Raising Campaign Cash: Dennis Paul HD129

State Representative Dennis Paul still has a $156,000 loan on his books

Paul only raised $31,400 this last reporting period. This includes $6000 out of state and $15,900 out of district. PACs amount for $25,000 and individuals provided just $6400. For a sitting representative his fund raising is lagging.

Last quarter Paul, who owns Paul Engineering, took $5000 from James Dannebaum. Dannebaum who also owns an Engineering firm, was raided by the FBI. From the Express News:

Dannenbaum Engineering has stirred a lot of controversy as it has grown into one of the dominant engineering companies in South Texas over the past 30 years. On April 26, the FBI executed a broad raid of its offices across the state, including in San Antonio, to gather records related to the company’s pursuit of infrastructure projects in the Laredo area. A decade ago, reports from the El Paso Times and other media outlets linked the company to another FBI corruption probe in El Paso County.

He did not receive a donation from him this time.  Paul has never had to run a general election. He self financed 75% of this primary election and won. Now with a general election opponent he will need to either raise more money or dig deeper into his own pocket. Maybe he should ask David Mays Middleton for a hand out.

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