Loaning Campaign Cash: Angela Paxton

If conservatives in Texas Senate District 8 didn’t like Bill and Hillary Clinton, they are going to absolutely hate Ken and Angela Paxton.

Angela Paxton is the wife of our current Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, who is mired in a felony trial due to security fraud. Paxton (Ken) has loaned $2.6 Million to his wife’s campaign for Senator District 8 and has guaranteed the loan with his campaign account. $2 Million has a 3.6% interest rate while the $500,000 loan has an 8.5% rate. The latest loan from Paxton’s (Ken’s) campaign is for $100,000 with a rate of 8% but does not have a guarantor. 
Dan Patrick has donated $75,000 in cash and in-kind contributions for advertisement. He has a boner for Angela for her anti-public education stance. Look for her to be a solid supporter of school vouchers.

I seriously doubt Angela intends to pay any of loans back leaving Paxton’s war chest with a bit less money to pay his legal bills. If Angela, by chance, loses in November it will be a bit hard to raise money to pay off your debts, especially if you are NOT in office! Imagine the call “I didn’t win but could you donate $5000 to help me pay off a loan from my husband’s campaign?” Yeah. Right.

Angela like Kathaleen Wall and State Representative Dennis Paul is basically buying an election. Kathaleen loaned herself $6 Million for a losing effort for Congress. Dennis Paul raised over 75% of his funds from his own engineering firm for a total of $156,000. He won. 

It would be funny to watch Angela lose. And her husband go to jail. 

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