Why the Republican Party will NEVER fix our broken immigration system

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why, after 20 years of republican rule in Texas, republicans have not and will not fix our broken immigration system. It’s all they have to run on.

Think about it. Greg Abbott and his Republican Party have been in complete control of Texas in the House, Senate, Governor’s office, Supreme Court, and all state wide offices and yet after 20 years they still haven’t even addressed our broken immigration system except for Kruel, Khaotic, and Kostly political stunts. (KKK)

Now that women have been stripped of their reproduction rights by overturning Roe v. Wade, the Republican Party has only one boogie man left to blame for crime, stealing jobs, and raping Texan women who must carry the rapist baby to term: Mexicans. They have campaigned on the immigration issue for more than 20 years even though they controlled all levels of government on the Federal level and state level. They never intend to solve this problem.

Back n August of 2006 under a Republican President and Governor the major sugar daddies of the Republican Party wrote an op-ed in the Dallas Morning News calling for immigration reform. According to the op-ed:

Not only that, but immigrant workers renew and reinvigorate America. They remind us what it’s like to give a job your all. We talk about old-fashioned family values; they live them. And those of us who cherish our faith and love our country can only rejoice at their devotion to both. As chairmen, CEOs and stockholders, we call on Congress to act — to go back to Washington and pass realistic immigration reform that provides the workers we need to keep our businesses growing.

Dallas Morning News August 26, 2006

Newsflash: The republicans did nothing. Nothing at all. Zero. Zip. Nada. These companies thrive on illegal, cheap, workers. They depend upon illegal, cheap, workers. Those who signed this op-ed include Bob Perry (homebuilder) Bo Pilgrim (chicken producer), J. Huffines (Auto dealer), Red McCombs (Auto dealer) and other Republican Party sugar daddies.

Even under trump and a republican controlled congress and republican controlled state they did absolutely nothing. They didn’t pass a bill to fund their “stupid” wall but they did initiate Kruel stunts such as separating children from their mothers.

“What we don’t need right now are stunts,” O’Rourke told about 300 people at a dance hall in Del Rio on Saturday — a message he repeated in earlier stops in both Laredo and Eagle Pass.

Houston Chronicle

Under Abbott the KKK stunts will continue because that is what they campaign on. They talk tough. They look tough. But like Ted Cruz they all are nothing but a bunch of Texas sized cowards.

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