Unfit for office: TX Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller

Sid Miller has become the clown rodeo of the Texas Republic Party. He does not deserve to be an elected official much less a human being.

CAUTION: This non-endorsement contains curse words. Rated M, L, V, D

Eugene from Preacher

Sid Miller is an asshole. A giant Texas sized asshole. It doesn’t take a mental giant to understand why. Even the Dallas Morning News, who endorsed his opponent, agreed. They didn’t call Miller an asshole but I bet they wanted to. Like the asshole Miller is, he refused to interview with the DMN. And like the coward he is, Miller has also refused to debate his opponent.

There are so many reasons that disqualify Miller from serving a doggie treat to a dog or serving as an elected official in Texas. Texas Republicans used to have a sense of honor, dignity,  and decency but that has been slowly eroded and culminated into the party of trump. Like trump, Miller resorts to name calling, race baiting, and using language that would embarrass anyone’s mother, except for republicans. That is who he is. Mini-Trump. An asshole.

Miller has used his social media to make awful comments about his constituents, not the white ones, but any non-Christian or Hispanics, Muslims, and women. He referred to a woman candidate using the C word. Usually calling a woman the C word results in getting fired from your job and a boot so far up your ass your breath will smell like Desenex for a month and a Sunday. Instead his actions qualified Miller for a position on the trump cabinet and a symbol of the Texas Republic Party.

Sid Miller has become a perfect symbol of the new Texas Republic Party. He is a Texas sized asshole of a human being who should never be allowed to hold an elected position.

This non-endorsement is rated D for drug use. You have to be on drugs to vote for this asshole.

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