Loaning even more Campaign Cash: David Mayes Middleton

David Mayes Middleton won his election in 2018 for Texas House District 23 in the Galveston area. He raised $3.2 Million, with $2.4 Million coming from his own pocket. He won 56-43. His opponent raised $4000.

According to his last ethics report Middleton raised $137,000 including $125,000 of his own money, plus another $500,000 loan. He has a Cash On Hand balance of about $481,000. His loan to his own campaign was made after the election in November.

He has spent $2.3 Million on a race that should have cost about $500,000 if it was competitive. It wasn’t. The Democrat on the ballot raised just $4000 and had no serious campaign. The $2.3 Million included $782,000 on salaries, $671,000 on consulting services,  and $698,141 on advertising.

His expenses for salaries included over 20 individuals with salaries ranging from $137,000 to $18,000. The $782,000 in salaries included the following:

Berry Communications $137,000
Willi Luthy $62,000
Michael Jenkins $56,000
Ryan Caruso $52,000
Eric Romero $50,000
Kyle Diamond $48,000
Josh Lyrock $43,000
John Maurer $40,000
Kara Rose $35,000
Trevor Harris $27,000
Tylene Wilcox $23,000
January Arnold $18,000

It makes little cents to have so many individuals on the payroll for a campaign like this. Add this to the huge amounts of advertising and consulting services and it looks like a money laundering operation. Why would anyone pay over $3 Million for a race that required a little more than putting your name on the ballot? It just doesn’t make any cents. Gov Greg Abbott endorsed Middleton as well as Kathleen Wall who invested $6 Million of her own money to lose in the primary.

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