Evaluating TXU's Texas Choice 12 Plan

Electricity prices are not very easy to compare, almost impossible. Recently I evaluated the claims by Reliant Energy’s “Sweet Deal” plan. Here is an evaluation of TXU’s “Texas Choice 12“. The bottom line is that Texans should choose a different provider.

First this plan is advertised at 12.90 a kWh, a 3% cash back, and a $150 cancellation fee. Unfortunately that rate is for usage of 2000+ kWh per month. Most individuals would never reach that threshold to qualify for this rates. The rate for using between 1000 and 2000 is 13.60, which is what I used for my calculations. They also have a $4.95 monthly fee for the “privilege” of being charged for electricity. And don’t forget if you conserve energy and use less than 500 kWh per month, the charge is an outrageous 15 cents! From TXU’s website:

Average Monthly Use Average Price per kWh
500 kWh 15.00 ¢
1000 kWh 13.60 ¢
2000 kWh 12.90 ¢

Based upon all of the above and my usage over the last year the bottom line is $1541.60 for the entire year with an average of  13 cents a kWh. That includes the whopping $38 cash back for the entire year.

I would rate this TXU Energy Texas Choice 12 Plan nothing more than a gimmick. Look elsewhere. There are much better deals. I went with PennyWise, but there are no guarantees the same plan exists today.

Now, how is that electricity deregulation ushered in by Enron doing for you?

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