Socialists running in the Democratic Primary

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is taking over for the LaRouche cult in infiltrating the Democratic Party. Unlike LaRouche DSA does not have much money and they are definitely less whacky but they are running candidates in the Democratic Primary.

Case in point, Audia Jones. Audia is running for Harris County District Attorney. She is a member of DSA. Her husband is also a DSA member and was elected to the bench in 2018. As with the other DSA candidates she is running as a “progressive”, a very far left progressive. She is young and has some experience which is always good but we do not need to be coddling socialists in our party. Ever.

She is joined by another socialist, Sema Hernandez a long shot, inexperienced, candidate for United States Senate. And there are probably more. In fact the Texas Observer found 17 running in the 2018 elections with at least one winning right here in Houston.

DSA is the tea party of the left. They are the extreme. They are the unwanted lightning rod for the party. The word “socialist” scares the living crap out of independent voters. If DSA candidates want to run, run in your own party. Running a socialist in the Democratic Party is like passing gas in a crowded elevator.

It stinks.

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