The state of CCISD school safety. Will your kids be safe? It will cost you to find out.

The Coward of District 129

Well on one hand thanks to League City Chamber of Commerce for doing the job the cowards of our State Legislature refuse to do, having a discussion about school safety. On the other hand if you are concerned about how CCISD will be addressing an 18 year old with a military rifle, body armor, and high capacity clips attacking your kids school and playground you will have to pay for it.

The cost is $35 for non members and will probably not include any discussion about gun safety, or how permit less carry affects our safety at schools, malls, churches, etc. The three law enforcement officers from Galveston County and Texas Rangers presenters are all NRA republicans and will die protecting the guns that have been used to kill kids. CCISD will be represented by the Director of Safe and Secure Schools.

Other districts around Houston has had open discussions about gun safety to give parents the sad, truthful, facts about the easy access to guns and the challenge to law enforcement to keep us safe not only in school but in church, concerts, parades, etc. Some of these ugly facts include:

  • Anyone can carry loaded assault weapons in public 
  • Police cannot question anyone who is simply carrying a loaded assault weapon
  • To carry a loaded assault weapon in public requires no training or a license
  • 18 year olds can still buy an assault weapon and ammunition
  • Anyone can buy body armor and dress up like GI Joe
  • Anyone can buy a silencer to muffle the sound of shooting screaming kids
  • Nothing has changed to make your school safer from those who easily obtain assault weapons
This event is on July 20, 2022 and appropriately being held in a church where those who refuse to address gun violence can pray for forgiveness as they walk down the path to hell.

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