Don't cry for me Jonathon Stickland.

Texas State Representative Johnathon Stickland has read the writing on the wall. He can see the Blue Tsunami coming for him in November and has the dogs nipping at his heals. So like the coward he is he has decided to run. Away. He will not seek another term for the Texas State House.

But, don’t cry for Stickland. For his 8 years of doing the “Lord’s work”, part-time at that, he will receive a hefty $23,000 pension per year starting at the age of 60. A Texas teacher making $50,000/year must work 20 full time years to receive the exact same amount.

For his 8 years of accomplishing very little, sitting on his fat ass, passing a bill allowing gun nuts to carry loaded assault weapons in the street, and killing a bill that would ban chaining of dogs in the hot sun, Stickland will be receiving almost $2000/month for the rest of his fat life.

May the dogs hound you for the rest of your fat fucking life.

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