Sri Preston Kulkarni for Congress in CD22

Our club, the Bay Area Democratic Movement heard from Sri Preston Kulkarni who is running for Congress in CD22 against Pete Olson. I was VERY impressed. 

CD22 contains a small part of the Bay Area, mostly west of I45. The club endorsed him in the primary. Residents of CD22 would be very lucky to have such a talented individual representing them in Congress.

Sri could useful from more fundraising but other than that, he has some great experience. He is young. He speaks 6 languages including Spanish, Hindi, Mandarin Chinese, Hebrew, and Russian. Following college, Sri was commissioned as a Foreign Service Officer by Secretary of State Colin Powell and served his country for 14 years, with overseas tours in Iraq, Israel, Russia, Taiwan, and Jamaica. In 2015, Sri accepted a Pearson Fellowship to serve as a foreign policy and defense advisor on Capitol Hill, assisting Senator Kirsten Gillibrand with her work on the Senate Armed Services Committee. (From his website)

What more could voters ask for in a candidate for Congress? Experience in Congress. Young. Exciting. Very well spoken. I would absolutely love to see a debate between Olson and Sri. I think he would give him a run for his PAC money. Sri is in a tough district but if all the stars line up and voters realize the talent of Sri Preston Kulkarni he would be a very valuable asset to the community.

Sri Preston Kulkarni. Visit his website at Oh did I say he was a teasip? Damn it.

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