BREAK IN NEWS: It didn't really happen at Buzbee's office

From the Houston Chronicle

It’s hard to make this stuff up.

ABC13 reported a break in Tony Buzbee’s campaign office with Buzbee jumping in with:

“This is not the kind of news that I want to wake up to in the morning,” said Buzbee in the statement. “But it just confirms that my campaign continues to gain momentum and we are on the right track.”

After a brief investigation the Houston Police Department issued a statement saying there was no sign of a break in and nothing was stolen. Buzbee issued another statement which seemed to be written by Donald Trump blaming the press. From the Houston Chronicle:

“So, bottom line, we don’t think this was another Watergate, as much as the press would like it to be,” Buzbee said. “Onward!!”

The press was only reporting there was a break in, then after the investigation they reported there wasn’t. There wasn’t much Watergating except to reference the $21 Million in art stolen from his home and that his gun jammed while the robbers drove off on a scooter. (Which sounds like a bucket full of shit) The Press gave wind to Buzbee to claim this “break in” proved he wasn’t 20 points behind Turner after spending $10 million. He should be thanking them for the free air and print.

Although nothing was stolen, over a hundred Buzbee campaign signs were returned. 
Ok. I make that up. It was hard.

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