Democratic Headquarters opens in the Bay Area

August 24, 2022

Democrats in Bay Area Houston opened their campaign headquarters for the 2022 election. Located at 1215 Bay Area Blvd on the corner of Diana and Bay Area, the office will be a focal point for campaign activities including their Grand Opening last Sunday.

Hundreds of Democrats stopped by during the event to pick up campaign signs and meet the candidates including Commissioner Adrian Garcia and our Harris County judicial candidates. We even had a surprise visit by the Chair of the Texas Democratic Party!

The office will be opened from 11-6 every day and will extend their hours as needed for phone banking and block walking activities.

New City Council district maps leaves Clear Lake with Kingwood

July 10, 2022

Steve Stockman by the Texas Tribune 

Well that was a long wait for nothing.

The city of Houston completed their proposed redistricting. The Houston Chronicle has a good article on the maps without mentioning District E which has connected Clear Lake with Kingwood by a canal, literally. The new map for the city can be viewed here.

Clear Lake has been gerrymandered for decades including the city districts. Because of this we no competition for city, state, or national office. So we have a choice between a far right republican and an extremely far right republican. Steve Stockman represented the Clear Lake area. After one useless term in office he was indicted and convicted on 23 felony counts. He spent 2 years in jail until Trump pardoned him. This is the kind of representation Clear Lake gets because of redistricting. 

Now we have Congressman Babin, the ghost of Congress. He rarely comes out of his hole for fear of seeing his shadow or his constituents. Dennis Paul is our representative in Austin. He represents the NRA and also rarely comes out for fear of meeting his constituents in the greenbelt while walking his dog.

So after decades of being connected with Kingwood, 45 miles away, we are going to be stuck again. Public Hearings will be held at City Council Chamber (City Hall, 2nd Floor, 901 Bagby):

  • Wednesday, July 13, 2022, 9:00 a.m.
  • Wednesday, July 13, 2022, 7:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday, July 20, 2022, 9:00 a.m.

Houston City Council has their own Marjorie Taylor Greene deadwood.

February 5, 2021

As I have said in past, I do not like Houston City Councilman Greg Travis.

Much like Congress Member Marjorie Taylor Greene, Houston City Council Member Greg Travis is no longer on any committees. Both of them are what we call “deadwood”, that is, someone who is just there and doesn’t pull their own weight. They are not only useless, they pass on their responsibilities to others. Travis also joins Greene as part of the Q Party.

Unlike Greene who was removed from her committee assignments due to her threats to other members of Congress, Travis removed himself from his committee assignments and as representative of the Houston Galveston Area Council (HGAC). Travis was elected in November of 2019 and resigned his positions in January of 2020.

He will be dead wood until 2024 unless he resigns before then.

Spending your campaign donation to Houston City Council Member Greg Travis

January 29, 2021

You might get the idea that I do not like Houston City Council Member Greg Travis. I don’t.

Back in 2008 a couple of us reviewed the spending habits of State Representative John Davis. We found he had spent tens of thousand of dollars of his campaign donations on personal items including a pair of $1500 custom made boots. He eventually had to pay a hefty fine and refund the donations to his campaign. He was one of many we found. (MANY!)

So, I was interested in what Greg Travis was spending his donors money on. In his end of year report for 2020 he spent $11,833. What was interesting was his $2000 donation to Trump/Pence campaign. So for those who are donating to Travis just be aware who your money might be going to.

Why Houston City Council Member Greg Travis cannot be removed from his committee assignments

January 28, 2021

This is actually old news but I bet most Houstonians are not aware of this.

Houston City Council Member Greg Travis posted racist and other inappropriate comments on his social media pages. Members of City Council and the public have called for swift and decisive action including censuring him, removing him from office, and/or removing him from his committee assignments. There is just one problem with that……Travis isn’t assigned to any committees.

In January of 2020 Travis resigned from all his committee assignments leaving the work of the committee to other members. Travis is now just a voting member on Council like entitled dead wood. The committee assignments posted to the City of Houston website does not include any mention of Travis. City Hall Reporter Jasper Scherer tweeted a letter from Travis to the Mayor resigning his positions. In the letter he said:

“The current committee assignments fail to effectively use my education, experience, and skills. Skills like posting racist comments and partisan politics using my twitter account and other social media.”

Ok. That isn’t exactly what he said but you get the point. Travis whined like Donald Trump when he doesn’t get invited to a football game. So he just gave up, took his ball, and went home while still sitting on Council.

So mission accomplished?

5 more Houston Police Officers indicted in botched Harding Street raid

January 26, 2021

OMG. This is bad.

I remember the day the botched Harding Street raid happened and the press conference the city conducted.  Five police officers had been shot, one seriously. The press conference was highlighted by the lunatic rantings of Houston Police Officers Union’s President Joey Gamaldi blaming the incident on Black Lives Matter. From KHOU:

“if you’re the ones that are out there spreading the rhetoric that police officers are the enemy, just know we’ve all got your number now, we’re going to be keeping track of all of y’all, and we’re going to make sure that we hold you accountable every time you stir the pot on our police officers. We’ve had enough, folks. We’re out there doing our jobs every day, putting our lives on the line for our families.”

Well it turns out that this wasn’t BLM or any other organization. In fact it was the fault of the police and now they are paying a price for it. According to the Harris County DA’s Office:

January 25, 2021

A Harris County grand jury indicted a Houston Police officer for murder, and five others who are or have served on the force, for engaging in organized criminal activity, as the result of an investigation touched off by a 2019 raid that killed two people in their home on Harding Street.

Take a moment to read the charges filed against 11 officers. It’s not pretty. The charges include murder, theft by a public servant, tampering with a government record, and engaging in organized criminal activity. 

Joey has been quiet.

Abuse of Social Media. Houston Council Member Greg Travis

January 22, 2021

Houston City Council is non partisan although it’s easy to find which party they support by a simple google or reviewing their financial filings. Another way is to look at their official social media account. Case in point, CM Greg Travis.

Travis is still under fire for posting a racist dog whistle on his twitter account, @TravisDistrictG. This account identifies him as a Houston City Councilman. It is not his personal account yet it is a combination of city business, COVID misinformation and right wing political commentary as well as inappropriate posts. 

It begs the question to City Council and the Ethics Committee, is this an acceptable way to use social media as an election official? It would seem that an account that identifies the individual as an elected official of the City of Houston could reflect poorly on City Council especially when they take no action on inappropriate and/or racist posts. These accounts should be for city business ONLY. If a CM wants to make political commentary and/or racist posts they should do it on their PRIVATE account with no reference to Houston City Council.

I’ve contacted City Council for a response. Here are some of his posts:

Houston City Council Member Greg Davis. Just saying…..

January 19, 2021

 Get the point Greg?

Calling for the resignation of Houston City Councilman Greg Travis

December 31, 2020

City Council Members
Houston City Council
Houston, Texas

Reference: Calling for CM Travis to resign




CM Travis racist and inappropriate comments on Facebook towards women and people of color cannot be ignored. 


This is no longer an issue about CM Travis. We now know exactly who he is. He has told us. Now it is time for you to tell us who you are and whether you will tolerate his racist remarks and take no action. Over the last 5 years racists across the country have responded to the dog whistles from our elected officials and more and more are coming out with racist comments because there are no consequences for their actions. Now one has come out on City Council. That needs to stop. Now!


I hope you will demand his resignation even though he will not, then demand an apology even though he has refused, then censure him, and then remove him from his committee assignments. This will send a strong, clear signal to anyone running for city council that racism and inappropriate comments will not ever be tolerated. Not know. Not ever.


For the so called “conservatives” on city council, let me remind you that racism is not a conservative value. Neither is making fun of a disabled person, or having sex with a porn star while married, or calling elected officials childish names, or lying, cheating, stealing. Over the last 5 years conservative values have been left in the gutter with excuses like “I don’t agree with his racist comments, but I like my 401K” or “I don’t agree with his racist comments, but I like how he advocates for the dog shelters”.  If you call yourself a conservative, then act like one, for once. 


Due to term limits many of you have nothing to lose calling for his resignation, except your dignity. Others will have to answer for their lack of action during endorsement screenings next year. How will you respond to the question “What action did you take when confronted with a racist in City Council?”. 


As a father of a successful professional daughter who is a woman of color I am extremely upset about CM Travis comments. I sincerely hope you will start the new year right by taking decisive action and demanding Councilmember Greg Travis to resign. I also hope you will respond with what you intend to do.




John Cobarruvias

The sexist MAGAt of Houston City Council: Greg Travis District G

December 29, 2020

Just like Trump. 

Here are a couple of posts from Houston City Councilman Greg Travis. He speaks for himself. According to Wikipedia he teaches business law at the Houston Community College. Hopefully he will not next semester. The posts make me want to ask “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

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