The next George Zimmerman trial is ongoing in Houston

From Click2Houston:

HOUSTON – The Seabrook-area doctor who killed his neighbor was in court in Houston Monday. The question is whether Karl Hormann committed murder. There’s no argument that the dead man, Brandon Smith, 36, trespassed on Hormann’s property during a private party. He was warned to leave, but Hormann — who shot Smith three times, killing him — appeared to do so in the public street, not on his property

The website for Brandon Smith has links to the 911 call. You can hear the shots that killed Brandon and more. It’s sick. Why Hormann had to leave his house and follow Brandon down the street is beyond me. The police had been called. Their sirens can be heard in the call. Go back into the house and let them do their job.

We live in a gun nut society. Unfortunately someone has to pay for this. As I have said before:

On one hand the shooter just had to stay in his house and wait for the police. Instead he followed the victim down the street then shot him claiming self defense, just like Zimmerman. On the other hand we live in a state where you can shoot someone in the back if they are stealing your neighbors property (Joe Horn in Pasadena). Texans believe in shooting first, taking the law and their guns into their own hands. They love their guns and the Tea Party will defend that right to bear and use arms to the death, literally.

The trial is in the 228th Criminal Court in Harris County and will continue all week. 

7 Responses to The next George Zimmerman trial is ongoing in Houston

  1. Anonymous says:

    Someone posted the following which I accidentally deleted instead of publishing it:The COPS can't protect you. You must protect yourself. I have the right to shoot you if you steal from me, nice n simple… don't steal my stuff, or risk getting shot. I deserve the “right” to protect myself and will defend that right against ANYONE that thinks I should not own a gun. My gun has NEVER harmed anyone, but it did save me from getting car-jacked. You don't like guns… don't own one, but DON'T EVER THINK OF TAKING MINE. It is about accountability…. don't commit the crime if you can't do the time… (I am not gonna talk about the trial currently in Houston and the Seabrook DR… I don't have enough info)

  2. Anonymous says:

    To which I reply:You ought to take your guns and hide in a cave! Didn't you get the memo about Obama coming to take your guns away? He has 8 months left in office which is plenty of time to find you! Run! Hide! Take all of your guns with you!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I know the Hormanns and I know that Dr. Hormann very much feared for his life that night. You do not know all of the facts, you only know what has been reported which is only one side of the story. This case is nothing like the Zimmerman case.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Not sure if my last comments went through. I know the Hormann family. This case is nothing like the Zimmerman case. Dr. Hormann very much feared for his life that night. It took longer than it should have taken for the police to reach him because Seabrook and Pasadena did not know that Timber Cove was part of Lakeview police. It is sad for all involved, but all of the facts have not been released.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Much like the Zimmerman trial he should have stayed in the house. The cops were on the way. Zimmerman should have stayed in the car. Gorman should have stayed in the house. Why would he follow him down the street? Personally I think he is getting off with the self defense crap but if he had let the cops do their jobs everyone would have been taken care of. This is a truly sad situation.

  6. Anonymous says:

    If you listened to the testimony and know the facts, which I do, you would know that they had teens and young adults asleep in a pop up tent in the backyard. Brandon had made sexist comments abot a girl in the tent earlier and told them that he had a knife. Karl escorted him off the property in the attempt to hold him until police got there. It took more than 15 minutes for the police because Seabrook and Pasadena dispatchers did not know who to send. In that time, Brandon charged Dr. Hormann and was shot in self defense.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I heard the testimony and the recordings. The guy left his property. Why did the owner have to walk down the street following him? Why couldnt he just stay at home and let the police come and arrest him? Why was he so close to the guy that he had the opportunity to lunge at hem?The owner was not on his own property. He should have stayed there and let the police get there. If he had to follow him he should have done it from a block away.

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