Raising Campaign Cash: Sid Miller

Miller is under water on his financial reports. He is what we in Texas call a Texas sized a**hole. When you are looking for the a**hole of Texas, just look for Sid Miller.

In his last report, Miller raised about $63,000, spent $173,000, and has $136,000 Cash on Hand with a $275,000 outstanding loan. He is underwater.

Since running for Texas Agriculture Commissioner in 2014, Miller has raised $1.7 Million for this state wide race. $550,000 came from a couple of individuals who provided loans. He has paid back about $175,000.
Brad Allen loaned $200,000.
Richard Pedale loaned $100,000.
Tramell Crow loaned $250,000.

Of the $1,250,000 actually raised, $362,000 came from 7 individuals:
$97,000 Richard Redalen
$50,000 Donald McGill of McGill Toyota
$60,000 Tramell Crow
$30,000 Timothy Dunn
$25,000 Robert Patton
$25,000 Trevor Rees-Jones
$75,000 Todd Smith

It is difficult to determine from over 700 entries how much has come from PACs since much of the required information on the financial reports is not provided. Maybe I could dig harder on this in the future. For someone who hasn’t had an opponent for the general election in a long while, Miller has spent a ton of money with only $136,000 left and with $275,000 in outstanding loans.

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