Texas Congressman attacks law enforcement!

Who would have thunk it? 

Many people believe the Republic Party is pro law enforcement, but that really isn’t true anymore. Case in point, Texas Congressman Brian Babin. Babin has continued his attack on the men and women of the Federal Bureau of Investigation with his latest email to his constituents:

Two weeks ago, I joined with my House colleagues to call for the declassification of the Carter Page FISA warrant application. This past week, President Trump delivered by ordering the FISA application, key documents, and text messages to be declassified. I hope these documents will be released without delay so the American people can get the answers that they deserve.  

A few months ago Babin supported the disclosure of classified information questioning the FBI and it blew up in his face. His party claimed the information was “worse than Watergate  and would end in indictments. It didn’t. It was yet another bust. He has also claimed the men and women of the FBI have created a “secret society” to stage a coup against the president. He has worn the aluminum foil hat with pride to protect the president.

Once upon a time the republic party was the party of “law and order”, tough on crime, protectors of the universe. Today Babin and his party have shown their true colors by supporting and making excuses for the most corrupt human being to ever hold the office of president. 

There will be a time when Brian Babin will have to take a break from attacking law enforcement and wipe the egg off his face.

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