Anthony Dolcefino saving faces.

I do not like Anthony Dolcefino. I didn’t like his father’s investigation against then State Representative Sylvester Turner back in 2014 which a jury hit him for $5.5 million. Anthony is probably one of the worst candidates for City Council since Helena Brown who lasted only 2 years on Council.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that he voted in the Democratic Primary in 2016. Oh wait….that IS surprising! WTF? Make no mistake about Dolcefino. Like Buzbee, he is not a Democrat. He does not share our principals. Maybe, like Buzbee, he is playing both sides, and like Buzbee, it aint working.

Dolcefino screened with the extreme, far right, anti-gay community, U.S. Pastor Council. As expected he told them what they wanted to hear in his questionnaire:

The marriage issue, a legal issue not a religious one, has been decided by the United States Supreme Court and protection for our LGBTQ community makes sense as well as cents. It is just plain stupid and mean to be attacking our neighbors, friends, and family members.

But that is who the Republican Party has endorsed. That is what they believe. Like father. Like Buzbee.

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