A sober look at the City of Houston elections

If you didn’t get a chance to see Tony BuzzedBee’s premature victory speech take 15 minutes of your time to do so. It is epic. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Yeah. That is Tony Buzbee. The only difference between Buzbee and Baker, Houjami, Romero, Taylor, Vasquez, Broze, and “Dementia” Smith is money. Buzbee is just as politically ignorant as the others but when you have $10 Million of your own money to spend, you can get more than .5% of the vote.

We had way too many people running for office resulting in run off elections in December. Many of these candidates had no business running. Running for office is not about “running for something”, “running everywhere”, or having the courage to run. Any politically ignorant fool with a few dollars for the filing fee can run for a political office. Many did. Tony Buzbee did.

Chris Brown retained his job. Look for him to run for Mayor in 4 years. Dave Martin wiped out his opponent.

Councilman Mike Knox will face Raj Solhotra who has the ability, to not only hit the ground running as a City Council Member, he also can raise money. Lots of money. He has $78,000 COH while Knox has $11,000.

Council Member Robinson will once again face Willie Davis for Position 2. Davis is an extreme right wing, religious leader. Robinson is one of those who puts his head down and gets the job done. And he has done it very well.
Council Member Kubosh was forced into a run off with Janaeya Carmouche. Janaeya has the ability and knowledge of the city but lacks in fundraising to get her message out. Kubosh is $256,000 in the hole and has had trouble fundraising.
I was surprised about Position 4. I thought Nick Hellyar was far above the competition over Baldwin and Plummer. All three are good candidates I just thought Nick was much better. Plummer now has to run against one of those who shouldn’t be running Anthony Dolcefino. He is poor Buzbee, politically ignorant with little fundraising.
And position 5. Eric Dick is now in a run off with Sallie Alcorn. There couldn’t be a more striking contrast between the two candidates. Alcorn has the experience, the enthusiasm, and the fundraising capability to be an outstanding City Council Member. Dick, on the other hand, is another Buzbee. He is self financing to the tune of over $250,000 and has absolutely no business running for City Council. To Dick this is a game. 
The run off is Dec 14. I hope to attend the Tony Buzbee celebration to see another meltdown.

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