Harris County Republican Commissioners. Korrupt. Kruel. Khaotic.

From the Houston Chronicle

Leave it to the two white guys, Commissioner Cagle, and Commissioner Ramsey, on the Harris County Commissioners Court to block a vote on the budget they agreed to just to sow Khaos. According to the Houston Chronicle:

Harris County employees will forgo planned raises and cost of living adjustments if the 2023 budget adopted at Commissioners Court this week goes into effect, according to an email sent by County Administrator David Berry to department heads.

The smaller spending plan was adopted after the Republican members skipped Tuesday’s Commissioners Court meeting, forcing the court’s three Democrats to adopt the same budget as last year rather than a proposed budget that included around $100 million in additional general fund spending, much of it spread across county law enforcement agencies.

This is what the Republican Party has become, the new KKK. Korrupt. Kruel. Khaotic. The lead attorney representing the State of Texas, Ken Paxton, is under multiple criminal indictments awaiting trial. Governor Abbott has illegally lured immigrants, who enter the United States legally under international law, with false promises and bussed them out of state. And the republican members of the Commissioners Court decided not to show up for work leading to Khaos and the adoption of a budget that will affect Harris County employees. This is Korruption. This is Kruelty. This is Khaotic.

This is the new party. This is the old party. The KKK. My gosh. What the *uck is wrong with you?

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