Mexican MAGAts running for office: Vidal Martinez, Richard Vera, and Bianca Grancia

February 27, 2022

It’s embarrassing.

The Republican Party has worked hard to recruit Mexican MAGAts to run for office. One is running for Harris County Judge (Vidal Martinez), another is running for Harris County Commissioner (Richard Vera), and another for Senate District 11 (Bianca Grancia). 

Mexican MAGAts have endorsed the values of the Republican Party including making fun of disabled people and fucking a porn star, paying her off, and lying about it. They endorse making comments about African nations calling them shitholes, referring to Native Americans as “Pocahontas”, siding with white supremacists, Nazis, and pushing the envelope with white wing racist remarks. They endorse lying on a daily basis, referring to women as c*nts, and siding with dictators like Putin. They place blame on those from south of the border for all the ills of the country while their white republican buddies laugh behind their backs, blaming them for all the ills of the country. They endorse elected officials acting like a bunch of assholes, spewing hate, and dividing their constituents. They endorse lying, cheating, and stealing. They endorse flooding our streets with guns. They endorse the cowards who run in the face of danger such as Texas Senator Ted Cruz. 

These are not the values of most Mexican Americans. These are not the values of most human beings. These are the values of the republican party. The party of the biggest racist, asshole in political history, Donald Trump.

Tio Tomases have their nose buried up trump’s ass. That’s another thing we don’t value. We don’t kiss ass and we don’t tolerate those who do.

From the Texas Attorney General’s office concerning Christine Parizo

January 26, 2022

Ugh. Don’t give her any ideas. They suggest Parizo file a complaint with the Secretary of State. This is in reference to Parizo getting escorted out of the CCISD Board meeting. 

Trump SausageFest coming to Montgomery County Texas!

January 15, 2022


If you are wondering where all the racist republicans of Montgomery County will be, wonder no more! A SausageFest is coming! I bet Greg Abbott will be busy doing something other than attending. Maybe he will be kicking a puppy.

Why do you have to be a dick about everything? CCISD Trustee Scott Bowen

November 10, 2021

CCISD Trustee, Scott Bowen, is a Qanon republican. He won a seat on the CCISD school board and has served his party well by disrupting, disrespecting, and being a dick about everything. His latest childish dickishness was on full display, and on camera, at the last public comment session of the committee monthly meeting. Video below.

The public comment period of the CCISD meetings has become a Qanon free for all with conspiracy theorists, unqualified individuals giving medical advice, and former candidates like Christine Parizo who lost by 25 points whining about losing by 25 points. Those in the audience clap and cheer even though clapping and cheering is against the rules committee, and against common sense decency of civilization. It’s what we call in Texas a shitshow.

Bowen showed his dickness when a parent was distributing a document to each of the Trustees. She wore a mask because I believe she was being careful about COVID. As she passed by Bowen he played coughed on her then turned to Trustee Cottrell who joined him for a good laugh. It was all quite funny poking fun at a parent concerned about bringing a deadly virus back to her kids at home. Bowen just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be a dick about everything. He did a great job.

I wonder if Bowen coughed on Scott Apley’s wife and infant child during his funeral. Apley was another Qanon, COVID denier, Dickinson City Councilman, and member of the Republican Party Executive Committee. He died of COVID.

Bowen jumps into the Bag of Dicks with Mark Henry, Randy Weber, Steve Stockman, the Galveston Young Republicans, Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert, and many many more.

Allen West. Q sent him to run for Texas Governor

July 5, 2021

Former military, former teacher, former Congressman, and former Chair of the Texas Republican Party, nut job Allen West has thrown his hat into the ring for Governor against billionaire Huffines, and Trump ass kisser Greg Abbott. Abbott’s ass kissing has earned him the endorsement of trump.

West was forced to retire from the military after an incident in Afghanistan. He spent a year as a high school teacher then served only one term as a tea party congressman. He moved to Texas where the Republican Party endorsed his losing credentials and elected him as the Chair. That lasted less than a year. He is now running for Governor.

I would bet he will run far right of Abbott moving Abbott even further right in order to lock in the Qanon vote. Not quite sure how much further the state can go. before Texans wake up thinking they are in a Mexican city ruled by a cartel. Maybe both will run on open carry for high school students in their high school. Who knows. 

It should be fun to watch.

Who is the biggest republican kiss ass in Texas?

June 5, 2021

 They are lining up behind Donald trump’s big ass.

George Pedro Bush. So far Pedro is leading the pack with his lips firmly planted on Trump’s ass. Unfortunately not only is he kissing up to trump to court his racist base, he is isn’t very good at disguising it. He not only is a kiss ass, he looks like a kiss ass, he acts like a kiss ass. A Texas sized kiss ass at that. Pedro is far behind others and needs to kiss trumps ass to catch up to the others, like Ken Paxton.

Ken Paxton. Ken may be an indicted crook but he ain’t no dummy. He has worked hard at kissing up to Trump by leading a lawsuit to end the Affordable Care Act and to overturn the election that Trump lost. He has spent a considerable amount of tax dollars to do so and he is expecting Trump to endorse him over the younger kiss ass Pedro. 

Greg Abbott. Greg has had his lips so attached to trump’s ass that the jaws of life would be needed to remove his head if Trump decided to stop too fast. He is leading the way to make it harder to vote for minorities and he followed Trump’s irresponsible reaction to the COVID pandemic which ended the lives of thousands of Texans. Abbott has an advantage over Pedro and Paxton since he is at just the right height to continue his ass kissing.

There are more and they will surface as soon as a real conservative republican challenges them in the primary. Real conservatives are hard to find now a days. There are more conservatives in the Democratic Party than the Republican Party. They are now just a party of Qanons.

Texans don’t generally like ass kissers, brown losers, suck ups…..unless they are in the Republican Party.

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