Another time for thoughts and prayers. 10 killed in mass shooting

January 23, 2023

One of these days we are going to have to ask the very difficult question to our elected officials, straight to their face. What the fuck is wrong with you?

Look, I’ve done my duty and asked my State Representative, Dennis Paul, that question when I met him on the greenbelt walking the dog. It was the first thing out of my mouth, just days after 19 children were slaughtered by an 18 year old with easy access to military weapons, access that Dennis Paul gave him, access that the Republican Party gave him.

On that day they didn’t even offer thoughts and prayers, as if that has worked in the past. So our irresponsible attitude towards gun ownership has taken the lives of 10 Americans in California using, you guessed it, a military style weapon. Although the laws in California are more strict that Texas, which isn’t saying much, the irresponsible, playful attitude towards gun ownership emanates out of Texas where laws are nearly nonexistent.

In Texas anyone can openly carry a military style weapon, dressed like GI Joe, with body armor, high capacity clips, body armor, and hundreds of rounds of armor piercing bullets and our law enforcement can’t do a thing about it. They can’t ask them if they are allowed to have a gun or carry a gun or even own a gun because the law that Dennis Paul championed prohibits it. Someone dressed like a cartel member could walk the sidewalks of Paul’s own street and there is absolutely nothing law enforcement can do because there is nothing illegal about it.

I’ve said it before. This isn’t responsible, conservative, gun ownership. This is just plain stupidity. It is dangerous. Texas and Paul have set a bar for others across the country. It doesn’t make us safer. It doesn’t make it safer for our law enforcement officials. Ask those who were at the Uvalde shooting how safe they felt as they stood in the hall listening to the children crying for their mommies as they were being slaughtered.

The killing continues claiming 10 more in a mass shooting along with many others every single day. So, grow a pair and ask one of two hard question.

What the fuck is wrong with you? What the fuck is wrong with us?

The Squad vs The Insurrection Caucus in bills filed/passed

January 6, 2023

Passing bills in Congress is hard work. It requires reaching across to the other side of the aisle, negotiate, compromise, and politicing. That’s what politicians do. Unfortunately those on the extremes, the members of The Squad and the members of The Insurrection Caucus are not capable of passing bills.

Over the last 4 years The Squad consisting of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Cory bush, Lohan Omar, Ayanna Presley, Jamaal bowman, and Rashida Harbi Tlaib have filed a total of 290 bills, passing only 4. 3 of these bills renamed buildings.

The insurrection Caucus is worse. Consisting of Chip Roy, Matt Gaetz, Andy Biggs, Scott Perry, Paul Gosar, Lauren Boebert, and Jim Jordon the Caucus has filed 668 bills over 14 years, passing only 8. All but 1 of these bills renamed buildings.

Of note, Jim Jordan hasn’t filed a single bill over his entire 14 years in office. Lauren Boebert filed 42 bills that were so extreme none of them were sent to a committee for consideration. Andy Biggs filed 175 bills over 6 years with 1 signed into law renaming a clinic.

Most of The Squad filed a number of bills but only 4 became law. Cory Bush over 2 years filed 24 bills with only 1 being considered in committee. The Squad has followed in the steps of their leader, Bernie Sanders who after 32 years filed 3 bills, passed 3 bills, all of them renaming buildings.

These groups are similar because they are not capable of reaching across the aisle but make no mistake about the differences. The Squad isn’t defending the insurrectionists of jan 6, or supporting Donald Trump while he breaks the law over and over and over.

There are clear differences.

NameYears in officebills filedbills passed
Chip Roy4480
Matt Gaetz6430
Andy Biggs61751
Scott perry101611
paul Gosar121996
Jim Jordon1400
llhan Omar4822
Ayanna Pressley4760

That tree had one job.

December 26, 2022

Greg Abbott is nothing but a cruel, crippled jackass of a human being.

Maybe Abbott is still mad about his mistake of running under a tree being cut down leaving hm a crippled, vindictive, cruel human being. Maybe he is taking the anger of being crippled out on the families of gun violence or the women and children of immigrants coming to our country looking for a better place to live. Or maybe he is just an asshole.

On Christmas Eve while Abbott was reaching up to get a warm cup of wassail he was sticking immigrant women and children, some without shoes, on buses to be shipped like cattle to Washington DC in freezing weather. He thinks it’s cute. He gets a virtual boner just thinking about it. It’s nothing but cruel. Just plain cruel. It is especially cruel playing games with immigrant families that came her LEGALLY on Christmas Eve, the night before the birth of little baby Jesus who Abbott claims to worships.

My suggestion for Abbott is to go back to church and get a prop so he could drop to his knees and ask for forgiveness for his acts of sick, cruelty to other vulnerable human beings because he is going to hell. The acts of cruelty he has shown to the families who lost their kids in shootings across the state and his act of cruelty on Christmas Eve has punched his ticket to hell where he will be received with open arms.

And every Texan who voted for this crippled human being should also go to church, join Abbott on his knees, and beg for forgiveness for putting this man in office.

How to fix the Republican Party Part VII: Stop demonizing Mexicans

December 14, 2022

The bumper sticker to the left was actually being sold at a Colorado gas station.

The United States allows immigrants, who surrender themselves to ports of entry, to legally enter the United States and remain in the US if justified. There are others who enter the United States illegally by other means.

Unfortunately the Republican Party has targeted these individuals, no matter if they entered legally or not, as terrorists, rapists, and drug dealers (sound familiar). They do this because it works. It rallies the gun toting nut jobs. It encourages them to drive to a Walmart on the border and shoot the invaders, killing men, women, and children. They encourage hatred towards immigrants, specifically Mexicans, or anyone who looks Mexican. But you don’t hear them focus their hatred towards Cubans, or Germans, or others who enter the United States illegally.

This isn’t by accident. The Republican Party runs on immigration. Every fucking election they are whining about immigration. They have no serious solutions and have never proposed serious solutions because they do not want to solve the issue. If they did what would they run on? What would they blame Democrats for? They can’t run on abortion anymore, or family fucking values. The Party has been in power in Texas for over 20 years and haven’t moved one inch closer to solving the immigration problem.

Here is an idea. How about focusing your hatred and guns towards your donors? How about hating the very people who are hiring illegal workers to build houses, cook food at restaurants, and provide other services. If your damn donors would quit hiring the workers, they wouldn’t come here to work!!!

The leaders of the Republican Party are making the immigration problem worse and they are getting people killed. We have an immigration problem and we need common sense, intelligent, leaders to fix this problem. We don’t need a bunch of racist assholes using immigration as a campaign stunt. Do your party and the country a favor, grow the fuck up and fix the *oddamn problem.

How to fix the Republican Party Part V: Put away your fuckin guns

December 12, 2022

State Representative Dennis Paul lives 2 blocks from me. I see him occasionally on the greenbelt. We usually say hello, how are you, etc. After the Uvalde massacre I started the conversation with “What the fuck is wrong with you Dennis?”. It went down hill from there. I called Dennis Paul every name in the book and I was loud about it. He is a rotten human being. He is a rotten christian. He is going to hell. I strongly recommended that he talk with his priest at Saint Bernadette’s church to ask for forgiveness for putting that gun in the hands of that 18 year old.

I’m done being nice about this.

Prior to the Santa Fe massacre Paul would prance around the voting center sporting his stupid looking NRA hat. He thought it was cute. 10 families in Santa Fe, 25 in El Paso, 21 in Uvalde probably thought otherwise. After Santa Fe Paul voted for open carry and then 2 years later voted for permit less carry allowing anyone to carry a loaded AR-15 dressed like GI Joe in public. He also voted to allow Texans to buy a silencer.

Families are being destroyed by gun violence in Texas and all Paul, the great self proclaimed goddamned Catholic, can do is to put more guns on the street. So has the entire Republican Party. It’s perverted. It’s sick. We live in a state where an 18 year old can buy a military style assault weapon, hundreds of rounds of body armor piercing bullets, a silencer, high capacity clips, body armor, dressed like GI Joe and walk around in public. It used to be a conservative value to consider anyone armed in public a danger to the public. Now it is just what living in Texas means.

This is just plain stupid and dangerous. How many more Christians, children, parents, students, have to die before Dennis Paul and the Republican Party does something? I thought it was the senseless killing of 21 children in Sandy Hook would have been the breaking point, or the killing of 26 christians praying in church, or the 11 Jews killed in a Synagogue, or the 10 kids in Sante Fe. I really thought the massacre of 19 10 year olds with heads blown off and internal body organs turned to mush would have done it but it didn’t.

But the tide is turning. It’s coming. It has to stop. Republicans need to restore conservative values about gun ownership. They need to treat guns like their dicks:

  • Don’t talk about your guns
  • Don’t compare your guns with others in public
  • Don’t play with your guns
  • Don’t show off your guns
  • Don’t pull your gun out unless you intend to use it
  • And don’t walk about in public with your gun in your hands or sticking out of your pants

Fuck you Dennis.

League City Texas to ban books on divorce, adultery, and guns.

December 4, 2022

League City Texas is a small community south of Houston. They pride themselves as being a conservative, christian, mostly white, city of love and diversity.

So next week League City will vote on a resolution, sponsored by Mayor Nick Long, that will ban books at the city library that contains subjects indoctrinating children in anti-christian lifestyles. According to a League City Councilman:

“The sanctity of marriage is sacred to League Citians. We do not condone adultery or normalizing single parenthood, porking porn stars or getting married over and over again. This is not a League City family value and all books referencing divorce or adultery in any form should be banned from our public libraries.”

“Books on gun topics should also be banned because they also go against our christian, family values especially after the Uvalde massacre that killed 19 children and 2 teachers. These books indoctrinate our children into a life style of shooting people to solve problems. As with adultery this is not a wholesome, christian, family value worthy of League City.”

The resolution will be voted on next week following a singles only prayer circle at the local shooting range.

Mexican MAGAts of Alvin Texas in City Council

November 30, 2022

Once the Republican Party takes a major dump on Donald Trump I wonder whose ass the Mexican MAGAts are going to start kissing.

Joel Castro is a Mexican American City Councilman in Alvin Texas. He is a Mexican MAGAt. Alvin is probably the epicenter of “republicanism”, not “conservatism”. There is nothing conservative about playing with guns especially after a couple of mass shootings within the last few weeks.

It’s hard for me to understand how any Mexican American (or anyone for that matter) would kiss Donald Trump’s ass and his movement. Mexican Americans are loyal people. They defend their families, friends, and those who need defending. Mocking a disabled individual would usually end in an ass kicking not an ass kissing. Making racist comments, calling people names, acting tough by playing with guns and making threats, attacking police, attacking our gay, Muslim, Jewish friends, all of this would end in a slap in the head with a chancla (a flip-flop) by your abuela (your grandmother).

Being disrespectful asshole is not a Mexican American value. It’s a Mexican MAGAt value. Castro has recently been re-elected to represent the citizens of Alvin Texas.

Raising Campaign Cash: State Representative Dennis Paul

November 29, 2022

Just call him PAC man.

Dennis Paul can’t raise money worth a damn so he looks to outside of his district and to PACs for the bulk of his money. In 2022 Paul raised $117,520 and continues to have a $111,000 outstanding loan. Of the $117,520 only $23,860 came from his own constituents leaving $93,860 or 80% of his entire fundraising for 2022.

Of his total donations $69,000 or 58% of his entire fundraising came from Political Action Committees including $2500 from a Charter School PAC, $5000 from the Farmers Employee and Agent PAC, Texas Land Title Association PAC, and USAA Employee PAC for $2000.

This is Dennis Paul. As much as Paul loves the NRA there are no recent donations from any gun nut organizations, maybe by design. He has scrubbed his page of all NRA pictures.

Colorado Drag Queens to provide active-shooter training to the Texas Dept of Safety

November 27, 2022

The Texas Department of Safety is asking for $1.2 BILLION for an active-shooter training facility. From the Texas Tribune:

The proposal comes as the agency faces heavy criticism over its response to the deadly elementary school shooting in Uvalde in May, when officers from several agencies including the DPS took 77 minutes to breach the classroom where a gunman shot to death 19 students and two teachers.

In response to this the drag queens from the Colorado night club shooting have some real life suggestions on active-shooter training. 1) Attack the shooter and 2) Hit the shooter over the head with your high heels. This training will save the State of Texas $1.2 Billion.

I mean seriously. This isn’t rocket science folks. You have a state that is flooded with high powered guns. Even the police are scared of the power of these guns yet most of them continue to vote for the very people who put these guns on the street and in their face. So instead of whining about needing $1.2 Billion for a training facility how about sucking it up and do your fucking job? How hard is it to rush the gunman? And if you need some high heels then go to Palais Royale and buy a pair and grow a pair too.

Law enforcement across the state has condoned this gun nut mentality now they need to live with their decisions, grow a pair, and do their fucking jobs. Or join us normal people and demand that these weapons be removed from the public and that Texas returns to a state of truly conservative gun ownership.

Forget Uvalde. Just vote republican.

October 31, 2022

Isn’t it time to just move on?

Sure 21 families have been devastated by the shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde Texas. 19 children and 2 teachers lost their lives, some had their entire heads blown off, others sat in a pool of blood crying out for their mommies, but enough is enough. It’s been 5 months already and it is time to do exactly what we did after the Sandy Hook shooting that took the lives of 28 6 year olds. Just forget and vote republican.

Everyone else has moved on. The Houston Astros had a baseball game for the Uvalde survivors. That was enough. The Houston Texans also had a game dedicated to the families. They even wore Uvalde Strong stickers on their helmets! Stickers! What more could we ask for? Our republican officials moved on immediately after the shooting. Not one of them offered thoughts and prayers. Not one, but they quickly looked for a scapegoat and found over 150 of them. Over 150 school, city, county, and state law enforcement officers where quick to be blamed for screwing up their response, listening to the children screaming in horror while they failed to confront the gun nut with a military weapon that could rip through their body armor. Many of them have been fired. Many will have nightmares for life. Most probably voted republican, the very party that put that weapon in the hands of an 18 year old. Now they will be held accountable by the republicans they voted for.

So it is time to move on. Vote republican so they can continue to protect the rights of an 18 year old to buy a military weapon, hundreds of rounds of ammo that can rip a body apart, high capacity clips, body armor, and silencers. All of these purchases are legal in Texas no questions asked. This 18 year old can walk around in public and the police, the very ones that didn’t charge the shooter, cannot ask if they have a license or training to own a military weapon because in Texas you do not need a license or training.

State Representative Dennis Paul has refused to take any meaningful action on gun violence (he didn’t even offer thoughts and prayers after Uvalde) Paul must think that the lives of 19 little Mexican kids is a small price to pay to continue to protect an 18 year olds rights to military killing machines.

So, be like Dennis. Bury your head in your hands and go vote for republicans and join Dennis in hell. After all it wasn’t your kids that got their faces blown off. Why should you care?

Needless to say, I’m done being nice about this.

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