Gun violence. It truly is a mental health issue.

Obviously we haven’t had enough pain and suffering. At least we haven’t.

Another school shooting this time in Nashville Tennessee has claimed the lives of three nine year olds and three adults. The Nashville police chief made it a point to say that law enforcement was quick to act unlike the cowards at the Uvalde massacre.

But let’s get to the point. This gun violence is a mental health issue. It has nothing to do with guns, or gun ownership, or easy access to killing weapons. It has everything to do with people who are sick in the head. People who walk the streets with a smile on their face after children are gunned down. There is no other explanation for this. It is a mental health issue because if you are an elected official, in a position of power to stop this senseless killing of children, and you do absolutely nothing then you are one mentally sick fuck.

Case in point, State Representative Dennis Paul of Houston Texas in the Bay Area. Dennis prides himself by wearing his NRA hat to the polls. He voted for open carry and permit less carry allowing anyone to carry a gun in the open, including assault weapons and body armor, and silencers. He supports 18 year olds, like the kid who killed 19 children in Uvalde, to buy assault weapons and armor piercing bullets. He supports buying silencers like the kind the Mafia uses.

Dennis Paul isn’t the only godless, sick, fuck in Texas. Everyone who voted for him and the other sick officials are also just as mentally ill as he is. Children are having their heads blown off by military style weapons and all Paul can do is wear his stupid looking NRA hat to the polls.

And all voters do is keep voting for him.

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