TX Congressmen Pete Olson and Brian Babin issues statement on their Nobel Peace Prize nomination

After Trump cancels the North Korea Summit, Texas Congressman Pete Olson and Brian Babin speaks to the media concerning the fate of their nomination of Donald Trump to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

Congressman Babin and I had worked very hard to draft a letter of recommendation to the Nobel Peace Prize committee nominating President Trump for his leadership in denuclearization of North Korea. Because of his leadership the regime was to sit at the table with the great negotiator in Chief and agree to stop his nuclear program, something no President has ever done. Unfortunately the President cancelled the Summit.

Because of this we ask the Committee to please disregard the letter and immediately destroy it before anyone identifies the idiots who signed it, including Babin and I. It is clear the President is a political dolt and can’t negotiate his way out of a paper bag. He has made us look like fools. Again. What idiot will ever trust this president again, besides Brian Babin?

Babin and I both feel as lonely as a boner in a strip joint.

Pete Olson and Brian Babin are being challenged in the 2018 election.

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