The last conservative has left the Republican Party

The Last Conservative

Congresswoman Liz Cheney, a model Conservative, is out of the Republican Party with her looming defeat in the Wyoming Republican Primary.

Congresswoman Cheney is predicted to be soundly defeated by a MAGAt endorsed by Trump. Cheney was just one of a handful of true Conservatives who voted to impeach Trump after he extorted the President of Ukraine and lead an insurrection against our Country on Jan 6 all while the cowards of the party remained silent.

Cheney is a model Conservative. She truly deserves the title “Honorable”. You won’t hear her calling people names or making racist comments like referring to someone as “Pocahontas” or referring to African nations as shit hole nations. She isn’t an asshole like Congressman Gym Jordon. She isn’t a coward like Senator Ted Cruz or Josh Hawley. She isn’t a liar like Trump. She believes in the rule of law. She has real conservative values and she conducts herself as someone who has earned the title “Honorable”.

She isn’t a republican and the Republican Party isn’t conservative. They are just republicans. Kowards. Korrupt. Khaotic. The KKK. The KKK doesn’t deserve Congresswoman Liz Cheney.

The new GOP.

One Response to The last conservative has left the Republican Party

  1. sneckelmann says:

    As honorable she may be serving on the Jan6 committee, she still votes in line with the rest of the Rs – which primarily serve to Starve The Beast.

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