How to drive in Texas: In the fast lane

I’ve said it before “We do things bigger in Texas”. It’s not really true unless you count the size of mosquitos or hair extensions, but we do have bigger idiots, many who drive on our Texas highways. With that in mind, here is another in the series “How to drive in Texas” this time:

Driving in the fast lane:
The fast lane on a highway, is called the “left lane”. It is dedicated to those who want to drive faster than the “flow of traffic”. 75, 85, 95 MPH is not uncommon, but for us Texans we don’t follow those California type of rules. We are free spirited, do what we want, drive where we want, kinda folk. So driving in the fast lane is simple for us simpletons.

To drive in the fast lane simply move into the lane when you have an opening and drive what ever speed you damn well please. If someone rides your bumper, or if all you see in the rear view mirror is a truck grill, consider it as extra protection from being rear ended by someone driving like a damn Californian. Those who want around you can easily use the right lane or the shoulder while waving to you as they pass by.

That’s the Texas way of driving in the fast lane. As I said, we do thing bigger in Texas.

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