What is MAGAt Mattress Mac whining about?

April 19, 2023
Pic by the Houston Chronicle

MAGAt Mac, pictured with Wayne Dolcefino, was at the Texas Capitol whining about election fraud. Again. According to the Houston Chronicle:

Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale pressed state senators on Tuesday to help him access Harris County election records from last November’s midterms, using the remarks in Austin to denounce his home county as crime-ridden under Democratic leaders.

Nothing worse than a whiny ass little bitch. So what records does MAGAt Mac want to access? Good question. Wayne Dolcefino was an investigative reporter for KTRK and was sued by Sylvester Turner. From the Houston Press:

Sure, there have been some stories attached to his name, with the most infamous one being the accusation lobbed by then-KTRK reporter Wayne Dolcefino on the eve of the closely contested 1991 mayoral race that Turner was involved in an elaborate insurance scam. Turner refuted the claim—which a jury later found to have been “defamatory, false, [and] published with actual malice”—but the damage had been done. His campaign went into freefall, and he lost the election.

Turner was awarded millions by the jury. Dolcefino left KTRK in 2012.

Dolcefino filed 9 open record requests on behalf of MAGAt Mac concerning the 2022 election. Personally I think this is a fishing expedition looking for election fraud. I also think this lawsuit is nothing but a way to put doubt into our elections, claiming that the election was fraudulent (it wasn’t). Hopefully the judge will see through this and sanction their attorneys. You can read all the open record request here. The County has already responded to Mac claiming there is information that must be approved by the Texas AG (the one that is under a felony indictment) before being released. Mac can’t wait and needs to create chaos. Here is a summary of the requests:

  • Nov 17, 2022 phone records, emails etc from Clifford Tatum, the Elections Administrator.
  • Dec 7, 2022 Same as Above
  • Dec 8, 2022 Any documents detailing any maintenance issues with any election machines on November 8, 2022. Any documents detailing maintenance for logic and accuracy of election voting machines between October 30, 2022 and November 5, 2022. 
  • Dec 27, 2022 Any documents detailing the amount of ballot paper originally provided on election day (November 8, 2022) to all precincts in Harris County. A document detailing the number of voters who voted at each precinct in the Harris County 2020 election. Any emails, sent or received, including attachments, received by the Harris County Elections Administrator’s Office from any Harris County precinct judges regarding a shortage of paper for ballots on election day (November 8, 2022. 
  • Dec 27, 2022 A document detailing the number of voters who voted at each precinct in the Harris County 2022 election. 
  • Jan 18, 2023 Any written complaints or documented phone call complaints regarding the Harris County 2022 election received by the Harris County Elections Administrator’s Office or the Office of Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo between November 8, 2022 and the present. 
  • Jan 18, 2023 A list of all polling locations for the Harris County 2020 and 2022 elections. Any emails, sent or received, including attachments by Clifford Tatum regarding the Secretary of State audit of the Harris County 2022 election. 
  • Jan 23, 2023 Any emails, sent or received, including attachments by Clifford Tatum regarding the maintenance of polling machines, supplies of ballot paper, and/or addition or removal of polling locations between May 1, 2022 and November 8, 2022. 
  • Feb 9, 2023 A copy of each mail in ballot application to display signature and return envelope, and any related document which shows the signature of each mail in ballot for the Harris County 2022 election. 

Harris County Republican Party lead thrown out of State Hearing

March 21, 2023

LOL. The “Man of the year” was thrown out of a hearing at the State Capitol.

Steven Hotze has been indicted on a number of felony counts concerning a former policeman holding an AC repairman at gun point claiming he had thousands of illegal ballots in his truck. (he didn’t) So the former cop is now indicted. And Hotze also. And the AC repairman is suing his ass off. As I said in a previous post:

At the time Hotze claimed he had no prior knowledge of the incident. Unfortunately he described the upcoming attack and requesting law enforcement backup in detail with a US Attorney days prior to the event. The US Attorney, Ryan Patrick, is the son of Lt Governor Dan Patrick and…..he recorded the call. Hotze might be, what many in legal field refer to as being, fucked.

So who best to speak on a bill in the capitol on behalf of the republicans in texas? Hotze, a leader in the Republican Party, began calling Texans “pedophiles” on multiple occasions. State Senator José Menéndez had had enough. From the Houston Chronicle:

“Dr. Hotze, I have trans friends, I have trans staff members, I have trans members of my community,” Menéndez later said, after Hotze refused to stop. “It’s very hurtful to them.”

Hotze’s mic was turned off, but he was still audible as he responded: “That’s what they are.”

Hotze has had a boner for the gay community for the last couple of decades and it was on full display at the hearing. I’ve spoke at hearings before and I know better than to call people names alleging they are criminals like calling Hotze a felon. Hotze is not a felon. He has been indicted on felony charges. Only when he is convicted will we be able to refer to him as Dr Felon Steve Hotze.

Until then the Republican Party might think twice about sending Hotze to speak on their behalf. On second thought, he is actually a great representative of their party and should speak more often.

Raising Campaign Cash: Houston City Elections

March 10, 2023

As I have said in the past, before you run for office make sure you know the laws concerning campaign donations.

City of Houston elections will be in November. The Houston Chronicle has a list of candidates that have filed. The filing deadline is in August so this list can change. Also candidates will have the opportunity to move to different positions until the deadline.

A couple of notes. I believe there is a $5000 limit on donations from individuals and PACs. Robin Williams, who is running for Mayor, has a number of donations, including one from herself, that has violated this limit. An amount of NA means the candidate has not filed a report yet. I only included At Large and the District E race which includes Clear Lake. For incumbents I included the figures only from their last report. Some of the candidates have reported fundraising numbers over the past year and some have raised money only over the last few months. Senator Whitmire has listed Cash on Hand including his donations from his previous years in office, as did Martin and Kubosh. Here are the totals for Houston City Council races:

John Whitmire$1,148,015$249,142$0$10,100,086
Amanda Edwards$1,356,232$291,636$0$1,044,338
Chris Hollins$167,034$607,220$0$1,062,754
Lee Kaplan$1,300,390$340,962$200,000$1,164,527
Robert Gallegos$48,837$27,626$0$133,471
Derrick BrozeNANANANA
Naoufal HoujamiNANANANA
Raykey TezinoNANANANA
Robin Williams$188,995$0$52,700$188,995
At Large 1
Conchita Shelly ReyesNANANANA
Isaiah MartinNANANANA
Leah Wolfthal$43,812$16,683$0$24,953
Melanie MilesNANANANA
At Large 2
Danielle BessNANANANA
Marina Coryat$13,714$4,063$0$1,562
Holly Flynn VilasceaNANANANA
Julian RamirezNANANANA
Nick Hellyar$65,854$6,772$0$44,710
At Large 3
Donnell Cooper$25,977$17,631$0$9,189
Ericka MczcrutcheonNANANANA
James JosephNANANANA
Obes NwabaraNANANANA
Richard CantuNANANANA
Twila Carter$85,926$9,456$4,000$78,768
At Large 4
Letitia Plummer$4,125$10,309$0$24,741
Roy Morales$0$465$5,838$0
At Large 5
Sally Alcorn$155,531$28,187$0$206,273
Charles OnwucheNANANANA
District E
Fred Flickinger$0$1,933$50,000$0
Martina Lemond Dixon$254$254$100$84
Patricia OlivaresNANANANA
Dave Martin$8,250$12,493$0$161,851
Michael Kubosh$22,900$3,612$196,000$54,289

Who is Aubrey Taylor Communications and why are Democrats donating to his publication?

February 1, 2023

Steven Hotze. The “Man of the Year”? Really?

Aubrey Taylor Communications has an address in Clear Lake off of NASA Rd 1. It seems to be a UPS store, a PO Box. I’ve never seen a hard copy of his publication. It seems more of a blog on Blogger without a URL like HoustonBusinessConnections.com which he claims to be associated with.

ATC claims to be:

“Houston Business Connections Newspaper© is a non-partisan politically focused news source that’s published by Aubrey R. Taylor Communications for the sole purpose of informing, empowering and imploring our readership to elect the “BEST” duly-qualified people to public office who value, respect, and appreciate our support!”

This non partisan news source that has made Steve Hotze the “Man of the Year”. Steven Hotze is the same guy who has been indicted for his role in a former cop holding a gun to an AC repairman because he thought he was carrying fraudulent mail in ballots in his truck. Hotze has been charged with one count of unlawful restraint and one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He has since been sued by the AC repairman. You can read about this bizarre case at the Texas Tribune.

Hotze is a well known anti-gay community, “Christian”. He has led the effort to end the non discrimination ordinance in Houston and has opposed the Supreme Court’s ruling on same sex marriage.

Hotze recently held an Election Denying SausageFest, with My Pillow Guy, and other election denying conspiracy theorists. He has a PAC called Conservative Republicans of Texas.

The bottom line is that Aubrey Taylor is nothing close to being non partisan. No one can label Steven Hotze “Man of the Year” and claim to be non partisan. With this in mind why in the hell are Democrats donating to his publication/blog? Taylor puts out endorsements including for George Risner who was trapped by Commissioner Adrian Garcia and other republican candidates that shouldn’t run for any office. He has endorsed Democrats, some who have donated to his publication, others who probably didn’t ask for it.

Democrats shouldn’t be anyway near Aubrey Taylor Communications or Houston Business Connections News and they shouldn’t be giving this organization money.

Before you run for Houston City Council

January 30, 2023

The filing period to appear on the ballot for the City of Houston November election runs from July 22 – August 21.

Before you file to run for Mayor, City Council, or Controller do yourself, your family, and your friends a favor by investigating the office before running for the office. Here are a few tips and questions you might want to consider before signing up. I am sure a political consultant might want to add a few other tips to this list. 

Follow the law. Running for office requires you to follow the laws of the State governing elections such as filing timely financial reports disclosing donations and expenditures. Visit the Texas Ethics Commission website BEFORE you run, not after a complaint has been filed. A complaint could be very costly to you and your treasurer. Also visit the Campaign Finance webpage for the City of Houston at http://www.houstontx.gov/campaignfinance/

It’s not a game. Running for office is not a game. There is nothing cute about running. It is very, very, tough work for the candidate and your volunteers. The position has a direct impact on people’s lives whether it is timely trash collection, providing a safe neighborhood with our police and our fire fighters, or protecting our country from foreign and domestic threats. Don’t cheapen the office by running just for the sake of running and distracting from those who have a clear understanding of what they are doing and are qualified to run.

It will cost money. Lots of money. A run for a City Council at Large seat could cost a couple hundred thousand dollars. This will include money to run a successful campaign to target the needed number of voters to win. If you do not intend to raise the necessary amount of money needed, then do not run, Do the math before you sign. Understand what the campaign will need and how much this will cost and whether you can raise that amount. It’s not just about buying a boat load of signs.

What qualifications do you bring to the table? Our government allows anyone to put their name on the ballot but some shouldn’t. Ask yourself if you understand the position you are running for. Do you have qualifications or personal experience that would apply to this position? Do you understand the process used to pass legislation, and do you know the players behind the scenes? Have you been involved in your community that you want to represent?

How many votes do you need to win? This is a hard question and is never an exact science but you can determine, with analysis of the past elections, an idea of the number of votes needed to push you over the top. This number will drive your campaign strategy and fundraising efforts. If you can’t answer this question then you really shouldn’t run.

How much money will it take to win? The number of votes you need to win will drive your fundraising efforts. As said above, running for office is not a game and it costs money. You will be on the phone for hours a day raising campaign cash in order to achieve that winning number.

Who is your financial base? Who will you be depending upon to achieve your financial goals in order to achieve that winning number of votes?

Who is your volunteer base? Who will be there to make phone calls for you or block walk in the hot sun? Do you have a base of supporters or do you intend to file and expect your political clubs to drop what they are doing and support you? A campaign will strain your relationships with family and friends. It’s a grueling undertaking requiring a considerable amount of dedication and support. You should have buy in from your family and those you expect to support you before you sign up.

Good luck and thank you for running or deciding not to.

OMG! Harris County Republican Party continues to whine.

December 8, 2022

It just isn’t going to stop.

Harris County Republican candidate for the 189th Judicial seat has filed a lawsuit demanding a new election, one that she lost by 6000 votes. What a bunch of whiny ass, little bitches. According to the Houston Chronicle:

Republican judicial candidate Erin Lunceford filed a petition Wednesday seeking a new election in Harris County’s 189th judicial district court race after losing by 2,743 votes out of more than 1 million ballots cast.

Lunceford’s opponent, Democrat Tamika Craft, won the election by 0.26 percent of the vote.

Lunceford needs to grow a pair and quit whining. Now granted, Tamika Craft should have never won the Democratic Primary over a very good Judge, Judge Dollinger, and she shouldn’t have won the general either. She is just that bad of a candidate but that isn’t the point. The point is she won. By 6000 votes. If Lunceford wants a recount, then ask for it. Do it. Just like everyone else has. Then shut the hell up whether you win or lose.

But for fuck sakes, quit the fuckin whining.

Harris County turns down Dick

November 9, 2022

I think Harris County has had enough Dick to last a lifetime.

Eric Dick, the Harris County Department of Education Trustee, who was fined by the Texas Ethics Commission $30,000 for various violations and was referred to the Texas Bar for possible disciplinary action, lost last night even though he wasn’t running.

His wife, Danielle Dick, was running for his position and lost. Danielle didn’t raise any money and didn’t file any reports because she said she would not raise/spend over $950. Obviously she didnt. She lost to Andrea Duhon and the HCDE will finally be free of Dicks.

In another race that took me by surprise because I didn’t know he was even running, Chris Carmona lost to Andrea Beall for District Judge, 185th Judicial District. Who is Chris Carmona you ask?

Chris Carmona is a lawyer in Houston. He’s not only a friend of Eric Dick, he represented Eric Dick in his formal hearing at the Texas Ethics Commission, the one where Dick was fined $30,000. The hearing was a train wreck for Carmona. Dick was subpoenaed to show at the hearing in person or by Zoom. He did neither. I watched/listened to the entire hearing and in my non-lawyer opinion it was an absolute disaster for Carmona. Carmona has run before, I believe it was for City Council, and he lost then too.

So maybe, just maybe, Harris County is done with Dick.

Texas State Representative “Little Baby” Briscoe gets spanked by the Houston Chronicle

October 13, 2022

Texas State Representative “Little Baby” Briscoe Cain, pictured here in a recent photo at his 35th birthday, got a spanking by the Houston Chronicle.

The Chronicle endorsed his opponent Chuck Crews based upon his professional experience and the lack of professionalism of Baby Briscoe. From the Chronicle:

Fortunately, Democratic challenger Chuck Crews struck us as direct, capable and thoughtful, with a professional background that would help his constituents. A longtime petrochemical engineer, Crews said he’d put his extensive knowledge of the industry to use right away in the Legislature to make plants mechanically safer and environmentally cleaner for surrounding communities.

The Chronicle puts Baby Briscoe over their knee and gives him a good verbal whipping like his mom did at the Texas Democratic Convention. A few years ago he was flashing his concealed handgun and got his little ass thrown out of the convention center. His mother was called to pick him up. She stated: 

“I am so sorry for my son’s behavior. I have told him to not play cops and robbers in the open and to never take his toy guns out of the house. I intend to whoop his ass once I get him home.”

(she really didn’t say that)

Baby Briscoe is an asshole. A Texas sized little asshole. He is a perfect republican. He is an election denier, a liar, a gun nut, a disrespecting little child. He acts like a child on the Texas House floor. He thinks he is cute. He is a child in a grown ass man’s body. Unfortunately his district will vote for a billy goat just as long as it has an R behind his name and Baby Briscoe has an (R) behind his name.

This is who they are.

Harris County MAGAt Candidate calls for 1,000 new police officers (non-paid)

September 9, 2022

The Houston Police Officer’s Union might want to reconsider it’s endorsement for Harris County Judge. According to Houston Public Media candidate Alexandra Mealer wants to hire 1000 new county police. Unfortunately she doesn’t have the money to pay them but she promises she will find it. Her promises are about as valuable as an endorsement from the HPOU who have endorsed past winners like Tony Buzbee for Major.

HPOU is just recovering from their previous President’ screwup when he blamed and threatened Black Lives Matter on live TV after a raid which seriously injured 4 officers. The raid, after investigations, has resulted in the leader of the raid being charged with multiple felonies and cases being thrown out and overturned. Mealer might want to put a bit of distance between her and HPOU.

Much like Trump and Abbott Mealer is depending upon one proven principal when conducting her campaign. Lie. Lie like a dog. And do it daily. Lie about everything like claiming Harris County does not prioritize safety. As reported:

Mealer accused current county leaders of failing to prioritize public safety in the county’s short fiscal year $1.3 billion budget — despite nearly 70% being focused on public safety.

Mealer will lie about violent crime which has been coming down. She will lie about the budget. She will lie about “Backing the Blue” all while she supports the insurrectionist of Jan 6, Donald Trump, and Greg Abbott flooding the streets with military style weapons that law enforcement must face every day.

Like every MAGAt republican running for office, she is just a Texas sized liar.

Group to file lawsuit against Texas Senator Paul Bettencourt for PPP Loan forgiveness

August 30, 2022

Yesterday Harris County Commissioner Adrian Garcia called out State Senator Paul Bettencourt. Bettencourt has been critical of President Biden’s school loan assistance program. According to Garcia, Bettencourt has also received free assistance from the Federal Government to the tune of $623,500 through the PPP loan program. According to the Houston Chronicle, Garcia asked Bettencourt via Twitter:

“Is this you?” Democrat Adrian Garcia tweeted at Sen. Paul Bettencourt, a Republican who criticized President Joe Biden’s plan to offer student debtors up to $20,000 in relief was “costing $600+Bil.”

In his defense, Bettencourt said “No one gives back free money”.

Ok, he didn’t say exactly that but the massive hypocrisy of criticizing the Federal Government providing help to students in debt while accepting $623,500 in free money from the Federal Government has not gone unnoticed. The Society of Hypocrites in Texas has filed suit against Bettencourt. According to their statement:

The State of Texas has a proud history of being hypocrites but we have never been afraid to accept help from the government when needed but we know our limits and we know to keep our mouth shut. No one is more of a Texas sized hypocrite than Senator Ted Cruz, yet Paul Bettoncourt gives him a good run for his free money.

Because of this, the members of the Society of Hypocrites of Texas (SHIT) have decided to file suit against Paul Bettoncourt for defecation of character. Let us be very clear. We are not going to take this shit from Paul Bettoncourt.

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