Raising Campaign Cash: Texas Senate Candidates

I’ll update as necessary but the major players are here. There are a few fringe candidates on both sides. I’m not posting any of their report values.

MJ Hegar leads the pack by a 2-1 margin raising over $1Million, followed by Edwards, West and Ramirez.
Candidate Raised Spent COH
MJ Hegar $1,029,038 $481,087 $595,433
Amanda Edwards $557,430 $219,645 $337,785
Royce West $549,708 $172,926 $376,782
Cristina Ramirez $459,442 $233,953 $225,489
Chris Bell $206,629 $84,894 $111,734
John Cornyn $13,478,993 $5,605,326 $19,785,448

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