Raising Campaign Cash: Sid Miller

OUCH! Sid Miller is all hat and no cash.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller cant raise money. Currently he has $52,000 which includes a $350,000 loan. He only raised $24,000 in this period and he still owes $195,000 towards the loan.

Miller only has 13 donors and 2 pledges of $15,000 including $10,000 from Drayton McClane, former owner of the Houston Astros. His total loans dating back to 2012 $750,000 came from 3 individuals, Brad Allen, Richard Redalen, and Trammell Crow. Allen is a nursery owner in Stephanville he loaned Miller $400,000. Miller’s campaign treasurer is Ted Nugent. Yes. Ted Nugent. I’m not kidding. Miller has come under fire for his lax reporting. According to the Dallas Morning News:

In November, The Dallas Morning News revealed that Miller lent himself $10,000 at an interest rate of 10 percent when he was running for the House in 2000. When Miller lost his seat 12 years later, he repaid himself more than $31,000 due to interest accrued.

In contrast his opponent Kim Olson has raised over $125,000 in the same period from over 1000 donors.

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