Spending Campaign Cash: Brand New Congress

According to the Federal Election Commission the Brand New Congress PAC spent $773,837 in 2017-2018. As I have said before concerning the record of BNC:

Out of 31 candidates recruited, only 1 won in a deep blue district. Here are the results of Sander’s Brand New Congress campaign:

31 candidates in the Brand New Congress

  • 20 lost in the primaries
  • 11 advanced to the general election
  • 8 were Democrats
  • 2 were Socialists
  • 1 was an Independent
  • 10 lost in the general
  • 1 won in the general (Ocasio -Socialist)

 The majority of the spending was for “Strategic Consulting” to the Brand New Congress LLC for $466,000. $105,000 for “Wages and Salaries”, About $60,000 for an unknown category, and $70,000 for “Payroll fees”, leaving about $50,000 for all other expenditures.

Not much else to say about this. It looks like a jobs program for Sander’s followers. According to Wikipedia:

Brand New Congress is a volunteer-led American political organization that intends to run hundreds of campaigns for United States Congress with candidates of the organization’s choosing[7] by the 2018 midterm elections, regardless of party affiliation.[8] The organization plans to make staffing and fundraising decisions for all its candidates at once.[9]

They had 31 candidates. One won.

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