Tony Buzbee, Eric Dick, Gary Gates. How to buy an election.

It’s a thing with republicans running for office.

Tony Buzbee, in a runoff for Mayor, Gary Gates for House District 28, and Eric Dick running for Houston City Council all have one thing in common. They can’t raise money so they are using their wealth to self fund their campaigns. 

Buzbee has sunk $10 Million into his campaign and came in 2nd place, 18 points behind Mayor Turner. Gates from a previous post:

Now he is running for House District 28 and doing what he does best. In his first report he raised only $265, loaned himself $271,000, and has a loan balance of $821,000. The numbers do not add up but that is for another post. In his latest report he raised only $500 and added another loan of $445,000 to his campaign. He has an outstanding loan balance of over $1 Million.

And Dick from a previous post:

Dick is continuing his Buzbee method of raising money. He isn’t. Instead he has an outstanding loan of $75,000 and he has spent $99,000 of his own money in this period alone. He is in this race for $267,000 of his own money. 

All three are wealthy republicans who do not have the necessary skills to run for office. Gates has tried a number of times spending up to $4.5 million on his failed races. Dick has tried for City Council before and failed. He is currently on the Harris County Board of Education a job he has not business being in. And Buzbee is just a politically ignorant, rich, asshole. 

Just like trump.

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