical glitches, there remains no evidence voters were systematically disenfranchised. Nor is there evidence the Election Day issues prompted people not to vote in numbers great enough to change the outcome of any of the races being contested.

Sounds familiar? It’s what Fox News knew all along about the 2020 election and they are paying for it today. Unfortunately facts don’t matter to republicans, lies do. This entire set of frivolous lawsuits are designed to drain Judges from campaign money since, as sitting judges, they cannot accept pro bono legal assistance and the County cannot represent them. They are also about continuing to create more distrust of our paper trail voting system. There was no election fraud. They know it. Fox News knew it. We know it. And they lost 65 out of 69 races.

The lawsuits claim there was an effort by the Election Administrator to limit ballots to certain locations therefore some voters did not get an opportunity to vote. The data shows otherwise. Not one individual has reported not being able to vote due to the paper shortages in the 29 voting locations.

BTW In Harris County voters can vote at any location in the county. They can visit Harrisvotes.org and find another location with the shortest lines. There were over 1000 locations across the county and they can even vote at the their local early voting location. Judges at the polling location have maps of all voting locations. Polling locations are operated by 2 judges one from each party. If there was a shortage then why didn’t the republican judges allow that to happen?

The Chronicles article is a good read. Here are some results:

In more than eight hours of public hearings [on voting bills in Austin] largely focused on Harris County’s November election, no one testified that they had difficulty casting a ballot in Harris County. 

Based on interviews and the county time-stamped data, the Chronicle was able to confirm 20 of the 29 voting locations cited by Republicans ran out of ballot paper.

Of the 29 locations, 55 percent were in precincts won by former President Donald Trump.

Under the countywide election system in place since 2019, voters can cast ballots at any polling place — they are not limited to their home precinct. Around half of Election Day voters cast ballots outside their home precincts that first year.

OMG! Even more whining from the republican losers. It’s becoming embarrassing.

April 5, 2023

When did the party of Lincoln and Reagan become the party of whiny, little, sore losing, bitches?

Yet another huge loss for the Republican Party and all they can do is whine like Donald Trump, the Harris County Republican Party, local losing candidates of CCISD, losing republican candidates (all of them) in Harris County and more.

Now comes the Trump supported loser, Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Dan Kelly, who got crushed in his election for Wisconsin Supreme Court by Milwaukee County Judge Janet Protasiewicz. It wasn’t close but on cue Kelly began his whining embarrassing whiny little bitches across the country. From Politico:

Kelly acknowledged his loss on Tuesday evening, but savaged the now-justice elect in his concession speech.”I wish in circumstances like this, I would be able to concede to a worthy opponent, but I do not have a worthy opponent,” he said, calling Protasiewicz’ campaign “beneath contempt” that launched “rancid slanders.” He said she would damage the integrity of the court.

This whine does not age with time. Trump is whining about being indicted stemming from porking a porn star and laundering campaign funds. The losers of the 2022 midterms in Harris County are whining about losing, again, and have filed frivolous lawsuits. We had massive whining right here in the Clear Lake area by two losing candidates for trustee. One resulted in a withdrawn, failed, lawsuit, and another resulted in a withdrawn candidate from a board meeting.

So much for the Party of Lincoln. How about the party of embarrassment. BTW the American Association of Whiny Little Bitches has filed suit against the Republican Party for defamation of character.

Republican stunt by Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar leaves egg on his face

April 4, 2023

It’s almost funny.

Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar with help from Trump on Wheels, Greg Abbott, tried to claim Harris County “defunded” Harris County Precinct 5 Constable’s Office in violation of the nanny state’s new law. As with all republicans, he lied.

Hegar attempted to use something called “fuzzy math” to make an unfounded claim that Harris County reduced funding for the Constables. Instead of having his staff call Judge Hidalgo’s office to discuss and address the issue, Hegar did what republicans do best, he just flat out lied then ran to the press like a whiny little bitch, again something the Republican Party is known for.

County Attorney, Christian Menefee, was forced to file suit against the Comptroller forcing Hegar to rescind his determination. According to Menefee:

“I’m glad the Comptroller admitted his error and is no longer holding Harris County’s budget process hostage,” said Harris County Attorney Christian D. Menefee. “I hope that in the future, we can talk through these types of allegations, as the law requires, before the Comptroller makes a final decision. Texans expect their elected representatives at different levels of government to be able to get on the phone and solve problems, even when they disagree. I urge the Comptroller to talk to us next time instead of forcing us to file a lawsuit.”

In the future Hegar has been given updated instructions on how to use an iPhone.

Harris County Republican Party lead thrown out of State Hearing

March 21, 2023

LOL. The “Man of the year” was thrown out of a hearing at the State Capitol.

Steven Hotze has been indicted on a number of felony counts concerning a former policeman holding an AC repairman at gun point claiming he had thousands of illegal ballots in his truck. (he didn’t) So the former cop is now indicted. And Hotze also. And the AC repairman is suing his ass off. As I said in a previous post:

At the time Hotze claimed he had no prior knowledge of the incident. Unfortunately he described the upcoming attack and requesting law enforcement backup in detail with a US Attorney days prior to the event. The US Attorney, Ryan Patrick, is the son of Lt Governor Dan Patrick and…..he recorded the call. Hotze might be, what many in legal field refer to as being, fucked.

So who best to speak on a bill in the capitol on behalf of the republicans in texas? Hotze, a leader in the Republican Party, began calling Texans “pedophiles” on multiple occasions. State Senator José Menéndez had had enough. From the Houston Chronicle:

“Dr. Hotze, I have trans friends, I have trans staff members, I have trans members of my community,” Menéndez later said, after Hotze refused to stop. “It’s very hurtful to them.”

Hotze’s mic was turned off, but he was still audible as he responded: “That’s what they are.”

Hotze has had a boner for the gay community for the last couple of decades and it was on full display at the hearing. I’ve spoke at hearings before and I know better than to call people names alleging they are criminals like calling Hotze a felon. Hotze is not a felon. He has been indicted on felony charges. Only when he is convicted will we be able to refer to him as Dr Felon Steve Hotze.

Until then the Republican Party might think twice about sending Hotze to speak on their behalf. On second thought, he is actually a great representative of their party and should speak more often.

Is the Harris County Republican Party dumping Trump?

February 23, 2023
Cartoon By Mr. Fish

This has to hurt.

The HCRP is having their anal “Reagan/Lincoln” dinner later this month. Their keynote speaker? Donald Trump? No. How about Ron “Meatball” DeSantis or Ron “DeSanctimonious”. Yep, Ron DeSantis, the extreme far right, book banning, teacher hating, Disney killer, homophobe, will be the keynote speaker of the Q party.

Trump isn’t even mentioned. It’s pretty clear the party is moving on from the election denying, jackass of a human being, and moving towards another election denying, jackass of a human being, one that might have a chance of winning without whining.

Trump supporters will be left to drive around the George R Brown Center in their trucks with TRUMP flags. A Trump Train while the HCRP is taking a major Trump dump.

LOL. Suck it MAGAts.

Law Enforcement debunks Greg Abbott’s claim about “defunding” police

February 13, 2023


Monday February 13, 2023

Harris County, Texas. The Harris County Coalition of Law Enforcement, consisting of members of law enforcement across Harris County and the City of Houston, issued the following response to Governor Greg Abbott’s tweet concerning funding for law enforcement in Harris County.

“Over the last few years law enforcement has been unfairly attacked due to a number of nation wide events of police misconduct. We all agree that our police force must be adequately trained and adequately paid while also holding them accountable for misconduct. This is not up for debate. Unfortunately there are those who have created this false idea of “defund the police” and those who are exploiting it.

Unfortunately Governor Greg Abbott is one of those who are exploiting this situation. We want to make sure Governor Abbott is aware that no one supports defunding our law enforcement. No one at the State, County, or City level including Harris County, has called for the defunding our police force or cutting our budgets. In fact if the Governor would take a few minutes to review the budget he would find that our budget has increased which is far from the hyperbole of defunding.

Law enforcement over the year have had a great relationship with the Governor. Under his leadership he put more guns on the street, allowing anyone to open carry assault weapons with body armor piercing bullets in the streets that we patrol. These individuals are there to provide backup to our members when needed. There is nothing more comforting to law enforcement than to see well armed, well trained, and throughly vetted gun owners ready to provide needed firepower. Governor Abbott and his party’s support of our men and women during the Jan 6 Capitol riot was greatly appreciated. We will never forget it.

We encourage the Governor to put down his phone, get off of twitter and off his ass, and learn how to read a budget.”

Staff Sergeant Getz A. Lief
Harris County Coalition of Law Enforcement

The white rich guys who funded the Texas Latino Conservative PAC

February 6, 2023

They think we are stupid. (and some are)

The Texas Latino Conservative PAC was created in 2020 and has spent a considerable amount of money to elect Republican MAGAts such as Jack Morman who lost his bid for Commissioner as well as Alexandra MAGAt Mealer who lost against Lina Hidalgo.

You would think that a PAC titled the Texas Latino Conservative PAC would be funded by conservative Latinos. If you thought that, you thought wrong. Very wrong.

According to reports filed with the Texas Ethics Commission the Texas Latino Conservative PAC raised $1,957,457. $977,705 was donated by Coalition Por Texas, nearly 50% (more on this PAC below). $1,812,000 was donated by just 8 individuals/PACs listed below. Most of the money raised was donated by rich white guys like Richard Weekley and Cary McNair. 93% of all donations were contributed by the following:

Coalition Por Texas$977,050
Richard Weekley$281,800
Cary McNair$163,000
Jan Duncan$105,000
Harlan Crow$100,000
Robert Rowling$100,000
Harris County Republican Party$65,000
Joseph Swinbank$30,000

Now the Coalition Por Texas was created in Jan 2022 with generous donations totaling $1,000,000 from 3 wealthy white guys and 1 PAC, Hillwood Development PAC, Robert Rowling, Richard Weekley, and Harlan Crow. In total Coalition Por Texas raised $2,550,000 from just 5 white guys and 1 PAC. Half of the donations went to the Latino Conservative PAC and the other donations went to Mexican MAGAt candidates across Texas.

Crow ,Harlan500,000.00
Crow ,Harlan250,000.00
Popolo ,Joseph50,000.00
Rees-Jones ,Trevor D.500,000.00
Rowling ,Robert250,000.00
Weekley ,Richard250,000.00
Weekley ,Richard250,000.00
Weekley ,Richard250,000.00
Hillwood Development Co250,000.00

Hispanics are getting played.

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