And God Said “I never gave you the right to own a gun"

From the Houston Chronicle

Much like Texas Lt Gov, Dan Patrick, I too talked to God and he is pretty pissed off.

Once again a nut with a gun killed a group of students and a teacher, this time right in our own back yard at Santa Fe High School. Our republican elected officials were quick to find a camera and defend the few who own guns and those who shouldn’t own guns. Lt Gov Dan Patrick went even as far as to blame the problem not on our gun nut mentality but on too many doors in the building. Yes, he actually said that. In fact here it is from CNN:

There are too many entrances and too many exits to our over 8,000 campuses.

There will be others to defend the few with guns saying “It’s my god given right to own a gun”. Newflash for you buds, God didn’t give you that right. So quick saying it. As you probably know the right to own a gun comes from the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, written by a group of men. So what man giveth, man can surely taketh away. So quit your g—damn whining about how you have a god given right to own a gun. It’s about as intelligent as saying you have a god given right to own a chicken. (But not in the city limits)

Houston Police Chief has been one of a growing list of elected officials who have had it with the gun violence and the inaction by the republicans as he wrote on his Facebook page, again from CNN:

This isn’t a time for prayers, and study and inaction its a time for prayers, action and the asking of God’s foregiveness for our inaction (especially the elected officials that ran to the cameras today, acted in a solemn manner, called for prayers, and will once again do absolutely nothing)

He was talking to Trump, Ted Cruz. Greg Abbott. Dan Patrick. And every nra owned republican who have done nothing since Columbine, Sandy Hook, Orlando, Vegas, Southland, Parkland, and now Santa Fe.

God also has a message for them:

You stood in front of cameras after a sick individual with an assault weapon killed 26 of my young innocent children and their teachers. You stood in silence as my children in Orlando, Vegas, Southland, Parkland, were gunned down using military weapons I never gave you a right to have. You did nothing. You offered thoughts and prayers as if that would stop the next bullet. You had the responsibility to take action to ban assualt rifles, bump stocks, require background checks, and to change this gun nut mentality to one of common sense. You deliberately failed. You deliberately failed to follow my word. The blood on your hands from my children will forever stain you as long as you walk my earth. It will also serve as your God given pass into hell.

I damn you.

Note: I don’t claim to talk to God. Anyone who claims they do are lying, are hearing voices and shouldn’t own a gun.

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