How much will that $17.99 oil change cost?

I should have known better.

That $17.99 oil change advertised by a company on Bay Area Blvd in Clear Lake cost me $53.00. I was in a hurry and my regular service station, NTB, was not available. They charge me $26.00 drive out and they rotate my tires. So being in a hurry I fell for the $17.99 ad. (Afterward I drove down the street to get my tires balanced and rotated for free at Discount Tires. They are a great place for tires)

After my cars hood was up, the oil was being drained I fell for the upgraded service of using Pennzoil instead of Mobil. That was $33.99. That was my mistake. Chalk that up to just plain stupidity. My bad. So after the $33.99 there was tax, an oil filter, an extra quart of oil, and a disposal fee.

All of this was included in my $26.00 service at NTB. So my suggestion when falling for this advertisement is to ask “How much will that $17.99 oil change cost me for my particular car?”. Turns out my car takes 6 quarts of oil. The $17.99 includes up to 5 quarts. And you should ask if that includes an oil filter and disposal fees.

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