Before you buy AT&T's Mobile Share Value Plan

AT&T has been advertising a new mobile plan. You might want to read the fine print before signing up.

The plan allows 4 phones to share 10GBs of data, unlimited calls and texts for $160/month which is a pretty good deal. In the past once you signed up for a plan under AT&T you could upgrade your phones periodically at a discounted rate if you sign a 2 year commitment. With this new plan, the commitment by AT&T to provide the discount is gone.

Turns out AT&T still requires the two year upgrade, but you pay $25/month more for the phone. So your $160/month can easily turn into a $260/month for 4 phones. I’ve been with AT&T before it was called AT&T. This is the first time I found them to be deceiving, less than truthful. It was always very easy to upgrade and there wasn’t any fine print. Now you need reading glasses.

So after the $160/month plan and upgrading your phones, the plan is just as expensive as it was before. 

Others have noticed this gimmick and many have complained on the AT&T forums. has a detailed review:

What AT&T doesn’t clearly explain in their advertising is that the monthly discount for each phone no longer applies once you upgrade to a new phone by renewing your contract and buying a subsidized phone.

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