HCRP. From the Party of Lincoln to the party of losers.

What a bunch of losers.

The Harris County Republican Party unleashed their droves of protesters to the Annie’s List fundraiser where Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was the speaker. All 10 of them showed up, across the street, hidden from the 2500 attendees at the sold out event. It was an incredible display of stupidity although it was a very beautiful day with lots of sunshine, low humidity and temperatures in the low 70’s.

Maybe someone should have reminded the republican party they had won the election back in November. Or maybe they should have paid a few more protesters to show up to at least make it look legit. Or maybe someone should of at least brought donuts or breakfast tacos to enlist more protesters. Or maybe they should have devoted their time to something more productive like protesting John Kerry for his loss to George W. Bush back in 2004. Or maybe protesting Al Gore.

Next up for the Harris County republican party? Their Lincoln/Reagan/Trump dinner featuring some has been in republican politics. Protesters are not invited since it will cost money.

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