Raising Campaign Cash: Vidal Martinez for County Judge (Qanon republican)

January 19, 2022

 The Qanon Republican Party has their candidate.

Vidal Martinez is running for County Judge against Lina Hidalgo probably because they couldn’t find a woman with the last name of Hidalgo to confuse voters. Martinez raised $514,585 with $100,000 coming from a personal loan. Of the remaining $414,585, 14 donors contributed $340,000 or 82% of all her donations. The remaining 18% donated $74585. Unlike other candidates Martinez relied on the deep pockets of every day, common, peasants donating $1000 or more. Her top 14 donors are:

State Representative Dennis Paul. Whining and lying about his cancelled fundraiser

November 4, 2021

Dennis Paul, a republican from Clear Lake, had to change his annual fundraiser from a Harris County park to Galveston County and we all got to listen to him whine and lie.

According to Dennis Paul, he incorrectly blames Harris County for his staff’s mistakes and lies leading up to his event being cancelled by his own staff.

“Despite having a contract in place for months with Commissioner Adrian Garcia’s office in Precinct 2, we were notified late last week that we would not be able to have any sort of fundraising activities at Clear Lake Park. I would like to think that this was a simple miscommunication, but it seems par for the course for Democrats in Harris County.”

Dennis Paul thinks he is special and entitled to have a fundraiser on County property. (I can’t and you can’t.) When you rent the pavilion you are specifically asked if you are a non profit or charity and whether money will be exchanged, items will be sold, or money raised. Only non profits can exchange money like the Rotary Shrimporee has done in the past for many many years.

Paul’s staff forget, or possibly just lied to Harris County about their event was not for profit. Republicans have mastered the art of lying like a dog. Imagine if our facilities could be used for profit making events. The Landolt Pavilion is a great location and facility and is very reasonable. If for profit organizations were allowed to rent the venue we common folk wouldn’t have an opportunity to rent it ourselves for family reunions, charity events, or company picnics.
But Paul thinks he is special and above the rules because under republican rule the rules were allowed to be broken for many years as they did for his predecessor, John Davis, until he pour grease down the drain and clogged up the water system. 
Paul has since moved his event to another location which is much easier to protest at.

Jared Woodfill involved in a strange, dangerous, assault by a former policeman

December 16, 2020

Never liked the guy. Any attorney who has to use a tube of brylcreem isn’t getting my business.

Jared Woodfill was the Chair of the Harris County Republican Party for over a decade. In 2019 his law office was raided. Now he finds himself on one end of a strange conspiracy theory assault. From the Houston Chronicle:

Instead, according to an indictment announced Tuesday by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, the incident was a brazen attempt by a former Houston police captain to secure evidence to support a far-fetched claim that prominent local Democrats had orchestrated a scheme to harvest more than 700,000 ballots leading up to the Nov. 3 election. The ex-lawman, Mark A. Aguirre, 63, faces a felony charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon stemming from the Oct. 19 confrontation.

So, how does Jared fit in this debacle? Turns out Jared is the president of Liberty Center for god and country. The Liberty Center paid Aguirre over $200,000 for his investigative skills. Over the years Jared has joined with religious nut job Steven Hotze and has been circling the drain with him. Liberty Center is not listed at the Texas Ethics Commission or the city or county websites. They had a GoFuckMe site that has since been removed.

Hopefully the Harris County DAs office is going to comb this shit out.

Better late than never: Harris County Republican Party Chair resigns.

November 30, 2020


It should have taken this long. From the Houston Chronicle:

Harris County Republican Party Chairman Keith Nielsen resigned Monday, the party’s secretary confirmed, ending a brief tenure dogged by his social media post that displayed a Martin Luther King Jr. quote next to a banana.

Yep, I’m not sure how anyone could have possibly thought that a meme with a banana next to a quote from Martin Luther King Jr wasn’t racist. I gave my thoughts when it happened. Maybe he was making a fruit salad when BOOM an MLK quote popped up in his face and distributed on social media. Whatever he was thinking at the time resulted in him getting fired from his job with Pasadena.

He decided to dick it out as chair instead of resigning prior to the election. Since then his party lost every seat in Harris County except for one. According to the Texas Ethics Commission his party is near broke, and they have become as popular as herpes at a hot tub party.

So, he has left the building hopefully taking all of his extreme right wing, conspiracy theorists with him. Good riddance. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

A SNAFU in the Office of the Elections Administrator process?

November 28, 2020

A few months ago the Harris County Commissioners Court rushed through a process creating the Office of the Elections Administrator. Many activists, including myself, were not very happy about being called to provide input, taking their time to do so, just so they could immediately make the decision. From a previous post:

The Commissioners listened to our input then voted to approve the item regardless. Their minds were made up leaving us with many unanswered questions. Why were we left in the dark on this extremely important issue? Why was this being discussed in the middle of a historic election? Why was this being discussed during a raging pandemic killing Houstonians? Why didn’t the Commission reach out for comments from the public? Why were they not being transparent about the issue?

Since then an Elections Administrator, Isabel Longoria, has been appointed by the Commission. This selection has been praised by many in the community but Tuesday’s meeting might upend this. According to an update to the upcoming agenda for Tuesday’s meeting:

Request by the County Attorney for Executive Session to consult with the County Attorney concerning claims that the Office of the Elections Administrator was improperly established and for possible action upon return to Open Session including ratification of prior acts of Commissioners Court; creation of the Office of the Elections Administrator and/or authorization for litigation concerning such claims.

Most probably the Harris County Republican Party has their panties in a wad and has challenged the process that was rushed through. The item will be discussed during executive session.

Hopefully this rush to appoint was legal and we can move on to the next election cycle.

Raising Campaign Cash: DA candidate Mary Nan Huffman

September 2, 2020

Well I think we located the cash cow.

I was wondering where Kathleen Wall was going to put her money after spending $13 Million of her own money in a losing effort to win a republican primary for congress in two different district. Wonder no more! 

Last reporting period Harris County District Attorney candidate Mary Nan Huffman raised $30,000. $10,000 of that, a full 1/3 came from one donor, Kathaleen Wall. Other big contributors include HillCo PAC ($2000), the Houston Police Officer’s Union ($10,000), Constable Mark Herman ($5000). I’ve expected Wall to spread her money around to other candidates since she can’t seem to win herself.

Huffman is a trump supporter and will probably run as a “law and order” candidate. She has the support of Joe Gamaldi the president of HPOU who incorrectly blamed activists for the shooting of 4 police officers in a botched raid when in fact his own officers were responsible. Wall. Huffman. Gamaldi. What could go wrong?

I bet he endorsed Tony Buzbee.

Harris County republicans embrace disgraced County Chair Kieth Nielsen

September 1, 2020

Well no one saw that coming.

The Harris County Republican Party officials embraced their new chair, Kieth Nielsen. Nielsen was asked by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick to resign his seat before officially accepting the position for his racist post concerning a Martin Luther King quote. That racist quote cost him his position as the Planning Commissioner of Pasadena. He also claimed he would not accept the position, one he had just recently won.

When Dan Patrick calls for you to resign, whatever you did must be really, really, bad, like racist bad. Patrick is the low life of the Republican Party and when he is calling for you to resign, you might want to consider doing something different with your meme generating skills. Dan Crenshaw also called for Nielsen to resign. He told him to fuck off.

Nielen was eventually sworn in. And the executive committee welcomed him even after over 100 chairs wrote to him thanking him for not taking the position. He lied to them. This is the new Republican Party. This is who they have become. They tolerate racism. They tolerate those who promote racism.  It starts at the top.

After crushing defeat of Buzbee KTRK (ABC13) takes on Commissioners Court

August 9, 2020


It all began with Wayne Dolcefino, once with KTRK, back in the 90’s. 

Back in 1995 Wayne Dolcefino was an investigative reporter (sic) for KTRK-TV. He had a boner for Sylvester Turner when Turner first ran for Mayor. Dolcefino was eventually sued and lost for a story about insurance fraud and a jury awarded $5.5 Million. 

Turner lost his bid for Mayor and Dolcefino is no longer with KTRK but that doesn’t stop them from crossing the line of integrity and fair reporting. In 2019 they seemed to have a thing for Tony Buzbee but that ended in a $13M crushing defeat. Now they have set their sight a bit higher, the Commissioner Court race. KTRK’s incorrect reporting of a possible 8% increase in Harris County property rates was as honest as a lead balloon was at floating. Harris County Commissioner summed up the reporting with the following:

Commissioner Adrian Garcia reassured property owners, though, saying, “There is zero chance that during a pandemic and an economic crisis an 8% tax increase would be proposed or passed.”

Maybe they should have started with that statement. Guess who KTRK will be behind this November in the race for the open Commissioner seat.

When Harris County Commissioners ask for your opinion….give it to them

July 16, 2020

I should have known better.

Harris County Commissioners asked for public comments on creating an appointed Elections Administrator, removing the election functions from the County Clerk and voter registration from the Tax Assessor Collectors office. Voters will no longer be able to hold an elected official accountable for screwing up our election process or making it harder to register to vote. (Ask Stan Stanart) From the Houston Chronicle:

Harris County became the latest in Texas to adopt an independent administrator model to run elections when the Democratic majority on Commissioners Court voted Tuesday to create the new department. Court members voted 3-2 along party lines to create an election administrator’s office, which will assume the voter registration duties of the tax assessor-collector and the election management role of the county clerk.

Whether this is a good idea or not is not the point because it’s now a done deal, and that is the point. I’ve been to hearings in Austin listening to literally hundreds of individuals speaking against a bill with no opposition just to watch the committee immediately vote to approve the bill. The testimony wasn’t lost because comments would be used in the future to challenge the bill in court.
The Commissioners listened to our input then voted to approve the item regardless. Their minds were made up leaving us with many unanswered questions. Why were we left in the dark on this extremely important issue? Why was this being discussed in the middle of a historic election? Why was this being discussed during a raging pandemic killing Houstonians? Why didn’t the Commission reach out for comments from the public? Why were they not being transparent about the issue?
Here is a suggestion to Commissioners for future meetings. If your mind is made up already on a issue as important as our Constitutional rights don’t ask your constituents to waste their time speaking at a hearing. Don’t act like you are giving us the privilege to talk on the issue. Have the common courtesy to tell them it is a done deal, stay home, and just shut the hell up.
For all the good Judge Hildago has done over the last 2 years, this lack of transparency on this important issue was very disappointing. 

Harris County Republican Party in free fall. Chair resigns

June 7, 2020

It’s been a bad week for the chair elect of the Harris County Republican Party.

First he posts a meme of a quote from Martin Luther King, the black civil rights leader, with a picture of a banana. That cost him his job as the Chair of the Pasadena Planning Commission. Then he resigned as chair elect of the party. He was to begin his tenure on August 3.

Coming off a devastating loss in 2018 which resulted in every Republican in Harris County losing (except 1) they now enter the 2020 election with no Chair and running on the coattails of the head racist in charge, Donald Trump. This can’t end well.

This isn’t the first time the HCRP posted something inappropriate. Last year the Chair, Paul Simpson, used the Holocaust Remembrance Day to make an offensive political statement with a post on the official  county Facebook page. Hopefully it will be their last.

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