It's time to treat your gun like your dick.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out common sense gun ownership:

  1. Close the loop holes. Every gun purchase, every single one, must have a background check performed. If you want to buy your neighbors gun, go to a gun shop, pay for a background check, sell the gun. No exceptions. At all.
  2. Ban devices that can convert weapons into automatic weapons such as bump stocks. Ban the production, the sale, and the ownership of such devices. Anyone who currently has a device must turn it in or risk the severe consequences of owning one. Or…store them at a gun range.
  3. Ban large clips of ammunition. There is no reason to have large capacity clips. If you want a large capacity clip, store it at a gun range not at home or risk the severe consequences. Or….store them at a gun range.
  4. Ban the ownership of assault weapons. I’ve said this before. If you want to own an assault weapon, then store it at a gun range. If you want to shoot it, clean it, or fondle it, go to your gun range. Anyone who currently owns an assault weapon has to either have it shipped to a gun range for storage, or give it up. Anyone who retains their ¬†assault weapon risks the severe consequences of owning one.
  5. Extreme vetting for gun ownership. Background checks must include mental health, family violence, and any other “events” as defined by the police.
  6. Repeal open carry. We live in a modern society. If you want to walk around like a tough guy with a gun strapped to your leg, move to Somalia. No one should be walking in the neighborhood with a loaded assault rifle. This is insanity.
  7. Treat your gun like your dick. Don’t brag about it. Don’t show it off. Don’t pull it out. Don’t wave it around. Don’t point it at anyone. Don’t walk around in public playing with it. And pull it out only when absolutely necessary to protect your life and family.
  8. Change our mindset about guns. Stop this stupidity of “We love our guns”. We love our kids more. We love our families and our friends more than guns. Guns should not be a lifestyle. We need to stop acting like guns are more important to us then our friends and family. If you want a gun for protection, buy one. If you want a gun for fun, store it at the range. We need to put our dicks away.
The vast majority of Americans do not own a firearm, and there are only a small amount of individuals who own assault weapons. Most Americans who own guns are doing so respectfully. Only a small sliver of Americans are gun nuts but these are the people republicans are bowing to. It is time those of us who want common sense reforms take control of this discussion.
There are more of us common sense gun owners than gun nuts. Hopefully we will show them on November 6.

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