Our Candidates in the Bay Area (Houston)

Now that the primaries are over….

For the first time in 10 years we have candidates for Senate, Congress, State House, and Commissioner and they all have some great experience. Here are our candidates for the Bay Area:

Dayna Steele for Congress. Dayna is running against the ghost Congressman, Brian Babin. Dayna is a different candidate. She is fun, full of excitement, and dedicated to her campaign and those she is talking to. Unlike her opponent, Dayna is reaching out to voters in the district to understand their issues that are important to them. You can find more information about Dayna at https://daynasteele36.com

Alex Karjeker for State Representative. Alex is running against NRA endorsed Dennis Paul. Like Babin, Dennis is a ghost representative, refusing to meet with his constituents unless it is in a very controlled environment. Alex is a young candidate but has

excellent experience in Austin with legislation and in Washington DC. You can find more information about Alex at https://www.alexkforthebay.com/about-alex/

Adrian Garcia for Harris County Commissioner Precinct 2. Adrian served the city as a member of the Police Force, then as a City Council Member, and then as the Sheriff of Harris County. Adrian has plenty of experience and could begin serving the community quickly if elected. You can find more information about Adrian at https://adriangarcia.com

Along with our local candidates, we have a great slate of candidates for positions within Harris County. More on that later.

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