Texas Secretary of State, Rolando Pablo, has resigned

Well this is strange.

After just 2 years in office, Rolando Pablo has resigned. From his resignation letter to Governor Abbott:

With the midterm elections successfully behind us, and the 86th legislative session around the comer, I believe this would be a good time to begin the process of transitioning out of my position and passing the baton to the next secretary of state. Serving Texans as Secretary of State has been an oppo1tunity of a lifetime, but I feel the need at this time to turn my attention to my private practice. 

So, it is with great affection and gratitude that I respectfully submit to you my resignation of the office of Texas Secretary of State, effective December 15, 2018.

Pablo is/was the Secretary of State. It’s pretty strange that he would quit after just 2 years but as his resignation letter said this is a good time to leave especially after the ass kicking his party received in 2016. 

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