League City Texas to ban books on divorce, adultery, and guns.

December 4, 2022

League City Texas is a small community south of Houston. They pride themselves as being a conservative, christian, mostly white, city of love and diversity.

So next week League City will vote on a resolution, sponsored by Mayor Nick Long, that will ban books at the city library that contains subjects indoctrinating children in anti-christian lifestyles. According to a League City Councilman:

“The sanctity of marriage is sacred to League Citians. We do not condone adultery or normalizing single parenthood, porking porn stars or getting married over and over again. This is not a League City family value and all books referencing divorce or adultery in any form should be banned from our public libraries.”

“Books on gun topics should also be banned because they also go against our christian, family values especially after the Uvalde massacre that killed 19 children and 2 teachers. These books indoctrinate our children into a life style of shooting people to solve problems. As with adultery this is not a wholesome, christian, family value worthy of League City.”

The resolution will be voted on next week following a singles only prayer circle at the local shooting range.

Mexican MAGAts of Alvin Texas in City Council

November 30, 2022

Once the Republican Party takes a major dump on Donald Trump I wonder whose ass the Mexican MAGAts are going to start kissing.

Joel Castro is a Mexican American City Councilman in Alvin Texas. He is a Mexican MAGAt. Alvin is probably the epicenter of “republicanism”, not “conservatism”. There is nothing conservative about playing with guns especially after a couple of mass shootings within the last few weeks.

It’s hard for me to understand how any Mexican American (or anyone for that matter) would kiss Donald Trump’s ass and his movement. Mexican Americans are loyal people. They defend their families, friends, and those who need defending. Mocking a disabled individual would usually end in an ass kicking not an ass kissing. Making racist comments, calling people names, acting tough by playing with guns and making threats, attacking police, attacking our gay, Muslim, Jewish friends, all of this would end in a slap in the head with a chancla (a flip-flop) by your abuela (your grandmother).

Being disrespectful asshole is not a Mexican American value. It’s a Mexican MAGAt value. Castro has recently been re-elected to represent the citizens of Alvin Texas.

Raising Campaign Cash: State Representative Dennis Paul

November 29, 2022

Just call him PAC man.

Dennis Paul can’t raise money worth a damn so he looks to outside of his district and to PACs for the bulk of his money. In 2022 Paul raised $117,520 and continues to have a $111,000 outstanding loan. Of the $117,520 only $23,860 came from his own constituents leaving $93,860 or 80% of his entire fundraising for 2022.

Of his total donations $69,000 or 58% of his entire fundraising came from Political Action Committees including $2500 from a Charter School PAC, $5000 from the Farmers Employee and Agent PAC, Texas Land Title Association PAC, and USAA Employee PAC for $2000.

This is Dennis Paul. As much as Paul loves the NRA there are no recent donations from any gun nut organizations, maybe by design. He has scrubbed his page of all NRA pictures.

Colorado Drag Queens to provide active-shooter training to the Texas Dept of Safety

November 27, 2022

The Texas Department of Safety is asking for $1.2 BILLION for an active-shooter training facility. From the Texas Tribune:

The proposal comes as the agency faces heavy criticism over its response to the deadly elementary school shooting in Uvalde in May, when officers from several agencies including the DPS took 77 minutes to breach the classroom where a gunman shot to death 19 students and two teachers.

In response to this the drag queens from the Colorado night club shooting have some real life suggestions on active-shooter training. 1) Attack the shooter and 2) Hit the shooter over the head with your high heels. This training will save the State of Texas $1.2 Billion.

I mean seriously. This isn’t rocket science folks. You have a state that is flooded with high powered guns. Even the police are scared of the power of these guns yet most of them continue to vote for the very people who put these guns on the street and in their face. So instead of whining about needing $1.2 Billion for a training facility how about sucking it up and do your fucking job? How hard is it to rush the gunman? And if you need some high heels then go to Palais Royale and buy a pair and grow a pair too.

Law enforcement across the state has condoned this gun nut mentality now they need to live with their decisions, grow a pair, and do their fucking jobs. Or join us normal people and demand that these weapons be removed from the public and that Texas returns to a state of truly conservative gun ownership.

Forget Uvalde. Just vote republican.

October 31, 2022

Isn’t it time to just move on?

Sure 21 families have been devastated by the shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde Texas. 19 children and 2 teachers lost their lives, some had their entire heads blown off, others sat in a pool of blood crying out for their mommies, but enough is enough. It’s been 5 months already and it is time to do exactly what we did after the Sandy Hook shooting that took the lives of 28 6 year olds. Just forget and vote republican.

Everyone else has moved on. The Houston Astros had a baseball game for the Uvalde survivors. That was enough. The Houston Texans also had a game dedicated to the families. They even wore Uvalde Strong stickers on their helmets! Stickers! What more could we ask for? Our republican officials moved on immediately after the shooting. Not one of them offered thoughts and prayers. Not one, but they quickly looked for a scapegoat and found over 150 of them. Over 150 school, city, county, and state law enforcement officers where quick to be blamed for screwing up their response, listening to the children screaming in horror while they failed to confront the gun nut with a military weapon that could rip through their body armor. Many of them have been fired. Many will have nightmares for life. Most probably voted republican, the very party that put that weapon in the hands of an 18 year old. Now they will be held accountable by the republicans they voted for.

So it is time to move on. Vote republican so they can continue to protect the rights of an 18 year old to buy a military weapon, hundreds of rounds of ammo that can rip a body apart, high capacity clips, body armor, and silencers. All of these purchases are legal in Texas no questions asked. This 18 year old can walk around in public and the police, the very ones that didn’t charge the shooter, cannot ask if they have a license or training to own a military weapon because in Texas you do not need a license or training.

State Representative Dennis Paul has refused to take any meaningful action on gun violence (he didn’t even offer thoughts and prayers after Uvalde) Paul must think that the lives of 19 little Mexican kids is a small price to pay to continue to protect an 18 year olds rights to military killing machines.

So, be like Dennis. Bury your head in your hands and go vote for republicans and join Dennis in hell. After all it wasn’t your kids that got their faces blown off. Why should you care?

Needless to say, I’m done being nice about this.

Dear Texas Voters, What the f*ck is wrong with you? (NSFW)

October 28, 2022

Seriously. It’s a question that needs to be asked and there is no easy way to ask it. What the flying fuck is wrong with you?

Nineteen children, ages 9-11, were slaughtered, some with their heads blown off, by an 18 year old who had easy access to military style assault weapons provided by Greg Abbott and yet you are STILL going to vote for him? What. The. Fuck? Before that shooting 10 kids lost their lives in another school in Sante Fe, and 25 in an El Paso Walmart, and 27 in a Sutherland Springs church, and 8 in the streets of Odessa. All lost their lives because Texas has the most lax laws in the country when it comes to guns and yet you have no fucking empathy for those affected, like the parents, those who will bear the mental scars forever, or those with lifelong physical injuries. No, you have to vote for Greg Abbott because you lack basic common sense, decency, and moral values. Don’t go to church to wash your fucking hands with holy water. Go to your fucked up church to ask your priest forgiveness so you won’t risk going to fucking hell.

In 2021 you suffered through a freeze that took hundreds of lives, cost billions in water damage, and left you huddled under a stack of fucking blankets and yet you are STILL going to vote for Greg Abbott and those who did that to you? How fucking hard is it to keep the goddamn lights and heat on in the “Energy Capitol of the World” and how fucking hard is it for you to just vote his crippled ass out of office and put people in who will actually fix the goddamn grid? What are you? Stupid?

But there is more. No one wants an abortion. No one is advocating for abortion, but in Texas it doesn’t matter anymore. It doesn’t matter if the fetus you are carrying, or your wife is carrying is viable, you have no choice but to carry it to term. It doesn’t matter if your 12 year old is pregnant from rape or incest. That child will be forced to have that child and all you have to do is ignore it and vote for the very person who will do this to you and your family. Besides the emotional stress of the entire situation there could be a huge financial impact that the family must endure but you don’t really care because, well it didn’t happen to you, so fuck em. Yeah. Well fuck you too.

And for you teachers and parents of school kids. How much is enough for you to finally take some kind of action? How much shit will you teachers take from the Karens at the school board claiming you are “indoctrinating” kids and who are trying to micromanage how you teach, what you wear, what you say? How much are you going to complain about cuts to education, your shitty retirement, your shitty benefits, your expensive healthcare, and your low class salary before you will get off your fat ass and vote the idiots out who have done this to you over the last 20 fucking years? (Yes Texas has been a republican state for 20 fuckin years)

And lets not leave out Latinos. What the fuck do you think the MAGAts think about you? The first thing they think is “Are you illegal? Do you speak English like you should? Are you sucking on the tit of Social Security?” You think you have a seat at the dinner table but they invited you because you ARE dinner. Have some goddamn dignity and cojones and vote these rotten racists bastards out of office. Show them that they cannot demonize people because of your color or your language or your heritage. For flying fucks sake do something beside rolling over. Act like a Latino.

And if you are gay or have a gay member of your family or have gay friends and you are STILL going to vote for the homophobe Abbott, well then just fuck you. Many times over. One of these days Abbott will target you and will will be begging like a little bitch for help from the very people you turned your back on.

I’d so tired of law enforcement whining about crime while they vote for the very people who have flooded our streets with guns pointed at police! You idiots. What the fuck is wrong with you? The guns are pointed at you! What is it going to take for you to realize guns are more important to the very people you vote for than law enforcement? These are the very people who bashed police in the head with flags on Jan 6. What the flying fuck is wrong with you?

Personally I am tired of fighting to make things better for teachers, the gay community, Latinos, women, police, and everyone in this state. If you can’t do one simple fucking thing to help your goddamn self and your fucked up family, then fuck you. You are on your own.

Vote Republican to preserve Kruelty, Korruption, and Khaos. The new KKK.

October 24, 2022
Abbott, Paxton, Trump

This is who you are voting for. It’s no longer the party of Conservatives. It’s no longer the party of Lincoln, or Reagan, or Bush. It’s the party that has embraced lying, cheating, stealing, adultery, Kruelty, Korruption, and Khaos. It’s the reemergence of the KKK.

Korruption. The highest attorney in Texas, the State Attorney General, Ken Paxton is the epitome of corruption. Paxton has been under indictment for over 6 years for multiple felonies. His own staff blew the whistle on him. He ran away from accepting a subpoena letting his wife drive him away to safety, the same wife he cheated on. The man can’t even be faithful to his own family members much less the citizens of Texas.

Kruelty. No one excels at being cruel to other human beings than Greg Abbott. Over the last 8 years as Governor he watched as immigrants entering the United States legally had their children ripped away from them. He has blamed immigrants for the ills of society while doing nothing to solve the problem. Immigration is what his party runs on. They have been whining about immigration for decades even when they had full control of the government on the state and federal level, yet they did nothing to solve the problem.

After 8 kids were killed at Santa Fe High School Abbott falsely vowed to end school shootings. He didn’t do anything except pass open carry without the need of a license or training. Then after 19 children were slaughtered he did nothing but laugh in the family’s faces. This is beyond cruel. It’s sick. He is sick. Those who vote for him might as well piss on the graves of the 19 children who were slaughtered. They are just as cruel as Abbott.

Korruption. The highest attorney in Texas, the State Attorney General, Ken Paxton is the epitome of corruption. Paxton has been under indictment for over 6 years for multiple felonies. His own staff blew the whistle on him. He ran away from accepting a subpoena letting his wife drive him away to safety, the same wife he cheated on. The man can’t even be faithful to his own family members much less the citizens of Texas.

Khaos. Trump. He thrives on chaos. His party loves chaos. It’s a game to them. Lie. Cheat. Steal. Screw porn stars. Cheat on their spouses. Double down on hypocrisy. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Herschel Walker, Matt Gaetz, Gym Jordon, Jan 6 insurrectionists, Louie Gohmert, Ted Cruz, they all are following trump’s chaos. It’s divisive. It’s destroying confidence in our system of government. It’s what they want.

This is who they are. This is who you are voting for. The new KKK.

Inside Inside CCISD. Special Session on School Safety

October 19, 2022

I was a bit disappointed (a bit). As advertised I was hoping to hear from City, County, & State Leaders on school safety and hear them defend their non action on limiting the easy access to assault weapons but that wasn’t what happened. There were no city, county, or state officials in attendance. That was disappointing since they have been in hiding ever since the Uvalde shooting that killed 19 children and 2 teachers.

But, all was not lost. The staff of CCISD did a great job on presenting their Safety Network. I took notes and will highlight the highlights. Since the Santa Fe shooting the district has spent $35 Million on hardening our schools and providing services to students and parents. They have added a total of 45 law enforcement officers to the campuses, created secure vestibules, panic buttons, door hardware for each classroom to secure the doors from inside or out, bus cameras, open door alarms, and security cameras on all campuses.

They discussed their apps available to the students and public called CCISD Alerts which is available for download. Their emergency protocol is consistent across the district no matter what type of emergency is being reported, a shooting, an emergency around the school, or a loose dog roaming the campus. The protocols for lockdowns, sheltering in place, etc as all the same.

I truly believe CCISD is doing the best they can in securing the school facilities given the limitations by our elected officials at the state level, who were not in attendance to explain these limitations. Unfortunately there are holes in the security that should be addressed.

As an example the most security for the campus is a fence that an 18 year old with an assault weapon could shoot through at kids playing at recess, or practicing football, or at band practice. Unlike the school classrooms the campuses are wide open. To compound this situation according to Texas law anyone (including criminals) can walk around in the open with a loaded assault weapon, wearing body armor, with hundreds of rounds of ammunition, large capacity ammo clips, and silencers and there is nothing law enforcement can do about it.

We were told at first there are no limitations on how close a possible shooter could come to the school but later we were told that the limit was 1000 feet if they had a license to carry. On the surface this sound reasonable but….how can you tell if that person has a license? Law enforcement cannot ask for proof of a license. They can only take action if that person breaks the law by threatening someone or shooting. This needs to be clarified. It makes absolutely no sense and should be addressed.

As I have said, I believe CCISD is reacting responsibly to the threats to our schools because of the lack of action by our elected officials on the State level. They are doing the best they can given the situation. It is sad that they have to become security experts just so that our elected officials can protect the rights of an 18 year old to buy assault weapons, body armor, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, large capacity ammo clips, and silencers.

It’s like they want to protect guns and bullets instead of girls and boys.

BREAKING: Greg Abbott funneling weapons to Mexican Cartels.

October 18, 2022

Greg Abbott is morally crippled. After 19 nine year olds were slaughtered by a gunnut with an AR-15 Abbott has refused to do anything about gun violence or at least try to make it harder for someone to buy a military style weapon, hundreds of rounds of ammo, body armor, and a silencer.

Now according to The Guardian, Abbott’s love for guns and his policy of access to guns has made it easy for Mexican Cartels to arm themselves at the expense of Texas children.

Mexican foreign affairs ministry legal adviser Alejandro Celorio Alcántaraestimates that half a million guns annually are purchased legally in the US and then brought into Mexico illegally. About 70% of guns seized in Mexico from 2014 to 2018 and submitted for tracing had originally come from the US, according to officials with the American bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives (ATF).


It is clear that Abbott and the Republican Party will not change their minds about easy access to military weapons even after the El Paso shooting, the Santa Fe shooting, Odessa shooting, the Sutherland Church shooting, and the Uvalde shooting. His love for guns and making money selling them to Cartel members is greater than his love for his own constituents.

The only person more pathetic than Abbott is the person who votes for him.

Raising Campaign Cash: Greg Abbott’s sugar daddies

October 13, 2022

Greg Abbott like most republicans have a lot of sugar daddies, many of them out of state.

According to his latest reports Abbott raised $24.7 Million which includes two $1 Million donations, both coming from out of state, Nevada and California. Over 50% of his total donations came from just 55 donors for a total of $12.6 million. Each of them gave $100,000 or more in this period alone. 189 donors, who contributed $25,000 or more, provided a total of about 70%,. About $5 Million came from out of state.

He reported over 86,000 donations yet 70% came from those who can afford to drop $25,000. That is sad.

This is who Abbott is. Bought. Paid for. An NRA suck up. A morally Krippled, Khaotic, Kruel jackass of a human being. The head of the Texas KKK. Here is a list of his donors giving more than $100,000 in this period.

Who’s your daddy Greg?

Contributor NameAmountEmployerOccupationState
Roski ,Edward1,000,000.00Majestic Realty Co.President and ChairmanCA
Adelson ,Miriam1,000,000.00selfdoctorNV
Andresen ,Teri and Matt975,000.00HeadlandsExecutiveTX
Looke ,Carole & C. James500,000.00Walter Oil and Gas CorporationOwnerTX
Troutt ,Kenny500,000.00Mount Vernon InvestmentsExecutiveTX
Stockyards Station Hotel II, LLC381,763.88TX
Harris ,William300,000.00SelfColony Ridge DevelopmentTX
Anwar ,S. Javaid250,000.00Midland Energy Inc.PresidentTX
Anwar ,S. Javaid250,000.00Midland Energy Inc.PresidentTX
Anwar ,S. Javaid250,000.00Midland Energy Inc.PresidentTX
Clay ,Robert250,000.00Clay Development & ConstructionOwnerTX
Cox ,Bobby250,000.00Bobby Cox Companies Inc.ExecutiveTX
Davis ,Alex250,000.00DisruptiveFounder & CEOTX
Duncan ,Janet250,000.00RetiredRetiredTX
Fisher ,Kenneth250,000.00Fisher InvestmentsExecutive ChairmanTX
Follett ,Brian250,000.00Heroic MediaExecutiveTX
Graham ,Jay250,000.00Spur Energy PartnersEngineerTX
Kinder ,Richard250,000.00Kinder Morgan, Inc.ExecutiveTX
Nau ,John250,000.00Silver Eagle Distributors, LPExecutiveTX
Porter ,Mary and Mike250,000.00RetiredRetiredTX
Rees-Jones ,Trevor250,000.00Chief Oil & Gas LLCExecutiveTX
Rowling ,Robert250,000.00TRT Holdings, Inc.CEOTX
Swinbank ,Joseph250,000.00Sprint Waste Services, L.P.PartnerTX
Warren ,Kelcy250,000.00Energy TransferExecutiveTX
Mayfair Investments250,000.00TX
Agresti ,Joseph200,000.00Dream Motor GroupCEOTX
Bellinger ,John200,000.00Food Safety Net ServicesCEOTX
Davenport ,Dean200,000.00Davenport Drilling & Pump ServiceOwnerTX
Tucker ,Bradford200,000.00Mustang CatPresidentTX
Anderson ,Joe150,000.00Anderson Columbia Company Inc.PresidentFL
The Chazen Family Trust150,000.00TX
Border Health PAC125,000.00TX
Benjerome Trust100,000.00CA
Centner ,David100,000.00SelfEntrepreneurFL
Arnold ,Greg100,000.00Truman Arnold CompaniesExecutiveTX
Brooks ,Randy100,000.00BNB VenturesRetail and InvestmentsTX
Campbell ,Cody100,000.00Double Eagle Development LLCOwnerTX
Cash ,Clay100,000.00Cash Family InvestmentsPresidentTX
Everett ,Scott100,000.00S2 CapitalFounder & CEOTX
Formby ,William100,000.00SelfReal EstateTX
Geppert ,Gary100,000.00The Walsh GroupVice PresidentTX
Gregory ,Bob100,000.00Texas Disposal SystemsOwner/PresidentTX
Hassenflu ,K. Alan100,000.00Fidelis Realty PartnersExecutiveTX
Hernandez ,Michael100,000.00D&M LeasingOwnerTX
Hirsch ,Laurence100,000.00Highlander Partners, L.P.ExecutiveTX
Martin ,Ruben100,000.00Martin Resource Management Corp.President/CEOTX
McLane ,Drayton100,000.00McLane GroupExecutiveTX
Mitzner ,Ira100,000.00RIDA DevelopmentPresident/CEOTX
Radler ,Michael100,000.00Tug Hill CompaniesPresident, CEOTX
Ray ,Jay100,000.00Richie’s Specialty PharmacyPharmacistTX
Seay ,George100,000.00Annandale Capital, LLCFounder and ChairmanTX
Stedman ,Stuart100,000.00Stedman West Interests IncExecutiveTX
Weekley ,Richard100,000.00Weekley PropertiesReal Estate DevelopmentTX
Martha W White Family Trust II100,000.00TX
Nelson ,Todd100,000.00Kalahari ResortOwnerWI

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