A FAQ on the permitless carry of loaded firearms

On Sept 1, 2021 Texas becomes another state that has passed “Constitutional carry”, which means anyone can carry a loaded pistol or rifle in public much like the Cartel does in Sinaloa Mexico. In plain, easy to understand, semi literate English, what does this mean for you, your family, and your neighborhood? Here is a FAQ to help you understand what Governor Abbott has passed.

If you have further questions contact State Representative Dennis Paul in Clear Lake. He is one of the sponsors of the bill. (281) 488-8900

Can I carry a gun in public? Yes. 

Does it have to be concealed? No. Open carry means just that, carry it in the open for all to see.

Can it be loaded? Yes.

Do I have to have training? No.

Do I have to have a license to carry? No.

Can I carry even if I am a felon? Sort of. Keep reading.

Can I carry a loaded assault weapon into a restaurant or store like Walmart? Depends. The store or restaurant must post a carefully written sign prohibiting open carry of firearms. If they have that sign, put your gun away or go eat somewhere else.

Someone is walking around in my neighborhood dressed up like GI Joe carrying a loaded assault weapon. Should I call the police? You can but why? He is exercising his Governor given rights to carry. There is nothing a police officer can do.

Ok, but shouldn’t I call the police just to make sure he is not a threat? You can but what do you want the police to do? Police are not allowed to question the individual. They are not allowed to ask if they have a permit, a license, or training because they are not required to have a permit, a license, or training.

Ok, but what if he is a felon? How would you know? The police can’t ask the individual if they are legally prohibited from carrying a firearm. If the individual is breaking the law by threatening someone or shooting someone then the police can take action. So wait till you or your family members are threatened or shot before calling the police.

So, if I see a gang member walking around my neighborhood with loaded weapons I can’t assume he is armed and dangerous? You can assume all you want. Governor Abbott gave everyone, including gang members, the right to carry loaded weapons. Bloods, Cripps, Aryan Brotherhood, Proud Boys, MS13 all have the right to carry a loaded weapon in public.

Well, at least they can’t walk around carrying machetes. Actually that is not true. A few years ago Governor Abbott signed a bill to allow citizens to carry swords, knives, and machetes in the open. 

What idiots thought of this idea? You know the answer to that.

Welcome to Texas. Bitch.

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