Trump: "Why are there Hispanics in the room?"

And yet….nearly 30% of Hispanics still support this racist president.

From the

Trump was at another one of his feel good rallies, re-energizing before facing the constant storm (Stormy) of scandals facing him, his family, his lawyers, and his administration. It has become a daily event. Yesterday it was the leak by his own attorneys of the 49 questions Special Counsel Mueller would like to ask trump. That over shadowed the multiple reports of his Chief of Staff, John Kelly, calling him an idiot. (Duh!)

But one bit of his speech stands out when asking:

“Any Hispanics in the room?” Trump asked to relative silence. “Naw, not so many? That’s OK.”

He was met with boos. He should have asked “Why are there any Hispanics in the room?” Imagine being a Hispanic in the crowd and having to face the boos and the racism from his base. It would be deserving. In fact a good ass kicking would be deserving. Trump is a politically ignorant, racist, lying, a-hole, of a human being. It is just that simple. How 30% of Hispanics (or anyone that that matter) can still support this man is beyond me.

Hopefully the Hispanics will show up in November and tell trump and his racist base that this behavior will no longer be tolerated. Hopefully.

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