Writing a letter to the Editor. (LTTE)

Writing a letter to the editor is pretty easy now that you can simply email the newspaper and hope for publication. Staffers at the Texas Capitol look at the news and opinion pieces for topics concerning bills they will be voting on. So your letters could have an impact.

Follow these easy suggestions and start writing.

1) Be timely. Writing a LTTE right after an event has a better chance of being published. For instance a letter calling for more gun safety legislation or supporting a specific gun safety bill would have more effect if submitted immediately following an incident involving a shooting. (Although don’t always wait for a horrible event to ever speak your mind.) The point is to be timely. Writing about hurricane preparedness will not be printed after hurricane season.

2) Be short. No one wants to read a long novel. Most newspapers have a word limit typically 100-200 words. Be short, to the point. Look at the newspaper’s editorial section for word limits.

3) End with a snappy line if you can. For instance if you are writing about gun safety you could end with “Ask yourself what is more important? Your donors right to own an assault rifle or your childs right to live?’

4) Send your LTTE to various newspapers if it is an issue that affects multiple areas. Otherwise be specific.

5) Always sign your letter with your name, address, email address, and phone number.

If you are interested in writing LTTEs, contact me at johncoby@sbcglobal.net and I will give you the email addresses of various newspapers.

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