The light control box mini-mural in Clear Lake. It's gone!

An interesting story.

The City of Houston and the Houston Arts Alliance teamed up with local artists to transform the traffic control boxes on street corners into works of art. called Mini Murals. Here in Clear Lake we had one painted by Gabriel Prusmack in a chemical motif, I assume in reference to the chemical industry in the area. This box was located on the corner of Clear Lake City Blvd and El Camino until someone decided to take it upon themselves to paint over it.

The local City Councilman’s office reported it to the police as vandalism. To make a long story short, a local HOA contracted with a painter to repaint the box. According to their management company:

“The box is located on property owned and maintained by the XXXX Association. The manager of the community received many complaints of graffiti on the box. In an effort to resolve issues of graffiti as quickly as possible, the manager dispatched our maintenance crew to paint over the graffiti.”

It’s a shame since the art is pretty interesting and the artist spent a considerable amount of time and effort to paint this ,all with the City of Houston’s blessing. Here are some more examples of this mini-mural project:

One Response to The light control box mini-mural in Clear Lake. It's gone!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mini Murals is a project of UP Art Studio, with the blessing and support of the City of Houston. The box on Clear Lake and El Camino was sponsored by Kuraray America, Inc. a company whose US headquarters are in Clear Lake. Thank you for posting about the project – there was so much support from the community that you will be seeing three Mini Murals in Clear Lake soon thanks to Kuraray!Note: Houston Arts Alliance was the facilitator of the artist open call in the second phase of the project.

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