The allegations against Ken Paxton in a nutshell

May 30, 2023

I took one for the team and read the entire 158 page transcript of the Committee of General Investigating hearing on Ken Paxton which led to an impeachment resolution. Here are the allegations in a nutshell:

  1. Paxton used the office of the Attorney General to help Nate Paul in a civil case against a non profit without the knowledge of his staff and after being warned that it was against the law to do so.
  2. Paxton had an affair. This in itself is nothing to worry about for Republicans but….Nate Paul hired his mistress and moved her to Austin.
  3. Nate Paul donated $25,000 to Paxton and paid for upgrades to his home.
  4. Paxton hired an outside Houston attorney, Brandon Cammack, to help Nate Paul with a federal investigation without the knowledge of his staff and after the staff rejected the request to do so and informed him it was against the law.
  5. Paxton allocated $25,000 for Brandon Cammack’s work. Cammack had just 5 years experience in law and no prosecutor experience.
  6. Paxton hired Cammack as a recommendation from Nate Paul.
  7. Cammack identified himself as the Special Prosecutor for the Attorney Generals office and issued 39 subpoenas. There is no “Special Prosecutor” title and all subpoenas were eventually squashed by the AG staff. Cammack never had an official contract with the AG’s office.
  8. Paxton handed off privileged and non public information to Nate Paul, an abusive of his official capacity a 3rd degree felony.
  9. He diverted time, effort and money of the AG’s office to help Nate Paul in a civil case, a 3rd degree felony.
  10. Paxton committed securities fraud and 1st degree felony. (he has been indicted on this count already)
  11. Retaliation against the whistleblowers who contacted the FBI. Some were fired, others resigned, others were put into higher paid positions but with little authority.
  12. Making false statement concerning the AG’s office involvement in the Nate Paul civil case.
From the report: "CHAIRMAN MURR:That is a pretty comprehensive list of concerns.··That's alarming to hear.It curls my mustache."

Vouchers. Subsidizing rich kids with your tax dollars.

May 3, 2023

If you pay $2300 in school taxes, why should you get $8000 in school vouchers?

And who do you think is going to make up that $5700 difference? LOL. You know the answer to that. Vouchers is just another step towards privatizing our public school system, guaranteed by the Texas Constitution. There are no good reasons for school vouchers. None. It is nothing but a give away to the rich who can afford a private education.

What bothers the crap out of me is that according to Abbott someone can take their kid(s) out of public school and put them into a private school with the help from tax payers. Using my taxes as an example, I only pay $2300 a year in school taxes, but could now get a hand out from tax payers, an extra $5700 handout to send my kids to a private school. These private schools include Muslim schools, Catholic schools, any religious school or a charter school.

If you are not wealthy you probably do not know how much a private school costs. Even with a handout of $5700 there is no way I could afford a private school. In fact the vast majority of parents could not afford a private school. This voucher scheme is nothing but a tax payer funded give away to the rich who want to send their kids a private school and you are going to pay for it.

It just doesn’t make cents. Literally.

Texas cowards fail to advance the “Raise the age” bill

April 28, 2023

We do things bigger in Texas. We have some of the biggest cowards in the country.

Texas House Bill 2744 which would raise the age of purchasing an assault weapon from 18 to 21 has stalled because the Committee Chair, Representative Ryan Guillen, has refused to allow a vote to send it to the House.

HB2744 was filed by Representative Phil King as a result of the massacre in Uvalde taking the lives of 19 children and 2 teachers. Needless to say the parents of those kids showed up in Austin, waiting for 13 hours to testify on the bill. Yet Guillen will not allow a vote to get it out of committee. Why? Glad you asked.

Guillen claims it would never get put on the calendar for debate on the floor. If this bill would get to the House floor representatives,like Dennis Paul shown here wearing a stupid looking NRA hat at the polls, would have to publicly vote against it. They would have to vote against the parents of the kids who were shot and killed by an 18 year old with a weapon that they gave easy access to. They would have to take responsibility for giving that law abiding citizen the opportunity to be a mass killer of kids.

This is who they are. A bunch of Texas sized, rotten, cowards.

LOL. Texas is one of the worst states to retire to.

March 24, 2023

No place but Texas. Literally.

According to a study referenced by the Houston Chronicle:

A report from Seniorly, which provides an online directory of over 60,000 senior living communities, ranked the Lone Star State as the seventh-most expensive state for seniors. The ranking accounted for average retirement income, cost of living, average electricity bill cost and more.

It’s almost funny, if it wasn’t so damn expensive to live in Texas for anyone. Electricity, home insurance, and college tuition was reformed in 2003 by the republican legislature. All have skyrocketed since. Seniors probably don’t care about the cost of education unless they are paying for it for their grand kids because their kids can’t afford it but the cost of electricity and home insurance could crush them. Texas ranks #5 in highest home insurance rates. and #21 in electricity affordability  (#1 is good. #50 is bad) and it is getting worse.

Besides the cost of electricity and other essentials, Texas ranks #1 in domestic terrorist threats, #1 in mass shootings, #45 in property taxes, and #49 in living standards. All of these rankings are listed here. The Chronicle continues:

“The first is affordability,” Healy said. “The second is personal engagement, like where can people thrive when they age. And the third is access to health care. So this study, in and of itself, is an effort to take a deep dive into that first factor, which is affordability.”

Besides all of the rankings, Texas, once known as the friendly state, hates the gay community, Muslims, Jews, and other non-Christians. Texas craps all over our educators, and have flooded our streets with weapons even law enforcement are afraid of. We are slowly moving to a privatized education system like Louisiana did with horrible results. Every year it gets worse but people continue to flock here because it aligns with their values.

We really do suck.

Harris County Republican Party lead thrown out of State Hearing

March 21, 2023

LOL. The “Man of the year” was thrown out of a hearing at the State Capitol.

Steven Hotze has been indicted on a number of felony counts concerning a former policeman holding an AC repairman at gun point claiming he had thousands of illegal ballots in his truck. (he didn’t) So the former cop is now indicted. And Hotze also. And the AC repairman is suing his ass off. As I said in a previous post:

At the time Hotze claimed he had no prior knowledge of the incident. Unfortunately he described the upcoming attack and requesting law enforcement backup in detail with a US Attorney days prior to the event. The US Attorney, Ryan Patrick, is the son of Lt Governor Dan Patrick and…..he recorded the call. Hotze might be, what many in legal field refer to as being, fucked.

So who best to speak on a bill in the capitol on behalf of the republicans in texas? Hotze, a leader in the Republican Party, began calling Texans “pedophiles” on multiple occasions. State Senator José Menéndez had had enough. From the Houston Chronicle:

“Dr. Hotze, I have trans friends, I have trans staff members, I have trans members of my community,” Menéndez later said, after Hotze refused to stop. “It’s very hurtful to them.”

Hotze’s mic was turned off, but he was still audible as he responded: “That’s what they are.”

Hotze has had a boner for the gay community for the last couple of decades and it was on full display at the hearing. I’ve spoke at hearings before and I know better than to call people names alleging they are criminals like calling Hotze a felon. Hotze is not a felon. He has been indicted on felony charges. Only when he is convicted will we be able to refer to him as Dr Felon Steve Hotze.

Until then the Republican Party might think twice about sending Hotze to speak on their behalf. On second thought, he is actually a great representative of their party and should speak more often.

Texas Republican files bill to end NASA in Houston

March 7, 2023

We do things bigger in Texas, like having bigger idiots in office.

Texas State Representative Brian Slaton pictured here with his first (or second?) wife, after walking on water, has filed a bill to start Texas secession from the United States. If this bill would pass (it won’t) the bill would allow a public vote on secession in November. It’s nothing more than a right wing idiot dog whistle perking up the ears of the ignorant and stupid people in Texas who think Texas could actually leave.

For the sake of the ignorant and stupid people who think this is actually a possibility let’s review what would happen if Texas was allowed to leave. First all military bases would be closed. All military equipment would be shifted to other US bases. Military personnel would have to either move to the United States or quit. The federal teat would dry up with Military towns being abandoned. Businesses that support the military bases would have to close shop. The tax base for cities would be devastated.

All federal offices such as Social Security, Medicare, Veterans Affairs, etc would be closed. Social Security payments would end leaving millions of stupid old people fighting over cat food. Medicare would end with medical facilities and healthcare providers losing billions in profits and old people dying from contaminated cat food. Federal transportation funds for roads, rail, and airports would dry up. NASA’s facilities in Houston would be closed and moved to Alabama or Florida. NASA employees would either move or quit. The community would lose billions in revenue. (See how stupid this sounds?)

Best of all, with Texas having no military, Mexico would cross the river and take back Texas. Much like the Alamo Texans would be defenseless except for a few bubbas with their AR-15s as Mexico walks into Texas reclaiming the land that was stolen from them back in the 1800’s. Lucky for Texans there will be too many bodies to pile up and burn as they did after the fall of the Alamo.

As I said, we do things bigger in Texas. If you think Texas can leave the United States you are a Texas sized idiot.

Remember the Alamo? Maybe we shouldn’t

March 6, 2023

It’s was just a plain old fashion ass kicking.

Remember the Alamo was a pretty simple minded and effective battle cry even though most never could or can remember what the battle was all about. Today most don’t even know the date when the Alamo fell. (Hint: It was on March 6 1836.) Today most don’t want to remember what the battle of the Alamo was all about, and for good reason.

Texas, at the time, was part of Mexico. It was their land. Mexico reached out and invited settlers to come to Mexico (Texas). All they asked was for them to learn the language and become Catholics. During that time Mexico helped the settlers by providing weapons to fend off attacks by the Native Americans. Instead of being thankful for the land, hospitality, and lifestyle provided by Mexico, about 200 white guys, led by leaders wearing raccoon hats to drive fear into their rivals, decided to steal the land from Mexico starting with a stand at the Alamo. BIG MISTAKE!

The battle of the Alamo was probably the biggest military blunder next to the Iraq war in American history. They raccoon army had limited supplies. They had no reinforcements from the United States. They had no support and was abandoned, left to die all for a simple minded and effective battle cry. And they did. All of them. And their bodies were piled up and burned. (except for Gregorio Esparza who was provided a Christian burial)

The 200 poorly equipped, poorly dressed, land stealers picked an unfortunate fight with thousands of well armed, well fed, Mexican soldiers who spent a few nights camped outside blaring music from Mexico’s boy band, Menudo. The Alamo fell on March 6. The land stealers were considered heroes even though they were military idiots who basically lost their lives for pretty much nothing but a battle cry. What did anyone expect? What would you do if you had invited someone into your home, gave them food, water, and a place to raise a family and then they decided to steal your house and land? Todays Texans would grab their AR-15, put their teeth in, and kick the living shit out of the squatters and then expect to be interviewed on FoxNews. That is what Mexico did. They kicked the shit out of the ungrateful, land stealing, hillbillies, stacked their bodies in pile and burnt them. (FoxNews didn’t cover that)

So. Let’s really remember the Alamo. They deserve it.

Who represents us in the Bay Area and how do I contact them?

March 4, 2023

Bay Area Houston covers portions of Galveston, Brazoria and Harris County. On the State level BAH is in Senate District 11 and is in House District 129 in Harris County and House District 23 in Galveston County. On the Congressional level the area is in Congressional District 36 and District 14. Here is the contact information for each:

Mayes Middleton, Senator District 11
Senate webpage:
Austin Phone: (512) 463-0111
Email: See website above
Galveston Office phone: None listed (Will update once I find it)
Brazoria District Office phone: None listed (Will update once I find it)
Harris District Office: There is no office

Dennis Paul House District 129
House webpage:
Austin Phone: (512) 463-0734
District Office: 17225 El Camino Real Blvd Suite 415

District Phone: (281) 488-8900

Leo-Wilson, Terri House District 23
House webpage:
Austin Phone: (512) 463-0502
Email: None listed
District Office: None listed

Congressman Brian Babin District 36
House Webpage:
Washington DC phone: (202) 225-1555
District Office:

Congressman Randy Weber District 14
House Page:
Washington DC Phone: 202-225-2831
District Office:

That tree had one job.

December 26, 2022

Greg Abbott is nothing but a cruel, crippled jackass of a human being.

Maybe Abbott is still mad about his mistake of running under a tree being cut down leaving hm a crippled, vindictive, cruel human being. Maybe he is taking the anger of being crippled out on the families of gun violence or the women and children of immigrants coming to our country looking for a better place to live. Or maybe he is just an asshole.

On Christmas Eve while Abbott was reaching up to get a warm cup of wassail he was sticking immigrant women and children, some without shoes, on buses to be shipped like cattle to Washington DC in freezing weather. He thinks it’s cute. He gets a virtual boner just thinking about it. It’s nothing but cruel. Just plain cruel. It is especially cruel playing games with immigrant families that came her LEGALLY on Christmas Eve, the night before the birth of little baby Jesus who Abbott claims to worships.

My suggestion for Abbott is to go back to church and get a prop so he could drop to his knees and ask for forgiveness for his acts of sick, cruelty to other vulnerable human beings because he is going to hell. The acts of cruelty he has shown to the families who lost their kids in shootings across the state and his act of cruelty on Christmas Eve has punched his ticket to hell where he will be received with open arms.

And every Texan who voted for this crippled human being should also go to church, join Abbott on his knees, and beg for forgiveness for putting this man in office.

Dear Texas Voters, What the f*ck is wrong with you? (NSFW)

October 28, 2022

Seriously. It’s a question that needs to be asked and there is no easy way to ask it. What the flying fuck is wrong with you?

Nineteen children, ages 9-11, were slaughtered, some with their heads blown off, by an 18 year old who had easy access to military style assault weapons provided by Greg Abbott and yet you are STILL going to vote for him? What. The. Fuck? Before that shooting 10 kids lost their lives in another school in Sante Fe, and 25 in an El Paso Walmart, and 27 in a Sutherland Springs church, and 8 in the streets of Odessa. All lost their lives because Texas has the most lax laws in the country when it comes to guns and yet you have no fucking empathy for those affected, like the parents, those who will bear the mental scars forever, or those with lifelong physical injuries. No, you have to vote for Greg Abbott because you lack basic common sense, decency, and moral values. Don’t go to church to wash your fucking hands with holy water. Go to your fucked up church to ask your priest forgiveness so you won’t risk going to fucking hell.

In 2021 you suffered through a freeze that took hundreds of lives, cost billions in water damage, and left you huddled under a stack of fucking blankets and yet you are STILL going to vote for Greg Abbott and those who did that to you? How fucking hard is it to keep the goddamn lights and heat on in the “Energy Capitol of the World” and how fucking hard is it for you to just vote his crippled ass out of office and put people in who will actually fix the goddamn grid? What are you? Stupid?

But there is more. No one wants an abortion. No one is advocating for abortion, but in Texas it doesn’t matter anymore. It doesn’t matter if the fetus you are carrying, or your wife is carrying is viable, you have no choice but to carry it to term. It doesn’t matter if your 12 year old is pregnant from rape or incest. That child will be forced to have that child and all you have to do is ignore it and vote for the very person who will do this to you and your family. Besides the emotional stress of the entire situation there could be a huge financial impact that the family must endure but you don’t really care because, well it didn’t happen to you, so fuck em. Yeah. Well fuck you too.

And for you teachers and parents of school kids. How much is enough for you to finally take some kind of action? How much shit will you teachers take from the Karens at the school board claiming you are “indoctrinating” kids and who are trying to micromanage how you teach, what you wear, what you say? How much are you going to complain about cuts to education, your shitty retirement, your shitty benefits, your expensive healthcare, and your low class salary before you will get off your fat ass and vote the idiots out who have done this to you over the last 20 fucking years? (Yes Texas has been a republican state for 20 fuckin years)

And lets not leave out Latinos. What the fuck do you think the MAGAts think about you? The first thing they think is “Are you illegal? Do you speak English like you should? Are you sucking on the tit of Social Security?” You think you have a seat at the dinner table but they invited you because you ARE dinner. Have some goddamn dignity and cojones and vote these rotten racists bastards out of office. Show them that they cannot demonize people because of your color or your language or your heritage. For flying fucks sake do something beside rolling over. Act like a Latino.

And if you are gay or have a gay member of your family or have gay friends and you are STILL going to vote for the homophobe Abbott, well then just fuck you. Many times over. One of these days Abbott will target you and will will be begging like a little bitch for help from the very people you turned your back on.

I’d so tired of law enforcement whining about crime while they vote for the very people who have flooded our streets with guns pointed at police! You idiots. What the fuck is wrong with you? The guns are pointed at you! What is it going to take for you to realize guns are more important to the very people you vote for than law enforcement? These are the very people who bashed police in the head with flags on Jan 6. What the flying fuck is wrong with you?

Personally I am tired of fighting to make things better for teachers, the gay community, Latinos, women, police, and everyone in this state. If you can’t do one simple fucking thing to help your goddamn self and your fucked up family, then fuck you. You are on your own.

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